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Monday 25 March 2013

Will Karl kill again on Coronation Street?

There's an interview in today's Mirror with John Michie, who plays Coronation Street's Karl Munro.  John talks about his storyline in which Karl set the Rovers on fire - which will kill off Sunita very soon.  He says that the story will run through the summer and Karl is driven close to killing again to keep his deadly secret.

Ooh, I wonder who he'll try to do in? Jason?

John says he's already had some stick from fans for burning down the Rovers. 

He says: “I try and disguise myself when I am walking around, I’ve got a very good way of disguising myself. I got hissed at coming down the stairs the other day from people on a tour of the set. They were saying, ‘oh, you are a bad man’ so I get plenty of that. When I went running in the summer I would get quite a lot of that from people about Sunita and Dev. After all this I am going to have to get a better disguise. The good thing about running is that I can run away from them. As long as people don’t take it too seriously. I am sure I will get a lot of it, it’ll be a new experience.”

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Again a story in Corrie mirrors one happening in Emmerdale - Cameron anybody? Nothing to do with Sally's husband being an Emmerdale writer?

Anonymous said...

How dull and tedious.

Anonymous said...

Does he kill Sunita?

Read somewhere that Sunita starts to improve, Dev's ecstatic but Karl starts worrying. He pays Sunita a visit at some point too.
The next thing the doctors are telling Dev that she is dead.

Anonymous said...

He is an excellent actor..totally believable as the demented Karl. I'm glad he'll be sticking around, if anything but to give us a break from the Chesney/Katy/Ryan nonsense that we're going to be subjected to over the next few months.

Tvor said...

I might have guessed either he does pull the plug on Sunita or smothers her or else he realizes that Paul smelled smoke on him. Or maybe he was about to do Sunita in but she died before he could.

Janice. said...

He marries Stella but soon gets bored stiff of her blandness as well the inane banter of Eva and Gloria. He tries to do the honorable thing of stuffing a pillow over Stella's face but he is stopped by MC's agent, who threatens legal action against Corrie. As appeasement the producers extent MC's contract indefinitely and Karl is forced to leave the cobbles, tarred and feathered.

Anonymous said...

Oh for goodness' sake. Another multiple murderer. Is there anyone on that programme with any imagination?

ChiaGwen said...

Could they please have Karl kill Tracy!

Anonymous said...

how can they say the keys were found in sunitas bag when she did'nt go in the pub with one, she went to hospital without one, confusing

Anonymous said...

He's gonna kill Paul.

Paul noticed he was gone, prob smelt smoke, his friend died and he's known to be leaving soon, step forward Karl's next victim!


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