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Monday, 9 June 2014

Tonight: Gail and Me, Helen Worth special programme on ITV

Tonight on ITV1 at 8.30pm.

Gail and Me celebrates Helen Worth’s drama-filled 40 years on Britain’s most famous street, Since the summer of 1974, as long suffering Gail, she has been involved in some of Coronation Street’s most talked about storylines, including her part in five marriages, getting pushed down the stairs by son David and going through the trauma of her 13 year old daughter’s pregnancy.
In this tribute we hear how Helen was brought in as a glamorous young character in the 70’s to freshen up life on the Street. Helen reveals what Pat Phoenix was really like behind the scenes and Cheryl Murray, who played Suzie Birchall, talks about the impact '70s IT girls' Gail and Suzie had on the Street, Amanda Barrie, who played Alma Halliwell, reunites with Helen in the Street’s cafĂ©, home to 15 years of fond memories for the both of them.

Actor Brian Capron, alias Richard ‘Norman Bates with a briefcase’ Hillman, also returns to the cobbles to recall the ‘killer’ Corrie storylines that rocked the nation.

The documentary also tracks Gail’s disastrous love life, her relationship with David ‘the son from hell’, and reflects on one of the Street’s greatest rivalries – Gail versus Eileen.

Sue Nicholls, who plays Gail’s mum Audrey, reveals how in real life Helen Worth sends her a Mother’s Day card each year, such is the closeness of their working relationship.

The programme features contributions from cast members past and present including Jack P. Shepherd, Sue Nicholls, Paula Lane, Brian Capron, Amanda Barrie, Sue Cleaver, Cheryl Murray, Ben Price and Tina O’Brien.

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Rachal said...

So looking forward to this!!! I love Helen - and Brian!!! That's when I first got into Corrie, when I was living in London all those years ago. I'll never forget that Friday night! #EPIC

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed that this is only going to be half an hour long compared to the one about Diedre that was at least an hour. Also I am surprised by the absence of both Chris Quentin and Sean Wilson who played Brian and Martin respectively.

Talia said...

I'd really wish I could watch this; I've always liked "Gail" well, actually not so much lately but the years this special will feature I did.
Helen Worth is a lovely person too I understand, which makes it all the more worth seeing.
Wonder if CBC will air it? Or YouTube.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Enjoyed this but as has been said it should have been an hour. Nice to see "suzie birchell" who doesnt really look that much different. Be good to see her return in a cameo visit. Where were Martin and Brian?

Cobblestone said...

Not surprised that Sean Wilson was a no-show. Didn't he burn his bridges towards the end? I'm sure I remember him distancing himself from the show.

Or did I imagine that? I know he's a big Cheese Magnate nowadays ... ;)

NZ Coro Junkie said...

Also loved that Thelma "Mavis Riley-Wilton" Barlow narrated. I can't recall Mavis and Gail having a lot to do with each other, but it was nice to hear a familiar voice even though it took me until the end to place it!


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