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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Coronation Street weekly update - rocking on with Gail

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Hello again. I know, I know, it seems like only yesterday since I was popping into your inbox with the Corrie weekly update and here I am already with another one.  With the World Cup changing the Coronation Street schedule here in the UK, there’s no more Corrie this week and so here we go with a short and sweet round-up of events on the cobbles this week.

Gail receives a letter from Michael Rodwell, the burglar she visited in jail. The letter is all part of Michael’s restorative justice that he’s going through while he’s banged up for his crime, but for Gail, it might as well be hearts and flowers and a marriage proposal.  She’s secretive about the contents and denies David and Kylie a peek inside the envelope at Michael’s words.  But when Gail responds to Michael’s letter, Kylie gets up to mischief and changes Gail’s letter on her laptop.   Gail doesn’t know Kylie’s amended her words and posts the letter to Michael, who’ll get a shock when he opens it to find out that Gail’s got a crush on him and reckons together, they could rock.  Oh dear, oh ‘eck.

The preparations for Tina’s funeral take place and David gets his suit cleaned. “The last time I wore this suit,” he says, “I was up in court for running over Graeme.”  Ah, Graeme.  Would that he have returned for Tina’s funeral, had he known? I think perhaps he might have.  Rita prepares a speech and takes to the back room at the Kabin to pen a few lines, egged on by Dennis and nagged at by Norris.  Over in the Rovers later, Rita’s had enough of Dennis and Norris bickering over who’s most qualified to support Rita through the funeral ordeal and the two men come to blows, almost.  Dennis squares up to Norris and orders him outside, to fight like a man, while Norris quivers in his tank-top and Rita rolls her eyes.

Still struggling to cope with the aftermath of Tina’s death are Carla and Peter.  Rob does his utmost to stop Peter seeing Carla but Peter takes his chance when he spies Carla on the cobbles, drunk. The two of them go up to the flat and get stuck into a bottle of vodka and some wine that Carla’s been keeping at the back of the wardrobe for Michelle.  They argue, they cry, they fight and they kiss and there was a wonderful line from Carla (written by Ellen Taylor) when she tells Peter: “I gave you everything, Peter. I gave you bits I didn’t know that were there,”  until Rob returns and throws Peter out.  Rob’s so far managing to keep his secret killing quiet and does his best to pin Tina’s death on Peter at every chance he can.  He tells Peter he wants him to leave, and despite Deirdre’s protestations, Peter packs a bag and goes.  “People will think it’s the action of a guilty man!” she cries as Peter tells her he’s off. Then he cries his innocence again to her before she spits out. “Then people will think it’s the action of a coward!”

Elsewhere in this short week, Andrea lies to Lloyd that she’s been called into work before she goes home to meet her husband. He’s a tall fella called Neil who works in Nigeria and is back home on leave.  She spends time with Neil then lies to him saying she’s been called into work before she goes back to meet Lloyd.  Lloyd lays his cards on the table and wears his hearts on his sleeve and tells Andrea he wants her to move in with him.  She tells him she can’t, but doesn’t tell him why not, not yet any road.

And finally this week, Faye knows that summat’s up between Owen and Anna after she tells Anna she knows Owen’s sleeping on the settee.  She’s a bright kid, that Faye, and starts helping out dad Tim on his window round as bucket carrier and chamois girl. Transferable skills will get you everywhere. 

And that was just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

Wow...are the writers really showing Carla to be wanting Peter back already? What was with that kiss??? Yuck!!!
Peter is so disgusting. He is self centered and selfish and sleazy. All he cares about is what he wants.....I dread the funeral as he is going to act a fool there too.
I did not know I could hate a Corrie character as much as I hate him right now.

Frosty the Snowman said...

I am not Gail's biggest fan but Kylie and David needed a good slap yesterday the disrespectful way they were treating her. Eileen's kids do not behave like that. And I felt sorry for Lloyd at first but he is being so needy and pathetic over the grinning two timer. Of course its all gonna go pear shaped!

Newfy Pearl said...

The point where Lloyd lost me is where he said he never felt like this 'in forever'. What a disrespect to all of the other women who came before her. It showed Lloyd to be an overaged teen buffoon.

David Parsnips said...

Lloyd is a man that must be nearing 50, has a grown up daughter and many relationships before, he is acting like a 14 year old schoolboy over this woman. He is embarrasing himself. The heart attack seems to have been forgotton pretty quickly.

Anonymous said...

I sooooo agree with you Frosty, David and Kylie is like watching a couple of playground kids antics( very uncomfortable viewing) These two are supposed to be potraying responsable parenting.... Max and Lily are the next kids to be messed up in that household! I wouldnt trust them with a fish never mind kids....


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