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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Carla Cornered?

By the 'eck, Martha Longhurst, that was quite a week we've just had in Weatherfield. No sooner had Tina's tan stains been washed from t'cobbles, than the twitching finger of suspicion began pointing in certain directions.

Arguably, all eyes were on Carla Barlow . . . err "the name's Connor". Okay, so we know she's going through a grim period in her life but does she really want to revert to the name of a former husband who died whilst kidnapping a prostitute in the boot of his car? It's often been mentioned that Carla is the new Elsie Tanner. However with her constant emotional battles and her unfailing resilience, she's possibly more of a new Bet Lynch. For Bet, it was always a case of slapping on the make-up and stepping out behind the bar. Carla's line of defence is the factory. Whatever else life throws at her, the factory is a constant.

Where does Carla go from here? Many people have commented over the wasted 'baby' storyline. If ever there was an unlikely parent, then it was Carla. Possibly the writers feel they can do more with FaktryCarla than MummyCarla but it does appear to be an opportunity squandered. As the years go by though, the many layers of Carla are exposed. The viewer gets to see her in a new, more sympathetic light. She's more than a raven-haired backstreet bitch with a clunky handbag. Carla's new-found friendship with Roy also acts as a mechanism by which we gain access to her 'other' self and so as the years roll by, the once unpalatable Carla becomes someone we are rather fond of.

A brave move next would be for Carla to meet a new man, someone not connected with knickers or booze. A man who doesn't feel that he has to prove his love by becoming a serial killer, arsonist or alcoholic. Someone who is happy just to be with her. A quick, unexpected romance with a surprise pregnancy and maybe even roses around the door. However, this is Weatherfield. The likelihood is that before we open the first door on our Advent calendars, Carla will probably have bedded Kal and so a whole new war with Leanne will kick off. Round we go again and that would be much to the detriment of Carla.

Elsewhere, we ask that Michelle, she of the 'Endora from Bewitched' eye make-up, falls from a balcony very soon. You know that things are bad when Tracy suddenly begins to emerge as the more reasonable of the two. The latest episodes have seen Michelle at her most vitriolic, playing opposite a ridiculously feeble Liz. Unbearable scenes in the Rovers which felt like the writers had simply forgotten who the characters were. Get Michelle sorted out - or ship her out.

Sally and Tim are an absolute joy at the moment. Lovely acting from Sally Dynevor and Joe Duttine make their scenes great fun. A classic Corrie couple in the making? Elsewhere it was good to see Maddie showing Luke how to deal with customers, Amy showing disdain for her low-placing in a talent show and Rita blethering on about why she always ends up on her own. It's taken eighty-odd years but perhaps the penny has finally dropped.

Let's raise a glass of -  non-alcoholic -  champagne though to Alison King and her outstanding performances this week. Amidst the gloom of a grim storyline, she shone.

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Anonymous said...

Carl the bin man - he was just happy being with Carla but she had to try to make him something he wasn't and put him down constantly because he just couldn't learn fast enough - just like she did with Peter. Carl copped off with Janice Battersby , so Carla must have really done a number on him, and Peter, she destroyed completely by turning him into something he wasn't, so his head was turned by a gorgeous young thing half his age who was just throwing herself at him at every opportunity(ha). She needs to be a character that is alone with her perfect self. The ice queen from Snow White - that's who she reminds me of. 'Mirror Mirror' etc.

abbyk said...

Roy, Roy, Roy. Besides Hayley, he & Carla had something else very important in common. Unhappy childhoods with bad parents. We never met Carla and Rob's mom, but as unmoved as Carla was by the funeral, there was no love lost there. And Sylvia clearly didn't know what to do with her special needs boy. We were led to believe that she chose the stepfather(s?) needs over his. Ken Barlow, the Webster girls, Stevie Mac, they all had a loving start in life. Roy & Carla had cruel beginnings they overcame to become strong successful individuals. Hayley was their introduction, but there is a lot of ground to cover with these two. I hope he remains in her special friend/favorite uncle role and we continue to see more.

Anonymous said...

Alison King really has shone throughout this storyline. She has been outstanding.

I just feel so sorry for Carla now though. She's such a brilliant character but it seems like her life has been full of tragedies (especially the last few years) and I can't help thinking that her baby girl was her shot at happiness. I agree with Roy. I think she would have surprised people and could even have been an excellent mother.

I loved the Carla and Roy scenes.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Whether you like the character of the ascerbic Carla or not, your heart has to go out to her this week and Ali King's acting this week has been outstanding throughout. She deserves an award - a proper award - not a pointless one just for just being attractive!

Also liked seeing more of Dierdre, and her telling Peter straight. Anne K is great and we needed more of her but unfortunately her side kick is due back soon to drag the character down.

Humpty Dumpty said...

What I think is a shame about Carla's development is that her collapse under the weight of tragedies in her life has come so late. She was this hard-faced businesswoman who had no friends and pinched men from other women without much guilt. When she's been knocked down, she's risen up again too quickly. Now I know that is precisely why many fans love Carla. She's an Aunt Sally who won't stay down for long. But she recovered too quickly, and had no redeeming features. Where was her Achilles heel? She had no children, pets, aging parents to break her heart. Just the men whom she'd decided she wanted.

The melting of the Ice Maiden has come too late for me. Her closeness to Hayley, Michelle, even Simon to some extent, would have made her a much more rounded character if we'd seen it earlier. All we know is that she had a rough childhood. It would have been great if we'd watched her go back to that rough estate and pay for a youth club. Still the tough business tycoon but with a soft streak running through her. Alison King does a great job but I find it hard to care too much about Carla. It's not that she deserves her current situation but, with so many characters on the Street, you can't care about everyone.

Peter's character, by contrast, is full of layers and even though he's brought about his own destruction, I'm beginning to root for him again.


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