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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Roy Cropper: A beacon in the Corrie gloom

Amidst all the current Corrie doom and gloom, murder and mayhem, stands a beacon. Ok, a beacon in an anorak carrying a shopper, but a beacon nonetheless. Roy Cropper is my hero.

Coronation Street has been very dark of late. Killing off a major character will do that I guess. While all the big drama has been handled well on the whole, the scenes between David Neilson and Alison King last night stood out from all the rest. The quiet, dignified way Roy dealt with the increasingly wretched, wasted Peter Barlow was a joy to behold. Roy for me is now the moral centre of Corrie and one of the main reasons I keep watching.

Many worried what would happen to our Royston following Hayley's tragic demise in January. If the writers continue to produce touching, realistic scenes between Roy, Carla and Anna Windass then we needn't worry. Hayley's departure, sad though it undoubtedly was, has opened up new avenues for the character of Roy to explore. He now has a previously unimagined bond with Anna and Carla and I hope this is developed further in the months ahead. I would even venture that he is now closer to these two very different women than he is to Fiz, who's selfish histrionics after Hayley's death put her down a few notches in my estimation.

The scene in the Barlow's flat last night was wonderful, if brief. Roy was reaching out and offering his support to Carla, stumbling about in the dark with his attempts to comfort a woman other than his Hayley. Carla too didn't really know how to react but she muddled through the best she could, obviously touched by Roy's attempts. The hand she placed briefly on his shoulder as she left the room spoke volumes. 

I hope Roy continues to offer support and calm advice in the face of the spiralling explosive drama that is our favourite soap. I love his eccentricities and I hope we don't lose those, however he is increasingly becoming the everyman - the viewers' representative onscreen, quietly serving up cups of tea and bacon barms while other characters cheat, deceive and plunge to their doom. 

Hopefully Roy will never be one of them.

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John said...

Beautifully written and fully agreed with!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more, really. I loved the Roy and Carla scenes in last night's Corrie. A cut above the rest.
I absolutely adore them together. Alison King and David Neilson - take a bow!

I even felt like clapping for Roy when he tried to protect Carla and stood up to Peter.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Agree, agree, agree. Roy and Carla together were so touching, neither of them knowing quite how to behave. We were told that Roy would enter a new chapter in his life and this is the first indication. When Peter challenged Roy to leave, the old Roy would have shuffled off. The new version stood his ground and Peter stepped aside.

You're right, Graeme, that Roy that is the new moral voice on Corrie and we haven't seen such a likeable one since Alf Roberts. With Roy gaining powerful new friends, with more to follow perhaps, he will become untouchable. Tracy may snigger behind his back but she'll think twice about humiliating him in public.

Carry On Blogging! said...

Thank you very much John

Peggy said...

I completely agree with everything you've written here Graeme. I'm not Carla's biggest fan (although I did find myself warming to her as she supported Hayley through her illness) but it was so lovely to see Roy supporting her. I was on the verge of tears watching Roy and Carla last night, it was so moving, and very sweet. We actually did cheer when Roy stood up to Peter last night, so loudly in fact that we startled our dogs!

Rosie said...

Do you think the writers are finally taking note? We're getting sensitive moments now between the characters, Jason and Eileen and now Roy and Carla. It's a promising start. Shame Dennis is leaving, he was such a comfort to Rita.

Talia said...

Thank you for another well-written synopsis, Graeme, I always look forward to reading them.
Roy may well be a 'beacon" on Coronation Street, but I would say that your positive comments are a beacon to those of us who have been floundering in the midst of the "spiralling explosive drama" of late.
I'll look forward to these episodes, and to some Roy-style humanism, served up with soothing 'cups of tea'.

vintgal003 said...

Long live....our dear Roy Cropper....

Anonymous said...

I am just praying to the gods that the writers don't go and do something idiotic as to try to pair him up with someone. He needs to be just as he is...our wonderful Royston.

Newfy Pearl said...

Roy used to look after Becky in the same way. I forget the incident...but it was similar where he stood up for her just as he did for Carla. I agree Roy is probably the most important male character on the show right now.


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