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Monday, 30 June 2014

State of the Street - June 2014

Overall, I think it's been a good month on Coronation Street. There's been a lot of good storyings and absolutely smashing performances. Alison King, Chris Gascoyne and Debbie Rush in particular have been knocking it out of the park regularly. The only recent storyline I haven't enjoyed much, Sophie and Maddie, hasn't really made an appearance in June. So much the better!

Tina's death and the aftermath has been the major storyline, having had a lot of fallout with a number of characters. We wait with bated breath to see how Rob will be tripped up. I reckon he'll be successful in getting Peter banged up but we all know his dastardly deed will be discovered.

Anna is dealing with her family's reactions to what she's done. She seems to finally have found a place to put the guilt now that Owen has castigated her for it and then came crawling back. Gary and Izzy are bickering with him nearly cheating on Izzy (not for lack of trying), Faye's experimenting with booze, Anna's working two jobs and Katy's in a strop all the time. The Windass Armstrong family is imploding and I don't think we're done with it yet.

Tim and Sally continue to be a joy to watch but I want to see more Kirk and Beth, please.

You can read about this and more in further detail at State of the Street.

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Upintheattic said...

It was a good month, however I think it's terrible that we are getting only cheating partners on the show lately. Why? I wonder? How many more affairs and divorces before they come up with something new? Even the last "big" storyline, was an affair. Has Corrie sunk to the level of love gone wrong and nothing else? How many marriages/divorces, do we have to watch Leanne alone endure? This is why my hubby and I rarely watch, and when we do, it is mosty FF..because you already know where the story is going. Just venting. No one knows the answer to these questions.

Upintheattic said...

I just wish I knew why the writers just give us adulterous after another. Even the "BIG" storyline that just finished was based on an affair. How many marriages and divorces do we have to watch Leanne endure? How did an adulterous woman go from a victim? What is happening to our Corrie?

John McE said...

I'm surprised no-one else has commented on Steve's little speech about apple trees in the garden when he was a teenager.

He was only about 14 or so when the MacDonalds moved to the street, and I thought had been in Army accommodation before that. Hardly likely to have a garden with an apple three there, surely?

Tvor said...

That's hard to say, though. Yes he was 14 but they could have lived in a place with a garden before that. Army accommodations have a lot of variety with parks nearby. Or it could have been when they were visiting his grandparents, either Jim's parents in Ireland or Liz'z parents.

Cobblestone said...

I really thought Steve's 'scrumping apples' speech was figurative - invoking a mythical ideal of childhood. 'Scrumping' carries with it certain class connotations and I don't believe for one minute he meant it literally. The Duckies had no apple trees in the back yard and driving JCBs through shop windows was more Steve and Andy's style.
Must say though, I thought Steve's depression in the face of middle age was beautifully played: comic yet touching.


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