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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Peter in prison - and more Corrie summer spoilers

Thanks to this week's fab TV Times Magazine, we've got a bundle of Coronation Street spoilers for summer 2014 to share.

First up is the news that Peter Barlow is charged with Tina's murder and ends up in prison.  With Peter banged up, Carla lures Luke back to the flat and comes on to him.  I guess that's the Carla cougar storyline we've heard already.  Luke declines Carla's kind offer of breakfast, however, and leaves her alone in the flat.

Also in Weatherfield this summer...

Roy stages a sit-in protest with Kal's mum, in a bid to save the local library from closure.  Yay! More Roy!

Marcus leaves (as we already know) and Todd starts work with Jason and Tony.

Sally becomes Carla's PA at the factory. Yay! More Sally!

Izzy and Gary break up and then reconcile in time to help Owen when the bailiffs come calling at the Windass house.

Gail is forced to choose between her sons and Michael Rodwell.

And Faye develops a crush on a boy at school.  Uh-oh, that might explain this, then.

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Anonymous said...

I was hoping Todd would leave with Marcus.

Neat story line would be Tracy 'turning' Todd straight. They are as evil as each other.

Anonymous said...

Lol to the with you on that one. Wel its not like you couldnt work the peter fate. Rob sets peter up who gets banged up untill lots of weeks of rob sweating it out, finally getting caught out as the true murderer.... Rob will either get sent to prison or get killed off(i wonder) peter is free but leaves as not many people stood by him, and to sirt his life out... Plus we carnt forget Carlas is having her tasteless couger moments. Looking foward to seeing more Roy. M@yorkshire.

Anonymous said...

Why is the Community Centre named in honour of actress Rita Tushingham? What is Rita's connection to Weatherfield?

Newfy Pearl said...

Also read that Eccles is being killed off.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Pretty predictable stuff - useless soap coppers bang up the wrong man. Why are the police in soaps always depicted as so incompetent? Not looking forward to a Windbag fuelled summer!

Anonymous said...

So do we think Peter's prison scenes will be where Jim McDonald comes back into the picture?

Anonymous said...

Time for my annual airing of the "Free the Weatherfield One" banners.

Zagg said...

Love the library sit-in idea! Those sorts of things are the great Corrie moments. I think I am officially tired of complaining about Corrie. Whatever happens, happens. It's not like I am ever going to stop watching! lol
And in the midst of some rather dreadful story lines, there has been some brilliant acting. So, if I am not exactly enjoying what is happening in the story, it has made me concentrate more on the actors and how they are delivering the story. Some of them are just pretty awesome.
Except for Michelle...sorry, I just can't abide her.

Anonymous said...

After what she put herself and her family through when she was married to Richard Hillman and Tina's father Joe,Gail is considering a pschyopath\loset over her family?Has Gail lost her mind?!I hope David throws her out this time.

Anonymous said...

Honestly heart broken, about this I know she's ten years old... But not yet :(


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