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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Coronation Street weekly update - who'll get custody of the olives?

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Tina’s funeral takes place this week. I mention this not only because it moves the plot along nicely in terms of Rob getting the collywobbles and almost revealing something he shouldn’t to Tracy.  And I mention it not only because a fight breaks out graveside between Peter and Rob and they’re both arrested and taking in for more questioning by the cops.  And I mention it not only because both David and Rita stand up in the church to give a speech to young Tina, cut short in her prime.  No, I mention it mainly because it was the first funeral that left from the cobbles of the new Corrie set. And for a Corrie anorak like me, it ticks a box I didn’t even know I wanted ticking. And now, I’ll get me coat!

Deirdre’s concerned about Eccles, who’s been given a lot of air time this week and a storyline all of her own.  Not only was Eccles “really upset” by the funeral goings-on, said Deirdre, but she also sniffed out and found a bracelet in the Barlows’ back yard.  It’s the bracelet that Rob nicked from Tina’s flat when he tried to make it look like a break-in on the night he killed Tina, and it’s the bracelet he unknowingly dropped in the Barlows’ back yard.  Deirdre picks the bracelet up and brings it into the house. Peter moves it and gets his fingerprints all over it, before Tracy declares it her own, under the finders-keepers rule.

At the Bistro, Nick files for divorce when Leanne tells him that she and Kal are officially a couple.  Nick tells Leanne she’ll have a fight on her hands for half the Bistro, half his money.  I wonder who’ll get the olives?

Elsewhere this week, Mary tempts Roy to a game of chess in the cafĂ© and the two of them plant up a pot of flowers in Tina’s memory.  Mary further determines to learn Mandarin.  I wonder if she will?

Over at Underworld, Carla apologises to her workforce to get the girls and Sean back on side and on their backsides behind their machines.  She even takes on Sally as her PA, leaving Eva looking for another job, which she gets, as in the way of soaps and never in the real world, the very same day. She’s the new Rovers Return barmaid and with a cleavage like that there was never any doubt that she wouldn’t be.

Steve’s not pleased that his mum has taken on Eva without asking him, but there’s not much that will cheer up Steve right now.  He treats his 40th birthday with impending doom. “It’s not a number. It’s an audit. A reckoning,” he tells Michelle over a grumpy coffee down by the quays.  There’s a surprise party waiting for him back at the pub that he doesn’t want to go to but Michelle gets him there in time for the punters to raise a glass. Steve decides to turn his life around. “I’m going to be a better father, a better partner, a better man,” he tells them all, before picking up Michelle in his arms and whisking her all the way to the bottom of the stairs, wheezing and out of breath. “You can make your own way up there, can’t yer?” he puffs.

Kal’s daughter Alya arrives this week and Gary spends the night with her, not knowing who she is. Gary’s in a huff with Izzy, who doesn’t deserve Gary playing away as she’s wonderful, is Izzy.  She’s one of the best characters and best actresses on the Street as far as this fan’s concerned. And likewise for Mikey North, who plays Gary. He lights up the screen for me every time he comes on. Izzy and Gary together are one of my favourite Corrie couples and I hope Gary spending the night with Alya brings him to his senses and he never strays again.  Anyway, she’s a right one, this Alya, very forthright, if you will.  She doesn’t like what Gary’s gone and done as he lied to her and said he didn’t have a girlfriend, never mind one he was living with and has a child with too.

Finally this week, Michael Rodwell arrives to see Gail from jail.  He’s over the moon that Gail’s been writing to him and love and devotion and shows Gail the letter that he’s received from her, only it’s not from her, it’s from Kylie sending it as Gail, as a joke.  The joke backfires of course. Gail isn’t best pleased with what Kylie’s done and sends Michael packing. But do you know what? I think he’ll be back.

And that was just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

How strange that Eva couldn't get a job behind the bar when her mum was running the place but now they're so busy she gets a job from Liz the same day she loses her job at the faktry. It'll be the boobage wars behind the bar.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Of all the gyms in Manchester you have to walk into mine: Thought it very contrived how Garah just happens to be in Kals place when Ayla turns up and again when he goes with Izzy to the Rovers - thought they were skint - all of a sudden after doing a few odd jobs they seem to be in the money again - and of course Ayla happens to be in there again which results in a lot of face pulling, eye darting and talking out the side of the mouth. She seems a sensible kind of a gal - not the irresponsible and foolhardy sort that would pick a stranger in a club and take him back to her flat to stay the night. No doubt this will end up in yet another "triangle" similar to the one Kal seems to wear on his head!!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Ayla has been in the Rover half a minute and she's arranging assignations in the pub yard. This girl's done it before! Fair enough, the writers pulled a fast one, letting us believe it was a torrid night of passion when nothing happened at all. So that storyline's done and dusted. I only hope Kal's mother has a bit more personality.

Huge cheers, genuinely, for Deirdre defending Peter, and didn't he look pleased as Punch. Loved it when she said Rob could sling his hook. Ken had better not come back and accuse her of not protecting his son.

If Deirdre can be reborn, why can't Gail?

Flo said...

Is it just me, but isn't this Gary storyline a bit weird? He and Kal are supposed to be best mates from back in the military, but Gary doesn't know she's his daughter???

I agree too that Izzy is a great character that deserves more screen time. And better than Gary.


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