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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Corrie weekly awards: June 16 - 18

Haunted award: Rob might be asking Peter if he sees Tina in his dreams, if he wakes up in a sweat, but it's his own thoughts he's voicing.

Profound award: Deirdre (see one of the lines of the week below)

Lost the plot award: Carla. Now she's the one drinking heavily.

Stir it up award: Todd carries a big stick and stirs it up wherever and whenever the opportunity presents.

Mystifying award: If Kylie agrees that Gail should have nothing to do with burglar Michael, why on earth would she make him think Gail fancies him? Wouldn't that encourage contact?

Heading for Heartbreak award: Lloyd.

No sympathy award: Andrea is crying and acting conflicted, torn between two men. Bed. Made. In it. Lie.

Fashionista award: I loved Eva's pink dress with the black lace middle on it.

Lines of the week:
Deirdre "You sound like a wotsit jumping on a piece of roadkill!" Rob "vulture" Deirdre "Maggot!"
Norris "We do operate a pay first read later policy"
Deirdre to Peter "You can't be the poison and the medicine" (oh, very profound, that)
Kylie "Dear mug. Feel sorry for me"
Sean "How many murderers to you know that take time out to go shoe shopping?"
Carla "I gave you everything, Peter. I gave you bits I didn’t know that were there"
Rob to Carla "So who did (kill Tina)? You? The tooth fairy?" (said with a child's blankie wrapped around him)
Anna "I don't know what I feel anymore. Except sad"
Deirdre "Peter. For once in your life. Don't be a coward" (Wasn't she brilliant?)

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Upintheattic said...

Yes..Deidre was brilliant! It's about time they gave her more than one line! Love her character.
Love your blog!!

Frosty the Snowman said...

180 turn award: Kylie, who gave up a night in a top hotel because she felt sorry for Gail who was traumatised over the burglary is now sending the burglar “love letters” as from Gail like A 7 year old in the playground instead of a married mother of two. Just stupid.

Pointless award: Really why did they bring in Tina’s mother? The woman is totally not needed not well acted and superfluous to the story. Why keep turning up in the Rovers and to bring Rita flowers when you never turned up for your daughter’s troubles and of them there were many. An absolute waste of time.

Martyr award: Anna who made Owen sleep on the floor of HIS house and turned everything around that she was of course the victim in all this when nobody forced or even asked her to sleep with Phelan. This family gets far too much air time and we now we are about to get another “sensationalist” story with more woebegone behaviour and even more angst.

Tedious now award: Dishevelled Peter constantly stumbling around, swigging from a bottle, feeling very hard done by and trying to talk to Carla is dragging on a bit now, but we are due for even more next week.

Traitor award: The perma grinning Andrea that started off as a breath of fresh air that was genuine and nice is of course exposed as a two timing faithless tart. Her husband had hardly got off the runway 3 months ago to work to pay for that rather nice house in the suburbs when she was chasing Steve and ended up in bed on the first night out with has best mate. Bah.

Idiot award: I do like Lloyd but the man is nearly 50, has a grown up daughter and has had many relationships so why was he acting like a silly love struck 14 year schoolboy last week. Just embarrassing mate.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Lady Macbeth award: Agree, Rob is haunted. He thinks getting Peter jailed will be the end of his troubles but nightmares and his imagination will push him to the edge. So many of the Street will be visiting Peter and bringing back his protestations of innocence that Rob will never be rid of him. Tracy will ask him why he's starting to act so weird. He won't be able to live with the lies and will drive into the canal.

Filming for Red Dwarf begins in October so I'm guessing Craig Charles bows out of Corrie temporarily/permanently in late summer. His scenes could be aired until the autumn but I hope this story is wrapped up way before that.

Anonymous said...

Why do they keep bringing the character of Lloyd back anyway? It's always the same storyline..he finds the 'love of his life' - she betrays him - he goes to bits and leaves for a few months. Stay gone already - it's ridiculous.

David Parsnips said...

Have to agree with Anon above, not a fan of Lloyd and feel he just pops in and out of the show as he feels like it and the character is going nowhere. He is marginally funny with Steve but all this unlucky in love business is now getting a bit boring. Wouldnt be much missed if he never returned to be brutal.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Lloyd needs better storylines but would be sad if the character left. Craig Charles is one of the better actors on the show and his scenes with Simon Gregson are one of the few things that keep Corrie watchable at the moment between all the misery and cheating going on.

Kristine said...

oh, Dear. As I've said before, I'm new to Corrie. Started watching Classic Corrie on YouTube at 1977, now up to 2005 - Mike's set to die soon - and already there's such a diff from what the show used to be. Bed hopping with no rhyme or reason, everyone's got loose morals, everyone's taking a swing at everyone else - including Rita! - characters I don't care about, etc etc etc. I'm just dreading getting to 2014 now and wonder if I'll be able to stick it out!

BeaverDamsel said...

Don't give up Kristine.

Anonymous said...

I would hate to see Lloyd leave, he's a gem. He needs much better storylines and it's too bad that first Mandy left, now Jenna is leaving the show. Was hoping Lloyd would get a proper family and get some happiness.
C in Canada

BeaverDamsel said...

Totally agree. Keep Lloyd.


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