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Monday 18 March 2013

Coronation Street Double Episode Review Monday 18 March 2013

Burning into the nation's living-rooms it came, at last, the fire at The Rovers! But before the Street was set alight there are a few other matters to consider.

The first half of the first episode was a  reminder of the brilliance that Coronation Street writers can create. The action and the dialogue fizzed along (no pun intended) and the acting was top notch. Gloria had a great line tonight, stemming from her lack of any ability to grant virtually any other human being with doing something well. This comment was directed at Rita and the green-eyed monster was out in full force. Talking of Rita's 'so-called singing' the other night, Gloria claims that, 'if that was the spirit of the Blitz' she'd rather 'take her chances with the Luftwaffe.'

Chesney is suffering and the writers make a fair point tonight that though it is more difficult for teenage mothers, nevertheless it is not easy for young dads either. In Chesney's case, it is particularly poignant as he feels he has been betrayed by the girl who begged him for a baby. Chesney delivers the goods in the shape of baby Joseph and of course it's difficult. How could it be anything else? Chesney states he can never trust Katie again. Fiz tries to console him and points to a brighter future but Chesney says,'I get bored, I get tired, I've looked at other girls and wondered.' He claims he knows what matters, what's right and says he would never let Katie down. Is that a hint that Chesney may have an affair too? Often when a character in a soap claims something will never happen, it's a sure fire (sorry) thing that it will.

Kirstie is very much on the edge. She couldn't cope with Ruby, especially after the encounter with Fiz. 'You are so flamin' (and again) deluded!' Fiz tells Kirstie that Tyrone will never be alone and asks Kirstie what she has to look forward to. At least Kirstie had the good sense to call on the ever helpful Julie, who despite a starving partner/super-head, agrees to take Ruby for the night.  Thank goodness for the Julies of this world.

On entering the Rovers Sunita is told by Stella that they're shut. Sunita shouts, 'I wish the same could be said of your gob!' Having answered truthfully when Dev asked if she loved him, she says that she doesn't know what she feels, but that in time she hopes she can love him again. This isn't good enough for Dev, so what seemed like the fairy tale ending, now goes up in smoke. (!)  In fairness to Gloria she did defend her daughter when Sunita accused Stella of ruining her children's lives. In no uncertain terms Gloria denounces Sunita. 'Did you give your children a second thought when you were grappling with someone else's man in a grubby hotel room?' Indeed Gloria. You defended your cub well.

Sunita's drinking gets out of hand and after asking if anyone is going to get naked, throws wine in Stella's face and is ejected from the bistro by Leanne.. Having followed Karl into the The Rovers cellar, she seals her fate.

In the bistro the men dance and remove their clothes and the women whoop and scream. Norris says that it is the sound of the menopause, but it wasn't only the more mature ladies enjoying the spectacle and making their appreciation heard. As The Rovers burns the firemen dance, but of course, it's the real firemen we need. That doesn't hold Karl back though, as he attempts to rescue Stella. So - who will live and who will die?
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Chatty Kathy said...

Gloria (cannot stand that woman) did indeed defend her "cub", The Beige Lady. Problem is, Her Beigeness was wrong poking her nose into Dev and Sunita's business, and she knew it. As usual Gloria is clueless, but that never stops her from pronouncing judgement on everything and everyone.

abbyk said...

Good signal to noise ratio tonight. Little details, like Tracy remembering to rescue Eccles, were in place and that made it work. Why Sunita would follow Karl into the Rovers back door is beyond comprehension, other than she was drunk, but the rest, for once, mostly made sense. Rita seemed to have a lovely evening out with Sean and Beth; wonder if they'll be joining her in the New Rovers.

Beth said...

Is Gloria meant to be the new Blanche? Is that it? With the put downs and the quips? Note to producers IT'S NOT WORKING! She's more like Tracy! And one Tracy is quite enough thank you very much. There will never be another Blanche no matter how hard they try. There are some horrible nasty people living on that street right now.

Chatty Kathy said...

Beth, the difference between Blanche and Gloria is that Blanche was always spot on, and Gloria is clueless. That's why it's not working.

Digger said...

Kathy's right, and also with Blanche you got the distinct impression she was essentially a warm/kind-hearted soul who'd had a raw deal, saw life for what it is (AND people) and wasn't afraid to say so, whereas Gloria is simply a nasty controlling shrew.

Farah said...

Sunita will obviously go, but I think Toni will, as well. You could see Paul shouting up to her during the preview for Wednesday; it'll be quite sad to lose a mate and colleague, but it'll also shed light on the bravery firefighters must exhibit.

Anonymous said...

Until now, I never really thought about how unlikely Chesney and Katy are as a couple. Kudos to the writers that Chesney isn't a feckless teenage Dad like the stereotype, but Sam Aston really deserves better.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Why would daft Julie take a young baby out in the cold evening to drive her around? The child needs cuddles, soothing and warmth, these two buffoonish charaters who I suspect are supposed to be hilarious just grate, write out Julie when Brian goes, she over acts to the point of ham. The scenes at the end show Kirsty who is mentally ill at breaking point.

Anonymous said...

The line about preferring the Luftwaffe to Rita's singing actually illustrates the poverty of Coronation Street's attempts at "humour". It's just a nasty, unamusing comment that many of the characters, particularly Tracy, spit out in passing.

The humour used to be affectionate. Vera had lots to say about Jack, but we all knew that really she loved him. Blanche pointed out people's hypocrisy and absurdities - there was a point to her barbs.

Today's gratuitous insults are one of the reasons why people think the warmth and humour have gone.

Tvor said...

Frosty, lots of people i know drive the baby around to lull it to sleep, yes even in winter if the baby just won't sleep. The motion seems to soothe them when not much else does.

Chatty Kathy said...

Anonymous 8:09, I agree completely! The Street is getting a very mean-spirited edge.

Chatty Kathy said...

Digger, exactly! You said it better! Blanche was at heart very caring, even through her (accurate) barbs. Gloria just spews out nasty comments with no thought that she might not know what she's talking about, and she usually doesn't. You don't get a sense that she actually cares about anything but herself, and marginally, her family. Blanche was likable, Gloria is not.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Gloria is just mean-spirited and self-centred. Blanche had a good side. I haven't seen Gloria's. She's just an older version of Tracy.

I think Sylvia shows more of the Blanche character - caustic sometimes, but underneath you at least know she means well.

~JB in Canada

Chatty Kathy said...

JB, I agree about Sylvia. She's closer to being the new Blanche than anyone else on the street. Gloria isn't even close!


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