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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Corrie weekly awards: June 2 - 6

Dogfight award: Tracy's right. Peter and Rob living under the same room would be like putting two pitbulls in a sack.

Low Blow award: Nick dragged up Leanne's prostitute past. Ouch!

Love him and Leave him award: Leanne dumped Kal for telling Nick.

Self preservation Award: Rob's going to set up Peter to take the fall for Tina's death.

Twinkle Toes award: Steve dancing Gangnam Style!

Knight in gabardine armour: Roy defending Carla to Peter. He's got so much dignity, our Roy!

In the doghouse award: Tim didn't come home for tea which turned out to be a wasted romantic meal.

Pariah Award: Peter's now the object of scorn of the neighbourhood.

If I Only Had a Heart award: Tracy actually seemed concerned for Simon and hugged him back!

Stylist fail award: The hair on the top of Faye's head most definitely doesn't suit her. Well, I think so at least.

Repentant award: Michael is very, very sorry. And full of excuses.

Deja Don't award: Sally doesn't want to marry anyone, even Tim! leading to...

Deer in the headlights award: Sally and Tim both. Engaged but don't wannabe!

Lines of the week:

Carla "How can I put this politely? I thought she was a lying two-faced bitch"
Beth about Peter "It'll be allright. Stick a bottle of Drambui on the doorstep and he'll be down them stairs in a shot"
Tracy to Peter "You should eat something, if only to soak up the alcohol"
Rob to Peter "There's plenty of gutters with space for another wino"
Sally to Tim "She only lives next door, you could have shouted it through the wall!"
Rob to Tracy "Just this once, maybe it's not about you, yeah?"
Rita "They all go..."
Carla "It won't be the first time people have been gossiping about me and it certainly won't be the last"
Carla  to Deirdre "I'm just the tiniest bit hacked off" and "You've already got one murderer in the family. It's not much of a stretch to think you might have two"
Steve about Peter "He wanted to bin her off, not bump her off"
Norris to Dennis "Softly Softly Catchy Monkey" (i.e. he figures Dennis is taking advantage to get back in Rita's good books)
Sally "I've been married. Been there, done that, burned the tshirt and the rest of the clothes"
Peter "I need to do something" Rob "How about you pick some hymns for your dead girlfriend's funeral?" (ouch)
Audrey about burglar Michael "I imagine he'll be full of flannel or self pity. Or both." (that's it exactly)
Roy to Carla "I think you would have made an excellent mother"
Sophie "Honesty is the best policy" Maddie "Ignore Bible Jane"
Julie advising Sally "I'm brilliant at this. Oh the irony"
Leanne "You're stupid. You're weak and you're a liar"

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NZ Coro Junkie said...

Stylist win award: Leanne's scarf - she's obviously had her colours done :)

The slow sleuth award: why haven't the Police spoken to Peter yet and at least asked one or two questions about the scratch marks on his face and why his DNA is under Tina's fingernails?

The It's Actually All About Me Award: Michelle leaves Steve and runs to Carla for support

The It's Actually All About Me Award no 2: Michelle walks out on her job at the Rovers and immediately nominates herself to co-run the factory with Rob (er has anyone thought to run that past Carla yet?)

dave said...

I can't remember the exact words, but when Tracy was talking with Liz about Amy's dancing and acting abilities, it gave me a chuckle. I've found Tracy to be so much more tolerable lately. Sure she's self absorbed and nasty, but I think they're playing it for laughs now.

Anonymous said...

When Rob told Tracy,'It's not about you'I thought he should be saying that to Michelle too as I wondered how did the news about Tina and Peter's affair become about her?!I also thought instead of visiting the man who tried to rob her,Gail should've been at her stepdaughter's beside.

Anonymous said...

Dave, here in Aus there was a scene just a few days ago where Tracy was buying drinks in the pub for herself and Tony, she was telling Tina to listen carefully as it was for more than one drink and the way she delivered the line - something like "You didn't get it did you? Too hard. I knew it" (can't remember the exact line, just the delivery) was hilarious. Definitely playing for laughs now.


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