Monday, 18 March 2013

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Rovers on fire!

Coronation Street, Monday 18th March 2013 at 7.30pm

THE ROVERS SETS ABLAZE. With Stella’s warning ringing in his ears, Dev tells Sunita it’s over between them. Blaming Stella, Sunita rages at her before hitting the bottle. At the Bistro the Full Monty night gets underway, no longer in the mood Stella heads home. But as she relaxes in the bath a fire takes hold in the cellar. Is Stella’s life in danger and who else is in the building?
KATY BEGS FOR CHESNEY’S FORGIVENESS. Fiz tries to reason with Chesney and make him see that Katy just made a mistake but it’s not worth splitting up over. Will Chesney waver?
KIRSTY STRUGGLES TO CONTROL HER TEMPER WITH RUBY. The strain of being a single mother starts to show as Kirsty shouts at a crying Ruby. On edge she asks Julie to babysit, claiming she’s spending the evening with her mum.

Monday 18th March 2013 at 8.30pm

LIVES ARE AT RISK AS FIRE RAVAGES THE ROVERS. The fire takes hold, setting off the alarm. In the cellar Sunita regains consciousness and tries to escape but is overpowered by smoke and collapses. In the bathroom, a terrified Stella hears the alarm. As the Full Monty reaches its climax and the lads are about to reveal all, Norris rushes in and reveals the pub is on fire. Gloria, Eva & Leanne are hysterical realising Stella is trapped. Karl’s horrified to see Stella banging on the window and while Paul holds Jason back, insisting they wait for the fire brigade, Karl sneaks round the back and lets himself into the flame filled pub. But as he gets to Stella the burning stairs give way. Has the fire claimed it’s first victims?
KATY IS STUNNED BY CHESNEY’S DEMAND. Katy begs Chesney’s forgiveness and asks him to give her a second chance. Will Chesney agree?
KIRSTY’S IN THE DARK AS JULIE STRUGGLES WITH RUBY. Ruby won’t stop crying and Julie’s at her wit’s end. But when she phones Kirsty she lies, saying her mum has been taken ill and asks Julie to keep Ruby until the morning.

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