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Monday, 4 March 2013

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Kebab kisses, Kirsty confesses, Karl kidnaps

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I don’t think I’ve ever used the words Spanish mantilla in a Coronation Street weekly update before, so there’s a first after 18 years.  But this week we had something strongly resembling a Spanish mantilla sitting on Gloria’s head. It’s her black lace veil for Eric’s funeral, she’s determined to look the part of the posh, grieving widow,  even if she never really cared. Eric’s wife never really cared for him either, and gives Gloria short shrift when she turns up to claim her inheritance from Eric’s fortune in flooring, robbing Gloria of the chance to live it up on Eric’s millions.  Eric’s wife Doris is a dream, just the sort of Corrie woman we once had and see precious little of any more. Sharp, feisty, frosty, with a twinkle in her eye and secrets up her sleeve.  I do hope we’ll see more of her again sometime soon.

Gail moves in with Sally while fragments from the exploded Platt baby bombshell settle down the road.  At Sophie’s request, David invites his mum back home and can’t understand why she won’t budge. But that’s because he doesn’t know that Gail knows what he doesn’t know. Not yet, anyway.

Over at the kebab shop, Katy starts working with Ryan and before you can say ‘extra cheese please’ (note to self: do they put cheese on a kebab? Google it before you post this otherwise you’ll end up looking a bit thick).  Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, before you can say ‘extra cheese please’ there’s snogging going on as Ryan kisses kebab-shop Katy which will just break Chesney’s heart when he finds out. And find out he will, because This Is Soap.  They tried to make me go for a kebab, but I said no, no, no.

Mandy’s hurt that Lloyd lied about letting her tortoise Flash end up on the council tip and then, worse still, he pretends he’s got Flash’s ashes.  Mandy knows he’s lying because she’s already found Flash after she was given a tip-off from the tip that Flash has been found and is very much alive and kicking. Well, maybe not kicking, but walking very slowly. Mandy plays along with Lloyd’s plan to give Flash’s ashes a send-off on the Red Rec (which isn’t where the old Red Rec used to be filmed, is it?).  And as Lloyd scatters Flash’s ashes to the wind, they fly back and belt him in the face. Lloyd can’t understand why Mandy and Jenna find this so funny, not until afterwards when Mandy tells Lloyd that Flash is alive and kicking, sorry, walking slowly and begs him never to lie to her again. Lloyd says he won’t, but I think this might have been a lie.

Fireman Paul is on the salads trying to slim down and firm up for doing the fireman’s Full Monty for charity. Eileen’s not best pleased when she finds out that Tony who’s arranging this Full Monty thing isn’t Tony at all, he’s a she called Toni and Eileen’s put out.

Fiz and Tina take action for Tyrone and call on Kirsty’s mum, telling her everything that’s happened. Kirsty’s mum knows the truth about her daughter beating Tyrone and it doesn’t take long for Kirsty to confess all and admit everything.  All she needs to do now is tell it to the cops, but that’s not likely to happen, not yet.

And finally this week, Karl St. Alks St Ella. He thinks he’s back in with her when she invites him behind the bar and talks nicely to him over an after hours drink. But then he grabs her, stalks her and locks her in his cab when he picks her up after her visit to the Brewery.  “Belt up,” he tells St Ella when she gets into his cab after he flicks the locks on the doors so she can’t get out.  I’d like to write ‘Poor Stella’ but I don’t really care.  Just like deranged Don Brennan drove the goddess who was Alma into the canal back in the day, it looks like crazy Karl Munro might just do the same thing.  The canal would be a good place to start, but alas, St Ella lives to perfect her Northern accent another day.

Oh, I forgot to Google the kebab cheese thing. Oh well, it's too late now.

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ChiaGwen said...

Had to laugh at a previous episode where Paul the Fireman is huffing and puffing as if he would collapse at any moment after going for a run. I don't know about Britain but firemen here in Canada have to be fit. Hate to have Paul come out to any fire of mine - he'd be useless in 2 minutes!

Anonymous said...

Not some of the ones I've seen here in Canada

Anonymous said...

The higher up the food chain, the less fit the the firemen have to be here in Canada; particularly if they have seniority. Many a time I've been disappointed when a colleague burnt toast and we were all excited about the arrival of the firemen. Disappointed to find that the ones they sent quite literally looked like they'd been picked up from the old folk's home on the way in!

Frosty the Snowman said...

Anyone notice when St Ella was picked up by Karl in the Street cabs taxi she sat in the back, then suddenly when they were having their heart to heart - she was sat in the front passenger seat?

ChiaGwen said...

Frosty - I noted that as well. Also why couldn't she have replied to any of Jason's texts/calls instead of deleting them, making him worry about how late she was, though I guess it maybe is a set-up for later if Jason finds out she was with Karl all that time and lied.

Anonymous said...

Any firefighters I've come across are pretty darn fit(in Canada) we had a small fusebox fire and my husband was at work - my neighbour called the fire department for me and the fellows who responded with the exception of the Chief were very fit! And very courteous. Because our phone was out they offered to call my husband at work for me.


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