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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Coronation Street weekly update - we're very multicultural

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Owen returned from working away this week but soon left again, only this time with a bag packed and without a woman in his life.  Yes, Owen and Anna have split up, ended and gone their separate ways after Owen returned from Aberdeen only to blurt out to Gary that his mum had slept with Phelan.  It wasn’t Owen’s place to tell Anna’s son, I felt, and I certainly felt Anna’s fury and anger towards Owen as he told Gary the truth.  It was a nasty thing to do.  “I’ll never forgive you for this,” Anna tells Owen.  Owen asks Anna to give them another try. “I could learn to forgive you in time,” he says, but it’s too little too late for Anna. She doesn’t say anything and Owen takes her silence with all the meaning it’s loaded with, packs his bags and go.

Tina’s mum arrives this week.  You remember Tina’s mum? No, me neither. Well, I sort of recall she turned up and did a bit of moping when Tina’s dad died and then she disappeared for decades and now she’s back, doing a mock-grieve for a daughter she’s pretending she once loved.  It’s not convincing, I tell you.  Carla goes off the rails after being taken in for questioning by the cops, again, over Tina’s murder while Rob stands by and watches his sister go into full-scale mental melt-down, refusing to take the rap for what he’s done.

Tim buys Sally an engagement ring from Barlow’s Buys, thinking that getting engaged is what Sally wants. Sally accepts the ring, thinking it’s what Tim wants and they both agree to a quiet, long engagement before they get wed, thinking it’s what the other one wants. It’s  not what either of them want and it doesn’t take long for it all to fall wonderfully apart in a glorious scene in the Rovers.  Julie drags all the girls from Underworld along to the pub for Sally and Tim’s engagement party. She’s planned a power ballad on the juke box but The Birdy Song plays instead. And with a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, now shake your bum, tra-la-la-la-la, Tim removes the engagement ring from Sally’s finger, they hug and declare they’re quite content, thank you very much, to continue to live in sin and over the brush.

Todd drags Marcus to the Bistro for cocktails and gets him giggling drunk.  In drink Marcus tells Todd he loves him and Todd knows now he’s got Marcus where he wants him – under his thumb and with his fingers in his wallet.  Todd confides to Tony (Tony?) in the Rovers that he doesn’t love Todd.  “At his age? On his wage?” and is already considering moving on to pastures new.

And finally this week, Norris is having problems with paper-girl Chelsea Trainers. He ponders on while thumbing his copy of Lady Time magazine.  Wonderful stuff.

And that was just about that for this week.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Well, that's the point about Owen. He *is* nasty when he doesn't get what he wants. He got his richly deserved come-uppance from Phelan and dragged Anna down with him. Anna's not very bright, confessing and confiding in all the wrong people. In fact, she's not been very bright right the way through this storyline.

I wonder that Rita didn't think it strange that Rob should be so eager to help Tina's mum. He'll trip over himself soon enough.

Cobblestone said...

I loved that Multicultural line. That has the timeless quality about it of 'the world's your lobster' or Blanche's Postman Pat diatribe.

Newfy Pearl said...

Well I cried...I really cried. Owen seeking to humiliate Anna actually made way for the comfort and love she needed to help her heal. When Gary responded in such a loving way the tears came. What a well written segment. Kudos Corrie.
I would have packed Owen's bags myself if I could!
Anna and Faith will be fine without Owen.
As for the rails she goes again! Where is Peter? Shouldn't he be getting more pressure??? Afterall Peter looked anxious (according to Roy) when he left the flat. Why don't the police figure that he pushed her off then went outside to finish her.
Can you tell...I want Peter to take the wrap. He has hurt so many people over the years.....
Irony...real murderer loose in the family while he goes to prison for murder he did not

ChiaGwen said...

The audacity of that vile Owen saying to Anna they could try to work it out after gleefully telling all to Gary and being so mean to Anna! Wonderful to see Gary comforting his Mom. Cheered as Owen walked out the door.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Anna has flipped this to being the wronged one and doing what she does best - act the martyr. Fed up with the Windarms and all their angst and problems, this is obviously leading up to Miss Outraged - Katee leaving.

More mawkish nonsense from Tina's mother who had no time to spent with her daughter when she needed her on more than one occasion yet has all the time in the world to booze in the Rovers and feel sorry for herself. Sorry bringing this character in suddenly at such a late stage has not worked and I dont think is played very well either.

And Kal seems to have taken over from Stella giving "advice"!!!

John McE said...

I just wish this ever-lasting Windass saga would end. God, they are a dreary bunch.

I don't quite understand Frosty's comment - the viewers were left in no doubt whatsoever that Anna only has sex with Phelan to save her family... and hated every second of it. It may not have been rape, technically, but that's exactly what it was. Whether she was right or foolish to agree to it is a separate issue, surely?

It really didn't make sense that Owen was so vile to Anna, yet suddenly does a complete about face and says that they can work it out. Personally, I hope she gets Jason in to change the locks. At least we'll be spared yet another visit from Katy (hardly Miss Virtue herself) coming back to pick up one item of clothing at a time.

I have to agree that Gary's reaction, being the one to comfort his mother, was both unexpected and touching.

Dilly Daydream said...

I can see where this is going, I'd put money on it....they're going to pair Anna up with Tim. I've said this all along, ever since Tim was first introduced.

Anna's (or the actress who plays her)acting is so obvious, there is no subtlety to it. Notice how they've shown Tim & Anna getting on so well lately?

I shall hate it if they split Tim & Sally up now.

Mr Mick Miller said...

Cant see that happening Dilly. Tim is pretty happy with pretty great for her age Sally, why would he want to saddle himself with a scruffbag moaner like Anna? As for Faye, she is pretty pointless these days, always being sent upstairs to wash her hands or tidy her room.

Anonymous said...

Dilly Daydream,I think you may be right especially when Kevin returns. Sally will dump Tim for Kevin and he and Anna will comfort each other. That being said,I don't want Tim and Sally to break up either and also hope Owen and Anna can find their way back together too.I like them together and for what it's worth,I think Owen who feels humiliated not only by Anna's betrayal but that his daughters know has every right to be hurt and angry.Gary and his temper is the one who's responsible for all this as Anna did it soley to protect him.


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