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Saturday 16 March 2013

Michelle Keegan reflects on the Rovers Return

Michelle Keegan has been playing Tina Mcintyre for quite some time now and Tina has been working behind the bar for nearly three years. In the Express, Ms. Keegan talks a bit about the iconic pub.

When she first started at the pub, several of the cast members pointed out an anomoly on the set that may have given her pause for thought:

"I remember it well," she says. "I was with Simon Gregson (Steve McDonald) and some of the other cast members - Betty Driver, Katherine Kelly and Bev Callard (Bety Williams, and Becky and Liz McDonald) - and they pointed to a sign above the door that says 'Welcome To All'.
"For some reason, the letter 'A' had become worn, so it looked as if it said 'Welcome To Hell'.
"'That's exactly what it is!', they told me."

It might not really be Hell but it will probably look like that on Monday night when it bursts into flames. Michelle says Tina is horrified watching the building burn. Any other night she could have been there but on Friday's episode, Stella mentioned closing the pub on Monday night for a staff night out to attend the Full Monty charity show at the Bistro.That and no electricity is as good an excuse as any!

Michelle agrees that the pub is the center of the show, the very heart and is thrilled to have been able to be one in a long line of barmaids. It's a great spot to be in, too, because the Rovers is usually the center of the action and you get to be in the thick of it, though not always in a good way as she recalls when Tina and Kirsty got into a pushing fight and Kirsty ended up in labour!

She also mentions that the real set has no ceiling and I can vouch for that. It's a group of moveable walls and the bar in the middle. up behind the bar at the top of the set, behind a lighting reflector, sits the pub cat, a wooden version. It's up there out of sight but it's there for good luck.

Michelle would like to see the renovated Rovers be a bit brighter in decor but it sounds like she doesn't think it will change much overall.

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abbyk said...

Oh no, I just realized how the Rover's is going to be done over. In beige.

Chatty Kathy said...

LOL @ abbyk.

Then how would we able to see The Beige Lady? She'd blend right into the walls!

Frosty the Snowman said...

Pity with the new Rovers there cant be new staff. Stella's expressionless face and giving unwanted advice, Gloria's nasty comments, Tina arguing with half of the customers and Sean too obsessed with himself, surprised there is actually any custom at all in this place.

Anonymous said...

Spot on Frosty. The makeover the Rovers most needs is of the staff.

Beth said...

Gloria and Stella have to go. What a pity that TPTW have made the Sue's character to be so awful, mean and spiteful with no redeeming qualities whatsoever, she's like an old age Tracey Barlow. I can only manage the Rover's scene's these days with the mute button on I'm afraid. Rubbish considering The Rovers is the cornerstone of the street. I hope they take an age to rebuild it so that this miserable lot will be off the screen for a long time.
And really are we meant to believe that young fit sexy Jason would fall for bland, boring, beige Stella?! The producers are taking us lot for fools more and more every day....


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