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Monday, 23 June 2014

After The Funeral

Tina's funeral provoked a number of disparate thoughts in me.  I'm going to just catalogue them as they came to me, and I'd appreciate any input on the questions raised.

1)   A pulpit is the natural home for Rita Littlewood/Fairclough/Sullivan/Tanner.
2)   That vicar was a bit fit.
3)   Since when did Toyah live in Liverpool?
4)   And when did Janice get back from Europe with that bin man?
5)   And under what circumstances would Leanne abandon Simon to a funeral all on his own?
6)   Incidentally, is Simon now 14?
7)   I cannot imagine a circumstance in which Tina would eat Marmite.
8)   Steve MacDonald is the ghost of David Platt's future.
9)   Deirdre emotionally bonding with Eccles made me glad Ken is on his way back.
10) Steph is really quite ace.
11) Luke and Katie: not so much.
12) I wish Steph had recorded that video in landscape not portrait.
13) Where did she get the helium from?
14) Tina's mum was very emotional for a woman who hasn't seen her daughter in about six years.
15) Similarly Gail was distraught given that she forgot Tina was her stepdaughter roughly eight minutes after Joe died.
16) Did Tina's mum know she was chatting to the second Mrs McIntyre?

17) Peter Barlow drinking vodka from his jacket pocket: PURE CLASS.
18) The whole "Peter is drunk and Simon is embarrassed" thing is getting a bit old.
19) Kylie's Krazy Glue Komedy Subplot: no.
20) And her sending the letter to Les Dennis is beyond the pale.
21) Why is their printer in the front room anyway?
22) I sincerely hope Mary learning Mandarin is a future storyline.
23) I also hope Mary and Roy spend entire episodes playing chess.
24) Or digging up weeds in the Tina McIntyre Memorial Flowerpot.
25) Michelle Connor is the most self-centred, vile hag on the Street, and I hope that Rob puts her next on his hit list.  Hopefully next week.

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Talia said...

More scenes with quiet reflections and deep, meaningful conversations on life and shared experiences between normal characters, less of the atrocious, vile, bilious, shout-fest, punch 'em ups shown by the others.

The.HR.Doctor said...

18) The whole "Peter is drunk and Simon is embarrassed" thing is getting a bit old.

The Simon 'scowl' is getting old, also.

John McE said...

Surely it was Janice who broke/sprained her ankle, not Toyah?

Would the police really be at the funeral?

And why haven't the police been more interested in Peter until now? Have we even seen him being interviewed by them yet?

John McE said...

And yes, the vicar most definitely was definitely fit. Let's hope there are a few more upcoming deaths/marriages/christenings :-)

Glenda Young said...

And if Toyah is in Liverpool does that means she's split up with Spider or is he there with her?

AmandaB said...

Re observation number 7 - perhaps this explains where Tina got her ridiculous skin colour from.

Loved this style of episode contemplation. Let's have it as a regular feature!

njblas said...

My recollection is that Spider and Toyah were no longer a couple, but just friends when she moved to London to live with him...

Clinkers (David) said...

Impressive how Michelle managed to be a demented hag even when she wasn't appearing on the show. Way to go 'chelle!

Anonymous said...

John McE...

In real life, the Police often attend funerals to watch the reactions of the suspects. Not nice, but that's the way it is.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Completely bizarre eulogy given by David. Proclaiming that it was all *that* man's fault was a good try at dramatic effect. Cue everyone to turn round and gasp in unison. Whole funeral was a pantomime.

Much better were the scenes with the balloons, and Roy and Mary planting flowers.

Leanne and Kal - still yuk.

Bezza said...

Why didn't the police break the fight up?

abbyk said...

Tony seems to fit in well behind the bar. Buttering skills aside, I'm beginning to warm to him and Liz. Very odd that Liz didn't go to the funeral, tho'.

Agree with Humpty about the flowers and the friends. I fall more in love with Roy Cropper each time he's on screen. Steff really brought the pain of the day home (and that pink dress was gorgeous) -- more, please.

Anonymous said...

Since when were Tina and Steph that close anyway? They lived together for 5 minutes, and Tina didn't even want her to move in, and spent the first few weeks being mean to her! And Katie has moved in with Joseph already, yet Tina's room is how she left it with her book still on the bedside table?

Anonymous said...

I also prefered the quiet reflection scenes of Roy and Mary playing chess who then move to the more touching gardening/ flowers interaction. Was moved mixed with the odd chuckle at Mary taking life by the b***s to learn mandering... /Eccles interaction ill add wad funny but worrying! I wont say what I think of michelle as it wont get published!!! After weeks of trauma/ angst and pure crazyness would of loved to see a more sensetive funeral of a young life ended tragically. Was a bit of a farce....

clare said...

As tina was planning on leaving and was seen getting rid of a lit of her stuff why would her book be open on her bed and her toothbrush still be in the bathroom. Bit shoddy if you ask me.

Joseph said...

1) yep
2) Didn't notice, bit distracted by Peter. And Rob.
3.) I thought I'd heard wrong and Leanne had said Trevor
4.) Definitely a story there
5.) Bit OOC
6.) No. Sack whoever wrote that in
7.) I agree
8.) Really? I can't see it.
9.) I loved the Deirdre-Eccles scene! :D
10.) Steph's really developed as a character. The writing was cheesy but the actress pulled it off (although the crying was a bit unrealistic)
11.) Meh, Katie's leaving soon so who cares?
12.) Yeah it was a bit small
13.) Rob and Tracy's junk shop. Where else? :P
14.) She'd acted like she'd lost her dog.
15.) Meh, contrivances. What can ya do?
16.) Why wasn't it mentioned?
17.) Again, that was... kinda hot.
18.) Simon being a child is getting a bit old. He's, what, 12 now?
19.) One word: Timefiller
20.) Poor Les Dennis
21.) I have a friend whose printer is in the front room. Although hers didn't suddenly appear...
22.) It would be good if she came out with it in random scenes.
23.) Mary and Roy = awesome. That's PLATONIC awesome, writers.
24.) That would be a bit boring for me though.
25.) Anyone who murders Michelle becomes the pinnacle of awesomeness.

Anonymous said...

Flaming Nora said...
And if Toyah is in Liverpool does that means she's split up with Spider or is he there with her?

No it means she's living with Martin Platt. The man who's scared stiff to travel up the M62...or get on a train for that matter to visit his son ;-)

Anonymous said...

Although,I'm not a fan of Michelle's,I could understand her feelings this time as Tina's affair with Peter did destroy her friend Carla's marriage and she thought it would be hyporcritical for her to attend Tina's funeral.What I thought was a farce was the 'martyring' of Tina by Rita and David and the fact the whole Street seem to be at Tina's funeral but not Hayley's.


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