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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Joe Duttine on Tim's un-proposal to Sally

This week's fab Inside Soap magazine has an interview with Joe Duttine, who plays Tim on Coronation Street.

Next week on Coronation Street, we know that Tim proposes to Sally, using a ring he's bought in Barlow's Buys.  But will Sally accept?  Joe reveals all and says that Tim goes into a jewelry shop to buy Faye a watch. Sally jumps to the wrong conclusion and thinks Tim is in there to buy her an engagement ring.  So Tim pretends to Sally he's interested in getting married, as he's afraid if he doesn't then Sally will dump him!

The ring from Barlow's Buys is, Joe says, "A tiny cheap ring. But then he does buy the most expensive ring in the shop.  He really does want to go all-out to prove to Sally there's more to him than just feckless Tim."

But when Sally finds out that he wants to propose to her, she's horrified and says she has no plans to marry him.

Joe says that: "It takes the pressure right off.  He's really relieved and happy to carry on as they were.  It brings them closer together because they find out they've got more in common than they thought!"

Sounds a fun one to watch.  I'm loving Sally and Tim together - are you?

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Anonymous said...

A fab COMEDY pairing these two - writers, please avoid the angst, murders, affairs and dramas with them. Just keep us laughing.

adrian said...

I am liking them a lot. The writing is very good, there seems to be a natural chemistry between them.

Anonymous said...

I am warming up to Tim. I love the way he deals with Sophie and Maddie.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Tim after a shaky start has come into his own. We really dont need Kevin back again, things have moved on.

Frosty will ask this question again Why does Faye have to be taken to school when she must be 12 or 13? Same with Simon, the writers obviously dont have a clue about kids, they are not 5.

Dolly Tubb said...

I love Sally and Tim, he's a great foil to her snobbery. They are such a great pairing, so much better on many levels than Sally and Kevin. That's a great photo btw, sums them up perfectly! Just hope tptb realise what gold they are and leave them off the WeathyBed merry go round!

Humpty Dumpty said...

We definitely don't need Kevin back and it's up to the producers to work out a settlement with Michael le Vell. I wondered if he was going to be given directorial opportunities in place of his acting role. Tim and Sally are pure heaven, all the better for being a surprise.

The writers can only produce scripts for characters aged 20 - 50. The oldies hardly get a look in, and the youngsters are unrealistic. Sophie is 20 and written as a 15 year old, Faye is somewhere around 9, and Simon maybe 7. Only Amy seems true to life but then we haven't seen a lot of her to put it to the test.

Rosie said...

The unexpected pairing of Tim and Sally has worked really well, there's defiantly a lot of chemistry there. Please keep them together it's about time we had a happy couple, and if Kevin comes back let's have him accept that Sally has moved on and so must he.

Talia said...

I agree that the chemistry is really good with Sally and Tim.
I don't know if it was meant to be in the beginning; Tim seemed barely responsible, a just on the edge of being up to no good kind of character.
I do hope Kevin leaves to direct or whatever, to many he's already left.
Humpty Dumpty, I so agree with your assessment of the writer's problems with both younger and older characters,Sophie in particular. Amy is quietly maturing in between her infrequent scenes whereas the others are being forced to stay the same.


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