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Tuesday 19 March 2013

The end is near: Kirsty hits Julie

Next week, Kirsty reaches the breaking point and she lashes out at Julie, who's been so good to her.  The Sun tells us that her mask first slips when she throws a cup across the room at Sally and Julie and later she lashes out and slaps Julie.

"Natalie Gumede, who plays Kirsty, said: "For me, these scenes are more important than the court case. This is the climax, almost more than seeing Tyrone in court. "

Kirsty knows she's out of control and she doesn't want Ruby to have the life she had, afraid of a parent while the other one is powerless to help. She's taken all of her anger and fear out on Tyrone, whose trial starts next week as well.

  The Radio Times also has some comments from actor Natalie Gumede on Kirsty's reaction to herself. "Kirsty is genuinely frightened of herself and doesn’t know what she’s capable of," She says that though the trial is what Kirsty wants, she feels very alone and under pressure. She loves her daughter but Natalie believes Kirsty has trouble relating to parenthood due to her own violent past. Ruby, of course, is picking up on Kirsty's distress and as a result, is more fractious which, in turn, agitates Kirsty even more.

Julie is starting to realize there's something wrong when she finds out that Kirsty was not with her mother on the night of the fire when Julie was asked to keep Ruby overnight. She later discovers that Eileen has also been asked to keep Ruby overnight and questions Kirsty closely and gets her head bitten off for her trouble.

During the trial, Kirsty thinks she managed to be convincing with her testimony though had a few wobbles. After Julie leaves Ruby with Sally, Kirsty loses control completely with Julie and hits her. Julie runs and Kirsty realizes that it's all over. Her secrets will soon be out and she disappears with the baby soon after losing her temper with the little one, scaring herself. Has Kirsty gone for help? We'll soon know.

Natalie has found playing Kirsty has been:
"Challenging, surprising, daunting, terrifying, exhilarating, devastating: a whole mishmash of emotions! There’s always something about her that fills you with dread or surprise. Every step of the way there’s been something that has made me wonder how I was going to play it and make it real. It has been difficult at times to play. Personally, I like to plant the seed early on, but part of the challenge is the not knowing what is going to come next for your character."

I'm really going to miss her. She's one outstanding actor!

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Anonymous said...

I have to admit I've been waiting for Julie to get her comeuppance in this story. I don't know if I wanted her to get a smack in the head from Kirsty, but okay, I'll go with it.

Julie is not a loyal friend. A friend would've asked a damn sight more questions of her old friends - Ty and Fiz (to mention just a couple)than she ever did.

~JB in Canada

Humpty Dumpty said...

I don't think the writers have thought of this but it would have been interesting to see that Julie was compensating for the fact that she would never be a mother. A conversation with Brian on the lines of: 'If I'd had a child and you did this to me etc' would go some way to explain her tunnel vision.

Anonymous said...

Good points about Julie, Humpty.

Not the greatest fan of Julie and a good verbal lashing would have been the best. Smacking her is a little over the top.

I am very tired of the story line but that said, I will miss Kirsty. Probably the best actress to grace Coronation Street in a very long time.

Anonymous said...

I also think it is good that Julie gets a good smack.
It's well deserved after believing Kirsty, whom she's known for about 5 minutes, as opposed to her old friends whom she has treated horribly.
I think it's insulting that the writers think that we'd believe that all Ty's friends would believe Kirsty over him?
Tsk Tsk!

Anonymous said...

I think it's insulting that the writers think that we'd believe that all Ty's friends would believe Kirsty over him?
Tsk Tsk!

Put that down to Collinson and his over inflated ego, he doesn't care how improbable other people think his story lines are he knows that nobody could do it better than he has and that nobody ever will.

Janice. said...

In those pics the actress who plays Julie looks very pregnant. Those baggy coats are not helping to disguise.

Billy Niblick said...

You may not have wanted Julie to get a smack in the mush from Kirsty, but I'd just gently point out that the revelation of Kirsty's propensity to violence that said smack reveals to a hitherto skeptical Julie is, to put it bluntly, a bit necessary for the denouement of this particular plot strand.

Or if you like, Julie needs to twig that Kirsty's a villain - innit?

Chatty Kathy said...

Billy Niblick, yes my thoughts exactly. Just yelling or screaming would not have been enough. Most of us do that at some point in our lives without it escalating to physical violence. Kirsty had to hit one of her "groupies" in order to show her true face.

Anonymous said...

Awaiting to see the old so called friends of tyronne's to stand in line with a plate ready for their serving of humble pie - it's been a long time coming. One can only hope that the future will be alot safer and happier for Tyronne and Ruby.

Anonymous said...

So glad that Kirsty is final cumupance, well done to the actress portraying this awful charecter, must have been very difficult

Frosty the Snowman said...

It has been shown that Kirsty is in fact mentally ill and the abused has become the abuser. I hope she is given the treatment she needs instead of just killing her off and smug Tina and dolt Tyrone becoming the "heros".

Anonymous said...

I think many of you are being very unfair about Julie. She may be naive, but I am sure her heart is in the right place where her support of Kirsty is concerned. Okay, maybe she should have asked more questions, but the fact is that domestic physical abuse is something that goes on behind closed doors, the vast majority of victims that anyone hears about are women, her sister thinks she saw evidence, and Julie's instincts are to protect, care for and defend the person she believes is a victim. She will be devastated when she finds out she was defending the wrong person. Personally, I think she is a terrific character, beautifully played. I love the passion she attacks things with, her bravery and cheerfulness in the face of great personal tragedy, her blind loyalty to the man she loves and her inability to see him as others see him. I love her comedy and don't mind it being a bit over the top - Julie just IS over the top. I hope she comes back after the actress's maternity leave and stays for a long time!

I, too, will be sad to see Nathalie Gumede go - what a superb actress. I hope the character gets help too as she so obviously needs it. -NN

Tvor said...

You're right about Julie. She's very caring and yes, naive, seeing someone that she believes needs protection. She hasn't known Tyrone as long as Eileen or Sally, and it's those two that really bother me in their about turn against him. Eileen may have heard rowing but has she heard Kirsty crying in pain? No she has not. Deirdre has known Tyrone even longer and why hasn't his best mates Jason and Kirk spoken up?


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