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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Coronation Street weekly update - the one with Hayley's hanky

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News of Tina’s death spreads and gossip is rife.  Peter’s suspect number one and is determined to prove his innocence, but being permanently drunk and in a state of stupor is getting in his way.  Rob does his best to cover his guilty tracks and fights as much as he can with Peter, winding him up and pointing the finger of blame.  It’s too much for Carla, the stress gets to her and she collapses in pain on the cobbles before being rushed to hospital where she miscarries her baby.  Roy forges a friendship with Carla and takes one of Hayley’s hankies into hospital for her.  Carla lies in her hospital bed and tells Roy the baby was a girl.  It’s news she also passes to Peter when she’s released and is back home at the flat, but she still won’t let Peter anywhere near her and when the cops come to question her, she tells them in no uncertain terms that she’s waved bye-bye to Barlow. “It’s Mrs Connor, for future reference.” 

Over at the Rovers, Steve’s taken in by the cops for questioning more than he would like, as news that he knew about Peter and Tina’s affair comes out.  It’s news that Steve would have lied kept secret from Michelle but he has to tell her in the end and she storms out in anger and moves in with Carla instead.  Rob and Michelle determine to keep things ticking over at the factory for Carla but as they’re in there sorting papers, in walks Peter, also determined to get his share of the factory and vowing to win Carla back.  Good luck with that one, then lad.

Anna tells Izzy and Katy the reason that Owen’s gone to Aberdeen to work is that he needs to get away after Anna had told him about sleeping with Phelan.  Older and wiser Izzy takes Anna’s side while Katy’s strops off to live with Steph.

Tim and Sally are engaged, well sort of. They’re keeping it quiet for now, as neither of them are sure it’s what they really want.  You see, Sally thinks Tim had bought her a ring from the jewelry shop but he was in there buying a watch for Faye.  When Sally tells Tim she thought he was buying her an engagement ring, Tim thinks this is what Sally really wants and talk turns to weddings, although it’s clear that it’s not what either of them want.  But the talk continues, churches are mentioned, a long engagement is planned and somehow or the other, before either of them know what’s happened, they’ve decided to get wed and neither of them are happy about it.  But Tim’s putting on a brave face because he thinks it’s what Sally wants and Sally smiles at Tim because she’s the marrying kind and doesn’t know how to say no.

And finally this week, Gail meets her burglar, Michael Rodwell.  He apologies, she gives him doe-eyes and do I hear the sound of wedding bells warming up for Gail, again?

And that was just about that for this week.

This week's writers were Chris Fewtrell (Sunday), Joe Turner (Monday double), Damon Rochefort (Wednesday), Carmel Morgan (Friday), Susan Oudot (Friday).   Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at

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1 comment:

David Parsnips said...

I suspect Rob will frame Peter, Chris G will go away for his sabbatical and then new evidence will turn up and Peter will return. Although Chris is a great actor, I personally think Peter has gone as far as he can now otherwise what else, more affairs, more drinking? I think this character has had his time.


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