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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Corrie weekly awards for March 18 - 20

Mea Culpa award: No guessing who started the fire, then. I never doubted it for a minute.

Stressed out award: Kirsty isn't dealing with the stress and a crying baby isn't helping any.

Too Little Too Late: Stella regrets sticking her nose into Dev's doubts.

Worst acting ever: Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin) and you all saw why. (sniff sniff sniff)

All about me award: Eileen screaming at Paul not to do that to her (he was going in to the inferno to save a life). Leanne was doing similar.

Are you new here award: Doctor Carter was in the Bistro at the charity event but was nowhere to be seen at the fire scene.

Old hat award: No wonder Peter seemed rather cool and collected during the fire, he's been through enough of them!

A face only a mother could love: Eileen wasn't too happy to see Jason stripping down and all the women howling for his skin!

Deja Vu award: Poor Sunita. First she's trapped in the shop after the tram crash and now this.

Lines of the week:
Gloria "If that's the Spirit of the Blitz, I'd take me chances with the Luftwaffe"
Sunita to Stella "St. Stella of Flamin' Weatherfield.... You're like Norris with bad roots!"
Gloria to Sunita "You broke up your kiddies' home, nobody else"
Jason "A Little Bird? Is that rhyming slang?" (HA!)
EMT staff "Your daughter's very poorly." (That's putting it mildly.)
Peter to Rob "If she starts wimpering you just have to let her out for a wee. Rob "I was talking about Tracy" Peter "So was I"
Nick "Why don't we choose optimistic, make it more bearable"
Paul "She's dead." Eileen "And so would Karl and Sunita be" (and Stella. You remember her?)
Gloria to Stella "I'm the flakey one in this relationship"
Gloria "Mothers go first. That's the deal"

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Dr. Carter couldn't find hs pants.That's what happens if you try for the Full Monty without bringing Eddie back!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Carter was at the Bistro the whole holding up the bar from what I recollect. Maybe he was in shock.

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