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Friday 22 March 2013

Sunita Alahan - the Valerie Barlow of 2013

Last week I noticed the similarities between Chesney and Katy and Dickie and Audrey Fleming. This week I've noticed the similarities between Sunita Alahan and Valerie Barlow!
Despite a 42 year gap, their lives ended or will end very similarly. Valerie of course was electrocuted by a faulty hairdryer in January 1971. When electrocuted she hit the electric fire which fell into a packing case and began a fire which in time made the whole masionette the Barlows were living in go ablaze. Despite the doctors' efforts, Valerie couldn't be saved (the electrocution and fire contributed to this) and she died at the age of 28. The fire exposed structural faults in the masionettes and so the council demolished them. Valerie of course was the mother of twins Peter and Susan and left widowed Ken to bring them up on his own - which he didn't for very long! He sent them to Scotland to be raised by Valerie's parents Alfred and Edith Tatlock.
Fast forward to 2013 and we see Sunita, who's in her mid 30s, fall victim to a fire. And yes, she will leave twins Asha and Aadi without a mother and Dev will have to bring them up alone. Unless he'll send them to India to be looked after by Uncle Umed!
And then Asha will come back (with an Indian accent) and marry the latest factory tycoon (who is Dev's arch enemey after he had an affair with Dev's latest wife!) and then tell him she's pregnant and then tell him she aborted the baby but in fact she didn't and her son will appear years later while she'll die in a car crash. While Aadi will return to run the bookies, become a bigamist, alcoholic and adulterer. Something tells me that that's been done before?
Will history repeat itself? It usually does!
Am I the only one that's seen the similarities? Maybe I'm reading too much into things!

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Charlie Brown said...

Sorry cannot see any similarity between the nice Valerie and the tarty unfaithful drunken Sunita whatsoever

Tvor said...

Valerie Barlow nearly had an affair while married to Ken. So yes, there's that in common as well. She didn't go through with it but was tempted. Ken did cheat on her.

Janice. said...

I thought Sunita was in her forties? Or is that the actress?

Llifon said...

Yes that's the actress. Sunita was born in 1977 apparently :)

Charlie Brown, I was thinking about the similarities between their exits and the fact they both have twins. I do agree that Val and Sunita had very different personalities.

Anonymous said...

Sunita decided to destroy her marriage/family/career at the drop of a hat. One minute she was a caring,devoted mother and's off with the petticoat and she's getting jiggy with Karl in the upstairs flat. It was gag-worthy at best. They really should have left this character alone. As it is, she perishes because of the fire and I don't think there'll be a lot of sympathy from the viewers. She turned into a vile scheming home-wrecking slut...does that sound harsh? LOL...
Poor Val Barlow really didn't do anything too bad IMO except marry that boring Ken...and whatever happened to Susan? Did she go to the land of lost children or was her character killed off?

Llifon said...

Susan was killed off in 2001 in a car crash.


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