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Monday, 16 June 2014

Coronation Street hour-long episode review, Monday 16 June

Carla and Eva are not a good match and the shopping trip does not go well. The white boots are not a good choice. If ever Carla needed Hayley, in her factory and as her friend, that time is now. Roy does his best, but he and Carla are not close in the same way as Hayley and Carla were. Thos two knew each other inside out through an extended working relationship and  genuine understanding. They are two, on the surface, very different women, but two women who understood each other very well and who had strong affection for each other.

There are two characters who featured in this hour long episode who I do not fully understand - they are Todd and Andrea.

Todd is nothing like his former, younger self. He used to be hardworking, ambitious, good to his mum and kind to Sarah and Beth, for a while.

Now he is cynical, has an eye for the main chance, seems unconcerned as to who he hurts, is dishonest and doesn't really care about Marcus as strongly as he claims he did. What happened to Todd in London before he came back to Weatherfield? We will surely find out in due course. In the meantime - we wait to see what further destruction he will cause.   Many won't agree, but for me, when Todd appears on screen, I know it will be interesting. He tells his bosses that he's always dreamt of being a tea boy, and very appropriately Lloyd tells him, 'Just be grateful you've got a job.'

And so to Andrea. She confuses me. I thought she had a thing for Steve. Now she is with Lloyd. Lloyd for all his faults, is lovely. Lloyd really likes Andrea, he might even love her. Jenna doesn't like her or that might be that she doesn't trust her - and nor do we. Now, we know why.                                                       

She has a husband,  - he has arrived home after a few months working abroad. She makes out that she's pleased to see him, but then we see her expression when he can't see her and that expression tells a different story. She gave Lloyd the 'early tea' call up, claiming she had to go to work and that if Lloyd didn't take her life seriously, she did. She tells him she wants 'some space' - often the death knell for a relationship, and flounces out. In The Rovers, Steve remembers the student contact list and so Lloyd rings her landline. She reacts with terror at the message that he loves her, and unplugs the phone.

Faye decides to quit school and make money by carrying Tim's bucket, until Gary marches her back to school. Anna  is putting Faye first and wants to protect her from the difficulties between herself and Owen. Faye knows that all is not well, naming nearly all the members of her family as being stressed.

 Michelle announces that the factory will shut 'for now' and Carla takes the opportunity to insult her staff. 'Factory fodder' and 'bunch of misfits' - Beth is bobby misfit, Sean is 'Camp misfit' and Sally is 'snobby misfit'.

Sean though makes a good point - if Carla is guilty, it would be a strange thing to go shopping. Rob however is like a bear with a sore head. He is full of guilt, anger and fear, naturally and he is desperate to protect himself and, in fairness, Carla. His whole aim is to pin the murder on Peter.

Steve bundles Carla out of the pub and she says,'Get off me you big perv.' Peter wants to help but she tells him he can only come in if he brings some vodka. Carla is drunk, mixed up, humiliated, has lost her baby and been cheated on. It's enough to bring anyone to their knees. Bitterly she tells Peter that he's not to take the top off the vodka - only take the top off the baby-sitter.

Rob arrives and throws Peter out telling his sister that only he knows best and telling her that Peter killed Tina.  Observing the chief suspects, it's clear that Carla and Peter are not the killer. Shame that the police are too busy to spend all day following Rob around.

A little glimmer of fun through the bleakness was the scene with Beth and Norris in The Kabin. Full of pomposity as Beth reads the paper, Norris tells her, 'We do operate a pay first and read later policy.'
Then Norris asks her a question - but Beth gets her own back and won't give him any news at all.

Deirdre has a lot on her plate having to house the warring Peter and Rob. Deirdre asks Peter if he thinks Carla is guilty. Peter replies that if she is it's his fault and he should be locked up and left to rot.

Peter asks Deirdre what's happening out there. 'Nowt' she replies, 'that's the world for you - carries on regardless.'  And who can argue with that?

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Anonymous said...

I quite like 'new' Todd . . .

Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty has to admit that Todd is someone that you love to hate, and his sarky comments are often hilarious. Love him or hate him, he is an interesting character and I enjoy scenes with him. As for Andrea - really what is the point of her? No sick husband or child when perhaps you could understand that she wanted a bit of respite but her husband has only been away 3 months and she was soon as after Steve and then ended up in Lloyd's bed. Dont like her at all and that face that you would never get tired of slapping.

Oh dear so the faktray is in "trouble yet" again. Staff laid off and no clients but will suddenly be brought back from the brink YET AGAIN. Change the record writers.

John McE said...

In their continual efforts to outdue themselves, the writers these days are regularly showing characters drinking such vast quantities of alcohol , that in reality they would probably be dead. Perhaps a character could actually kill themselves this way... instead of portraying this type of behavior as normal.

Either that or add "Wethy General" to the set, and show increasing number of characters getting cirrhosis of the liver?

Eric the electric eel said...

Agree John McE - cirrosis from the constant boozing lunchtime and evening, diabetes and heart disease from their diet of kebabs, fry ups at Roys, the chippie and daily cake run and some kind of STD from the constant inter neighbourhood sex.

Anonymous said...

Bad choice on the part of the writers to make Andrea a cheat. Not only is it unoriginal, but it also means that any goodwill or sympathy the character may have earned is instantly lost.

Anonymous said...

So they took a happy go lucky lass who likes to play darts with the lads and has a thing for Steve and turned her into Lloyd's girlfriend who has a husband and everyone hates. Gah. Another character utterly ruined :(

Unknown said...

Well, both Bruno and Charlie have said that Todd is genuinely attracted to Marcus and wants them to be together so maybe it could be a slight change in his character. Maybe he realises how much he cares about Marcus just as Marcus leaves!


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