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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Corrie weekly awards for June 23 - 27

Need new trousers award: Gary got a shock meeting Alya at the gym the morning after, with Izzy and Jake by his side. And she's his mate's daughter.

Belligerent award:
Drunk Peter was clearly working up to a hissy fit, listening to all the nice things said about Tina at the funeral.

Betty Crocker award: Tony helped Liz make all the sandwiches for the funeral. Boyfriend points!

History Fail award: Beth thought that Mrs. Pankhurst was one of her old teachers. She may have been but the one Mary was referring to was a Suffragette in the early 20th Century.

Get a grip award: Rob really isn't dealing with what he's done very well. Why isn't someone starting to be seriously suspicious?

Blood relations Fail: Deirdre pointed out Rob isn't blood-family. Tracy said that neither was Peter. Wrong. Peter's the only one in that room that does have true Barlow blood.

Pants on Fire award: Deirdre hasn't told Ken *any* of the recent upset. Not Peter's drinking, not the affair, not the miscarraige or Tina's death. Boy, is he going to get a shock! And Gary is telling porkies about his night out, pretending he's slept on Jason's sofa.

Predictable award: Alya has a degree in textile design. Carla has a knicker factory. A match made in heaven?

Smoking Gun award: Peter's fingerprints are now on the bracelet.

Message in a bottle (balloon): Stef, Luke and Katy sent messages to Tina on the wind.

Lines of the week:
Peter "Tina destroyed my life" (someone has but it wasn't her, mate. Look in the mirror)
Ann "I shouldn't inflict it on you. Forgive me" Rob "No, Luv, Forgive me.. for not behing able to change things"
Gail "That was Tina. Show her an injustice and she couldn't let it lie"
Leanne about Janice "By the time she finished flirting with him (the doctor) she almost forgot to hobble"
Julie "You can't go wrong with a doily" Sean "You're not the first to say that and you won't be the last" (lovely little tidbit of dialogue there!)

Gary about Steve "40? I always thought he was much older"
David "Spite's a very powerful emotion" (he should know)
Leanne "This isn't adultery. It's me moving on with me life"
Izzy "How do you tell if someone's lying?" David "They've got an Adam's apple" (it's not sexist coming from a man, is it?)
Lloyd "What could possibly go wrong" and Gail about Michael "Oh he won't bother us again" (Phrase of doom alert!)
Alya to Gary "Have we met before? It's amazing what you can forget somoetimes!" (stick the knife in a bit more, will you?)
Nick "If I can't be happy, why should you two?"
Deirdre "I invented hot and cold!" (she was a goer back in the day, that's true)
Michelle "You must have been a hippo in a past life, you wallow so well"
Steve "Lloyd's always been a good friend over the years. He's always had the decency to leave every decade as I arrive" (cha ching!)
Steve (on Liz hiring Eva) "Don't I get a say?" Liz "Go on then. Have your say" (i.e. it's a done deal no matter what you say.)

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Big fuss over nothing award: Why was Izzy so adamant that she wanted to go out just so she could just sit in the Rovers a couple of doors from where she lives with Katy who she sees every day anyway? When you have a kid you have to stay in and look afar it, a concept that seems alien to Corrie residents.

Money worries over award: A few odd jobs paying a tenner here and there and suddenly the Windbags dire financial straights seem to be over! Garrah had money to go out on the booze and go to a club and Izzy to sit in the Rovers drinking with her sister – as above.

Memory loss award: Garrah was supposed to be a big army mate of Kals, wouldn’t he know his daughter or at least her name which is quite an unusual one?

I am the one what dun it award: Rob couldn’t look more guilty if he had I did It tattooed on his forehead, his constant shifty behaviour stands out like a sore thumb and yet nobody even the dopy soap cops have picked up on it.

Put him down award: Do we really have to have Tracy kissing and cuddling Rob in the Rovers all the time – where is your kid love?

Here we go again award: yet again Sally has been temporarily promoted to ‘PA’ in the ever ludicrous faktray, lording it over all the staff – we have been here before on many occasion and its getting old now.

Just takes a phone call award: Just one phone call to a buyer and Carla can secure a big order, if only the business world were really that easy!!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Frosty has said it for me.

I wonder that Rita wasn't surprised that Rob offered to pay towards Tina's funeral. Given the circumstances, he's the last person you would expect generosity from.

Peter has his fingerprints on the bracelet but so do Deirdre, Tracy and Rob. If this turns out to be crucial police evidence, it will be a bit thin.

They really do need to come up with another meeting place for characters. It's simply not believable that Corrie residents would have the money to drink and eat out so regularly. I wonder who will take over the shop when Jimmi H takes some leave of absence. I hope they use the opportunity for Dev to put in a lively character who draws people in for chats. Mary, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Frosty well said! Gary and Izzy get on my nerves big time! They are constantly hanging out at Anna's appear to eat all their meals there. Either that or in the pub or the café. They never seem to spend anytime with their child whatsoever. For someone who wanted a kid so badly they are utterly crap parents.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous,I agree with your comments regarding Gary and Izzy and find Katie is just as bad never being with her son Joseph who she also was 'desperate' to have with Chesney.Another character who's getting on my nerves is Nick and his temper tantrums over Leeanne and Kal.If he was so concerned anout his happisness with Leeanne,maybe he should've stayed away from his sister in law instead of sleeping with her and hiding behind mummy because he was afraid he would lose Leeanne.

Anonymous said...

Not related to the weekly awards, but I'll put my question here ...

Does anyone else see the resemblance between the murder detective and Mr. Bean??

~JB in Canada

Tvor said...

Ah but don't forget, Deirdre scrubbed the bracelet clean of the dirt and dried it in a cloth, all the fingerprints would have been wiped off. Tracy's, yes, and then Peter's would be the only ones. Tracy can say honestly that her mother found it and she claimed it and wore it. Peter probably won't even remember moving it.

Rosie said...

Mr Bean, yes, it's been bugging me who he reminded me of.

Humpty Dumpty said...

But, Tvor, if Deirdre scrubbed the bracelet clean of dirt, she also scrubbed off all the fingerprints ie the evidence. Any fingerprints now on the bracelet are since Deirdre brought it into the house so they would prove nothing. That's why I say it will be a bit thin if the police use that to charge Peter.

Anonymous said...

They could charge Рeter with his fingerрrints on the bracelet - but not Rob, who slithers away again ;)


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