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Sunday 17 March 2013

Corrie weekly awards: March 11 - 15

Your eyes say yes but your heart says no: Katy accepted Chesney's marraige proposal but Gary knows she's up to no good.

Monday Moan award: Everyone! Gail's moaning to Sally and Sally and Sophie are having a moan about Gail. Jason's moaning about losing his contract. Katy and Chesney are moaning about each other. Peter's moaning about Leanne. Sunita even had a moan about her regrets. About the only one happy is Eileen with her ring.

The Grass Isn't Greener on the Other Side:
Sunita's realizing how badly she got it wrong. Katy sure has had a reality check. She got what she wanted and now thinks she's suffocating in her life.

Nice Save award: Gail caught Sally out in her lie about having dinner with Sophie but Sally covered very well.

Cunning Plan: Karl used the bust pipe to switch off the lights and pretended the water fused them.

Pants on Fire award: Katy. Ryan. Karl.

None of your business award: Is it Gary's place to thump Ryan for having Katy in the back of the van?

Oldest game in the book: Sophie set up Sunita and Dev to get them talking.

Continuity Carelessness:
Gail came out of a long shower with dry hair sticking out of her head towel.

Spirit of the Blitz award: Loved the oldies talking about the war and the old times and singing songs in the candlelit pub.  

Tug on the heartstrings award: Katy has broken Chesney's heart.

Lines of the week:
Gloria "Is he bringing his Lego?"
Peter "Leanne can barely say hello to me and when she does it sounds more like 'I hate you, you adulterer'" (and whose fault is that?)
Jason to Karl  "I didn't smash your window like you didn't torch me van" (point to Jason)
Jenna to Sally "Maybe you're gay but the penny hasn't dropped"
Fiz about Katy "She's a very lucky girl" (cut to Katy snogging Ryan)
Dev "Who's going to look after the shop?" (doesn't Sunita also work there?)
Chesney "Mr. and Mrs. Brown. Can't wait" Katy "Hmmmmmm"
Eileen "Do the show, Nick. You've only got a little part!"
Michelle "Bout time we had a bit of eye candy behind the bar"
Sunita "Shut your face Karl, you're just jealous, cause everyone has a happy ending except you"
Eileen "Oh Steve, don't worry. We've managed to find men with bulges in all the *right* places"

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Anonymous said...

Well considering Leanne has cheated on how many of her partners, I would say she shouldn't be turning her nose up at anyone on that street.

Anonymous said...

Can you be chucked out of your house because you snogged another bloke? I don't get this shady area. It's Katy's home too. Ches can't just thow her out..she has rights under the law...OOps..haha..taking this far to seriously.
Wake up already...Sophie..delivers her lines like she's asking about the weather. ZZZZZ

Chatty Kathy said...

The Sawphie actress needs acting and diction lessons. I can't make out half of what she says. I'm a Yank, but I have very few problems understanding the other characters. But Sawphie swallows half her words and mangles the rest.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Chatty Kathy: Brooke Vincent said in an interview a while back that the director told her to just be herself. Presumably Brooke mumbles so that's how she plays Sophie. Maybe it's inevitable with soaps, but I have felt for a long time that the direction is lazy and actors' own mannerisms etc drift into the character. I love Chris Gascoyne and he's a fab actor, but the mannerisms he gives Peter are his own. I saw Chris in the crowd at the Lass O'Gowrie and it could have been Peter - the way he held a cigarette, for example. Hence, we have Katherine Kelly doing a restoration comedy as Becky; Norris and Sean becoming more and more camp courtesy of the actors (I'm sure neither of them were so camp a few years back); and so it goes on. It doesn't apply to everyone - Alison King is clearly playing a role.

Janice said...

Worse the Sophie is Ryan for mumbling his sentences. I catch about half of what he says. Luckily what he says matters not.

Mrs Barton said...

The only person whose lines I can't make out are 'That Sh*t StellaCindy''s (this is her official name in Salford now) but this is because I can't hear past her amazing accent.
Line of the week for me was Dierdre's 'I would' in reply to Karl offering to strip in Friday's episodes. I love Dierdre and Anne Kirkbride has a great comic touch. MORE DIERDRE !

Anonymous said...

Seriously, obviously Chesney was looking for an excuse to dump Katy, because I can't believe for a second in real life she would have been dumped for kissing a guy and flirting with him. He should be ashamed of himself. And again, taking this show a little too seriously myself (ha ha). Very poor writing. They have a child together for goodness sakes!!!!

Chatty Kathy said...

Janice, yes, I agree about Ryan. It's just that, like you said, most of what he says has no importance anyway.

Anonymous 20:26

Yes, we take our Corrie seriously. :) But I think we're not much different than sports fans who go and on about some game, and dissect it and rehash it for days. :)

And many are damning Katy as a scarlet woman. For pity's sake, she's just turned 18 and she kissed another man. She apologized on her knees through tears and said it wouldn't happen again. Chesney's reaction was too harsh and unforgiving. You'd think she had been having some torrid affair instead of meeting Ryan a couple of times and doing a little snogging. Of course they're both too young to be in such a serious relationship and raising a baby. Yes, she got what she wanted; Ches and a baby. But she was 16 when she made that decision. It was stupid, but 16 is a stupid age emotionally. Let's cut the girl some slack.

Chatty Kathy said...

Humpty Dumpty, if that's case, then I agree about the lazy direction. We are not the first to complain about Brooke Vincent's diction. She speaks fast and sloppily. And what is her accent? Being a Yank, I can't tell. But she's the only one on Corrie who pronounces "mum" as "moom".

Freak of the Street said...

I don't care about his history on the Street, Chesney is repulsive! He should count his lucky stars that Katy wants to spend time with him, never mind chose to breed with him! He's hideous, whiney, a control freak and rude. Never mind his whole "voice of responsibility" crap; he's turned into something as disgusting as Les Battersby! Get rid, ASAP.

Chatty Kathy said...

I think we also need a "WTF? Award" for The Beige Lady magically finding a full time permanent position for her lover Jason, 2 weeks after telling her daughter Eva that she had no work for her.

Beth said...

Chatty Kathy, I am with you all the way. A U turn award weekly for Beige Boring Stella.

She tells her mam never to darken her door again.... and back comes Gloria to live with her and not a word mentioned.

She tells Karl to get out and never to come back almost hourly and he's back almost hourly. But she welcomes him back with free pints on the house. WTF indeed???

Then as Chatty Kathy said about Eva. Cattily Beige Boring Stella told her there was no job for her and hey presto a job created for Jason in just under a fortnight.

I could go on....

Seriously I am beginning to question my own sanity for watching this drivel. Third division telly when it was once Premier League TV. Producers and writers you should be ashamed!

Chatty Kathy said...

Beth, I was trying to think of a name for Beige Boring Bland Stella's award, and your U-Turn is perfect. :) She'll be in the U-Turn Hall Of Fame soon the way the writers are portraying her.

Do they think we're that thick that we don't notice these things? When Beige Lady offered Jason the job, I was thinking "Hey, hang on a minute! Where did this new position come from when you told Eva a few days ago that you had no work for her?" Plus the whole Karl thing is crazy. "Stay away!" "Here, have a pint." "Stay away!" "Yes, you can mind the bar." "Stay away!" "Hello, Karl!" Ugh.


ChiaGwen said...

I think Chesney saw red and kicked Katy out because he asked her if she would have gone further if Ryan wanted to and she said yes.


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