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Saturday, 21 June 2014

A sizzling summer on Corrie's cobbles?

Half-way through the year then, the sun is high in the sky and England's footie team are 'coming home'. With World Cup considerations side-lined, our attention can thankfully return to the doings of Weatherfield and its lovely inhabitants.

The powers-that-be seem to lining up a mixed bag of storylines to tide us over the summer months. Back in the old days (here we go again . . .) a Corrie summer would pivot around a trip to Blackpool (cue Bet in sunglasses) or a gentle trip to the country. Something light and low-key. Words that can hardly be levelled at the horny humpathon being hurled at viewers in 2014.

Take Carla Barlow ("the name's Connor"). Well, let's face it, someone usually is taking her and this month's lucky lottery winner is Luke. He qualifies as suitable in many ways. Well, he has a pulse so that's good enough for Carla. But wait! Who is that slightly looking vacant hairdresser entering stage left with an evil gleam in her eye? Audrey? No, it's the nice-but-dim Maria, refreshed from her holiday to Cyprus and in no way psycho whatsoever. What better way to celebrate her new-found sanity than to get it on with Luke, thus incurring the wrath of Mrs Barlow-the name's-Connor. Good luck to you Luke. The choice is yours - a woman who is eighty percent vodka and twenty percent handbag or a woman who stares into the middle distance as a hobby. Fill your boots.

Meanwhile Todd is getting a job in the yard. Is it possible to mince up and down a ladder? Cue lots of Carry On-style moments as Todd offers up a Charles Hawtrey "Oh hello!" as he grapples with two big lads and a wheelbarrow. Co-starring Eileen as Matron.

The news of Faye's impending pregnancy has received a mixed reaction. Of course, we've been here before and there is nothing new under the (soap opera) sun. However Ellie Leach is a cracking little actress and will no doubt bring something extra to her portrayal of Faye. More wringing hands moments for Anna Angst though. Whatever the general feelings about the Windass/Phelan storyline, it has seen some memorable acting from Debbie Rush. Anna seems like a very mercurial character for some viewers. She's either vilified as being a bit of a harridan or she manages to elicit waves of sympathy. Poor old Anna. She's got to contend with a teenage pregnancy along with Owen's creepy half-grin reaction to everything and Izzy's gimlet-eyed stare.

Big up Sally! She's finally landing the PA job and the chance to suck up to Mrs Barlow-the-name's. . . . oh you get the rest. Sally will be fantastic and unbearable. What's the betting she shows up on her first day wearing a tie-necked blouse? A little bit of power and Sal will be stalking through the machinists like Joan Ferguson in Prisoner Cell Block H.

With a new platonic friendship for Roy (Kal's mum) and Gail playing Family Fortunes with Les Dennis, this could be a summer of fun. Let's have more of them and less of Tracy, Michelle and weird Andrea. Maybe by the time the first leaves of autumn fall, we may even discover where Mary and Emily have been hanging out. Did they take the Alahan kids with them or have they all been cruelly consigned to the Corrie Cupboard? A Cruel Summer for some in Weatherfield and a Summer of Love for others.

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Tvor said...

Great post!

While the rumours of Faye's pregnancy are rife, we don't know for sure yet if she will be or if it will be a flash in the pan, i.e. she thinks she is because she let a boy (just) kiss her, she did go all the way but it turns out she isn't (not had her period yet maybe?)

Lots of ways the rumour mill may have got it wrong or blown out of proportion. It's not like we haven't seen that happen before.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. An enjoyable blog.

I believe Emily and Mary have eloped with Gail's dad, Ted.

Remember him? He just disappeared never to be mentioned by anyone again.

Anonymous said...

Fab post David: made me crack up. Yes, looking foward to power-mad Sally in the Factory, and a friendship for row.. not so much the tween pregnancy and two women who should frankly avoid men for awhile getting in on with Luke..
Rebecca in TO

Anonymous said...

Great post, Clinkers!

Humpty Dumpty said...

I do think that the storyline of Faye's pregnancy should be firmly separated from the talents or otherwise of Ellie Leach. It's goes without saying that negative comments shouldn't be made about the storyline because of the involvement of the young actress but, equally, positive comments about her won't make a good storyline out of a bad one. I prefer to think of it as uncast role. In that light, does the storyline sound acceptable or not?

If, as Tvor, says it turns out to be more about teenage angst, it might play out well. But, on the other hand, if it's about a planned romp between children, I am less than happy with it. And I certainly hope tptb don't roll out the actress (even if it is via the publicity machine scriptwriter) to publicise it in the soapmags.

Sallie said...

Well this was a fun posting and "horny humpathon" so funny and so true. Thanks for a good laugh.

I too wish that we could see more of Mary and a whole lot less of Michelle and Maria and I wonder what has happened to Fiz and Tyrone, Norris, Emily, Dev and so many others while we continually see new faces. I do wish that story lines were built around the excellent characters that we tend to see less and less of because the writers can't seem to come up with good stories for them unless it entails another "horny humpathon" I do hope that the summer viewing will be interesting because I am not going to give up on Corrie but do hope that the writers spend a little more time on character continuity.

Defrost Indoors said...

What IS it with Maria and Carla tangling with the same men? Liam Connor, Tony Gordon, Frank Foster...

BSteinhouse said...

I LOVE your analysis of Carla as 805 vodka and 20% handbag. It is a bit annoying that she is always so clingy-clangy with her jewellery and for bags.

More Sally - yes!! A fantastic character.

Can we see some Sally and Mary scenes? Wouldn't that be fantastic??

Anonymous said...

Am looking forward to Iron Gal Sal and her Thatcheresque blouse. Less forward to more time for Anna in Angstville. She needs a holiday to Happyville and fast. Horny humpathon is the best description ever of what's going on at the moment. Please no more Carla and Maria sharing men ( not enough "w's" in eww for that) . Andrea got changed from happy go lucky to blah. They need to calm down and quit hopping from one bed to next.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Just another repetition, factory in strife to be rescued again by another unlikely client who would prefer to use a back street operation with a handful of feckless staff than go to the cheaper and more efficient Far East. And Sally gets made up to PA YET AGAIN with delusions and talking down to people. Ground hog day. Whats happened to Div? He hasnt been around for ages.

njblas said...

Wasn't there some mention of Jimmi Harkishin taking a few months off? Maybe he hasn't been specifically written out, we just won't see him for a while. They've done that before with Claire Peacock (pregnant IRL) and Lloyd (six month suspension).


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