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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Corrie Weekly Awards for May 26 - 29

Faux Pas award (also Epic Fail): Deirdre brought an engagement cake with Tracy and ROY's name on it!!!

Rock and a Hard place award: Peter doesn't want to go but can't tell Tina because she'll go to Carla and he most certainly doesn't want Carla to know about Tina.

Foul Play award: Since when did the builder flat have a door to the office/balcony? All these years it's never even been mentioned let alone used. Too convenient if you ask me.

REALLY Foul Play award: Rob might have got away with it being accidental until he picked up that iron bar.

Excuses, Excuses award: Peter found all the excuses not to take much responsibility for the affair.

Three times unlucky: Carla.

Bad Luck award: Jason just took over the builder's yard and now it's surrounded by police tape.

Let the child grow up award: Simon's still gluing stars and fuzzy bits on a home made card like a 5 year old. He's nearly a teenager.

Confession isn't good for the soul award: Anna told Owen the truth.

Flamin' cheek award: Tracy can't understand why she might have been a suspect. Two words. Stubbs. Charlie.

Lines of the week: 
 Steph to Tina "You are by far the stroppiest person I have ever lived with"
 Peter "How do I break that to Tina without her running straight to Carla?"
Carla to Rob "Congratulations! These aren't gritted teeth!"
 Peter "We never would have made it to Portsmouth; it would've been over by Stockport... Macclesfield at a push"
Peter "So....are we cool?" (really???)
Rob to Tina "Everyone fancies yer but no one would want to settle down with you. You're too full on"
Peter to Carla "She's not better. She's different"
Carla "You copped off on our wedding day so no, Peter, I don't know how much you love me, at all"
Steve "Never know, it might all blow over" (Understatment?)
Tina "I was born gobby" Rob "And you'll die gobby, too"
Tracy "I might shed a few crocodile tears if she snuffs it. For appearances"
Simon "Why does me dad have to ruin everything"
Police officer "I think it's a bit late in the day for gallantry, Mr. Barlow"
Sally "It's not how you fall, it's how you land" Kirk "I got dropped when I was a baby but I got away with it" (did you, now?)
Tracy "I actually think i was a suspect! Flamin' cheek!"

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Jane said...

I know it hasn't been used before ( Correct me if I'm wrong!) But surely another door from the flat would be a legal requirement for a fire escape?

Southern Sal said...

Health & Safety would decree that any balcony would be too high to just 'topple' over. It just looked like a couple of pieces of scaffolding welded together. Funny if Tony gor prosecuted for it!

And I think you mean TOLD OWEN not Phelan.

Tvor said...

Whoops, yep. well spotted. I've fixed it, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Frump of the week: Anna in her gross housecoat that's 4 sizes too big for her. But..her makeup stayed put.

Anonymous said...

Frump of the week: Anna in her gross housecoat that's 4 sizes too big for her. But..her makeup stayed put.

Anonymous said...

why did that post twice? Twice? Odd.

Anonymous said...

I wish they hadn't pinned it on Rob; he's the fittest Corrie male by far and I really like him with Tracy. She is actually likeable. Couldn't they have had one of the other irrelevant characters take the fall? There are so many!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Butterfingers award: Rob dropped some jewellery when he scooped up the bundle that he'd stashed near the bins as Deirdre came out with a black bag. The scene was a bit quick so did I imagine it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous,I like Rob too and as strange as this may sound,I would've preferred if Tina's death was the result of an accidental fall or even suicide rather than Rob or anyone else being her murderer.Unlike Maxine Peacock or Sunita both who were brutally murdered,I don't think of Tina as a sympathetic murder victim.

Just saying said...

I felt bad for Rob. Tima was so bitter that she was going to cause trouble for whomever she felt slighted by. Rob finally has found love, Tracy is more appealing with someone who loves her, he is nice to Deirdre, he seems to like Amy, he gets along with Steve, and he has made peace with his sister. That stupid Tina gave him no choice! I like the character and now he is going. Not fair...not fair at all..... at this point I would rather lose stupid selfish whiney Peter. |Grrrrrrrr


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