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Friday, 13 June 2014

Preview of tonight's hour-long Coronation Street - Friday 13 June

FRIDAY 13TH JUNE 2014 - One hour-long episode
THE TRUTH RIPS THE WINDASS CLAN APART Sporting a shiner, Gary is bitter he didn’t get the job and blames it on his black eye. Gary goads Owen until he snaps and reveals Anna slept with Phelan to keep him out of prison. Anna rails at Owen for blabbing to Gary but can Owen forgive Anna for sleeping with Phelan or will this be the end of their troubled relationship?
CARLA’S BEHAVIOUR THREATENS THE FACTORY When the police take Carla in for further questioning, a panicked Rob tries to object. When Carla returns to the factory, she’s greeted by a client who offers his sympathy for her marriage break-up but Carla flips and kicks him out. Upset and angry, a drunken Carla slags off Tina in front of Ann but is Carla worried the police will pin Tina’s murder on her?
SALLY AND TIM FINALLY COME CLEAN Julie gathers Sally and Tim’s friends in the Rovers to witness his romantic proposal. Everyone’s bemused when Tim goes down on one knee and asks Sally not to marry him. Sally gleefully agrees to carry on living in sin and kisses him.
ELSEWHERE Jenna’s disappointed when Lloyd wants to take Andrea on holiday. Andrea’s privately relieved when she persuades Lloyd to take Jenna instead. Todd encourages Marcus to buy a car, admitting to Tony that he’s not really interested in Marcus and intends to move on once he’s got all he can from him.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Anna "rails" at Owen for telling Garrah but WHY did she tell Owen in the first place??? Plus the ridiculous celebration of a job when you havent even had the interview is a typical soap thing which always leads to bad news. I wish we could move on from all this now. Thank goodness for Sally and Tim for some light relief.

Zagg said...

This whole Anna/Phelan thing is driving me crazy.
Why on earth does the WHOLE family have to know about their sex life? It is so ridiculous. The girls insisting that it was their business etc...really? It's all down to Gary and his temper. They should have let him confess,and go to jail for a few years. End of. This whole merry-go-round of blame and anger is too much and really not fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

Is there the same problem and controversy in the U.K. that currently exists in The U.S. and Canada about the lack of funding for health services for returned vets, particularly for mental health services? It seems to me that Gary has not had adequate help for his obvious PTSD. If lack of availability of services is leading to this sort of problem, then the writers of Corrie are missing the chance to show how this has a ripple effect, which affects and often destroys families. They've laid out all the elements, but they've avoided mentioning it directly. What a lost opportunity!

Anonymous said...

Am I assessing the situation correctly, with regards to the Armstrong/Windass mess? Phelan owed Owen money for some work. He refused to pay, so Owen stole his motorcycle & held it ransom until he got his money. This wounded Phelan's ego, so he bided his time, then offered Owen a chance to make a lot of money and expand his business, but it came at considerable financial risk. Once Owen's ego required him to accept the deal he was hooked. Phelan then humiliated him at the job & when that wasn't enough, as the coup de grace, he "bedded his woman", Gary, of course, exacerbated things by assaulting Phelan. All very Neanderthal. What else am I missing?

Talia said...

I'm looking forwards to some lighter moments with Sally and Tim.
They make a good pair, and I hope they aren't ruined in the usual and predictable soap opera way.

Anonymous said...

Talia, I agree about Sally and Tim as they are Corrie's saving grace right now. At the risk of sounding cynical, I bet in true Corrie fashion once Kevin returns, they will be ruined in yet another triangle storyline.


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