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Monday, 30 June 2014

Coronation Street episode review, Monday 30 June

What is happening to Max? Why is his behaviour deteriorating? At school he is being disruptive and is finding it difficult to concentrate. Kylie doesn't for one second believe that it is Max who is doing anything wrong, but that the school isn't good enough. She thinks it is Max's teachers who just aren't up to scratch. 'I'm not having him blamed because your teachers aren't up to the job.' Kylie tells the head. It seems that Kylie hasn't bought into the idea of partnership between parent and school.

At the garden centre David and Kylie are so busy haranguing Michael, that they do not pay sufficient
attention to Max who disappears for a short while. Anyone else sense a 'difficult child' story coming soon? ADHD diagnosis perhaps? If Kylie does go to Barbados with Max, there will be more trouble from school - a fine for absence in term time.

Gail and Michael do seem to have a connection. She clearly likes him and feels dreadful  at how devastated Michael must have felt when he discovered that the love letter was a hoax and not written by Gail. It feels just a little odd that Kylie and David are so vehement in their protests. Michael is clearly not the most dangerous man in the criminal fraternity, but then again, he is a thief, but a thief with a job, or at least he had a job, until David and Kylie told his boss about the theft. 'Get out before I kick you out,' says Kylie. David points out that the children are upstairs and Gail. quite rightly tells him not to be so sanctimonious. Michael tells Kylie and David that Gail is a wonderful woman who knows her own mind. 'You underestimate your mother,' he tells the pair. True - it seems. 'I'm going to do everything in my power to get Michael back on track,' she tells them.

From one child to another - this time Simon. Poor soul - his mum died, his potential sibling has been miscarried, his dad is an alcoholic who had an affair with the childminder, who Simon loved, and then was murdered, and whose dad is chief suspect for the murder. Simon's dad was also a bigamist. In addition, Nick and Leanne are splitting up and Simon is fond of Nick and no doubt fears he will be out of his life. Who has had it this bad? And at the tender age of, well, pretty young - he has had far too much to contend with.

Maria is back and though she nearly didn't get on the plane home, she knew she had to face the music sometime. Audrey is glad to see her though Fizz is not and is very harsh to her, perhaps justifiably and forgiveness for the text messages in which Maria pretended to be Kirsty, threatening Fizz and Tyrone does not seem likely. She does though now think that it would be good for Marcus to see Liam and it certainly looks as if Liam would love to see Marcus. It's all decided - Marcus will take Liam to school tomorrow morning.

Steve reaching the grand old age of forty seems to have taken its toll. But why is Steve revising now? The exams have finished, haven't they? A glitter ball Michelle? Why not? What's not to like?

Todd is showing his true colours. In the cafe Marcus and Todd notice Sean and Kirk and say that they would make a lovely couple. Kirk points out that he is straight and has a girlfriend to which Todd replies, 'I've seen her - commiserations.' And of Maria, Todd refers to her as 'Miss Fruitloop.' Todd - a real nasty piece of work. Some justice then in that Steve sees Todd wandering around when Todd has pulled a sickie and he is sacked on the spot.

Nick tells Leanne not to be late for her shift in a very brusque fashion. She tries to keep her cool and does reasonably well. He tells her she can't just wander in and out when she feels like it, and Leanne threatens that she'll sue him.

Gary and Izzy are struggling and both realise it. Alya seems to be everywhere Gary is. What is going to happen her? Little Jake was so desperately wanted. Surely they are not going to split...

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Anonymous said...

Kylie can be such a biatch at times!

Frosty the Snowman said...

Oh really why did Maria get on that plane? A totally exhausted character that just looks bored most of the time.

It always amazes me how many 'sickies' Corrie residents pull when their place of work is right next door to their home and then they go marching around the Street and wonder why they get caught out - DAH! Its pretty obvious Toad is going to try and scupper any relationship Marcus has with Liam just because he can.

Liking Micheal Rodwell and surprised his boss in the garden centre sacked him so readily when he would have taken him on a Government scheme - but hey there is now a vacancy on the switch dont you know!!!!

Anonymous said...

If Maria is a 'totally exhausted character' what the hell does that make Carla.

Any way glad to see Maria back can't wait to see what she does next.

Anonymous said...

If Maria is a 'totally exhausted character' what the hell does that make Carla.

Any way glad to see Maria back can't wait to see what she does next.

Anonymous said...

@ Frosty: Toad! I love it!!

Anonymous said...

I guess Fiz has forgotten,Hayley's capacity of compassion and forgiveness.Granted Maria went over the edge with the text messages but remembering how Kirk supported her when she was in jail because of her pschyo husband John whom he was dumped for,surely Fiz can forgive too?I also wonder why is it only Fiz,Maria has to apologise to,why not Tyrone?

Humpty Dumpty said...

Why are Gary and Izzy having problems? This has come from nowhere. It would have been more understandable if they'd rowed about their parents, taking different sides; or Izzy being too tired to look after their baby. So fed up with stories coming out of the blue and then probably disappearing just as quickly.

t in canada said...

Really - don't all of you remember that Gary and Izzy almost broke up during the surrogate story line? They have always had problems - from what i can remember this will be at least the third break-up for them.


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