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Tuesday 19 March 2013

Is the Price finally right?

This probably wont be the most popular opinion, but I think the Price family are finally becoming a 'Corrie family', for a long time now, we've had to endure St. Ella of the back room, and nobody in the show has actually reference how interfering she actually can be, until last night.

Sunita probably deserves best name caller of the year in the 2013 blog awards (a while off yet!) for her line "St. Stella of Weatherfield" and "Like Norris with bad roots!" perhaps we are starting to see the humanisation of St. Stella, with her no longer appearing as a know it all street councillor, instead as an interfering landlady.

Eva has also grown into a great character, she can be bitchy, but at the same time, she can be vulnerable, she's probably the better of the Price sisters, as Leanne has a bit of a self righteous side that can make her very unlikeable at times.

Gloria's return has been surprisingly good, during her original stint last year, the character was hard to like, Sue Johnston was great, but the character herself just came across as a bit mean and sometimes nasty, that side to Gloria hasn't gone, but she's finally realised that perhaps family is more important than money.

I do think that perhaps finally, we might see Stella in a different light, up until now Phil Collinson has made the character appear perfect, so that we find it easier to like her, which has ended up having the opposite effect, with Stuart Blackburn in charge, perhaps that will change.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

There will be a lot of comments on this post! First off, Gloria hasn't improved and generally I don't feel the family (with or without Leanne) comes across as a unit. Great though Catherine Tyldesley is, I still feel she looks too old to be 25 so when she calls Stella 'Mum', it doesn't feel right. OK, so Stella may have feet of clay, but it's too late for her redemption. It makes perfect sense for the landlady to be at the centre of the Rovers fire but there she is again at the centre of the drama. And while Stella the character *might* rise like a phoenix from the ashes, unfortunately Michelle Collins,the actor won't. And there's the crux of it, MC is wrong for that part. She would have made an excellent practice manager for the medical centre but sadly that's another soap.

James P said...

I have to agree.

Personally, I don't love them individually but I can see that they're starting to work well together as a Corrie family.

I used to like Leanne but she is awful to watch now. The character has run out of steam.

Eva has grown on me. I think she has become a great character. She can be devious but there is a really lovely side to her too. Deep down, she is actually very insecure.
I find her relationship with Stella and Gloria very convincing.

Sunita was pretty much spot on with everything she said to St. Stella!

Chatty Kathy said...

Chewy, I agree that the new producer is *trying* to make The Beige Lady and her family more likable, but it isn't working. Gloria is still mean-spirited, and St Ella is still flip-flopping daily regarding Karl, whilst treating Jason like an errant five year oil. Anyone but sweet Jason would have told her to sod off by now. Eva is a little softer, I'll grant that. But that's not enough to make this a Corrie family, no matter how much the Corrie PTB want us to swallow this notion.

And I almost fell off my seat when Sunita called Beige Lady "St Stella". I was almost expecting her to add "of the back room". :)

Janice. said...

This is proof they do read this blog. I agree with Humpty though, the problem is the actress herself. Her voice, her mannerisms do not suit the character.

ChiaGwen said...

They must read this blog with Sunita's 'St. Stella and spouting pearls of wisdom to everyone'..I gasped when I heard that! Can't agree that they are becoming a Corrie family, Stella leaves me cold and Gloria just annoys me. Leanne has become too hard-nosed, with that constant twisted bitter face. Love Eva.

Anonymous said...

I have been puzzled by the route the writers have taken with Leanne. She got her man, she has Simon; but every time she's on-screen, she looks and acts like she's just sucked on a lemon. Why?

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

I like Eva but that's about it for me I'm afraid.

Stella is on her high horse 99% of the time and I haven't warmed to Gloria yet.

Don't get me started on Saint Leanne. She is dreadful and us viewers deserve a break from her. Preferably a very long one!

Mrs Barton said...

Leanne is very good character, not likeable but then not everyone is... Eva is also really good, layered and nuanced.

The other two, 'That Sh*t StellaCindy' and her Mother are just very poorly drawn, written and acted characters. Sue Johnson is one of my favourite actresses in other things but she's been awful in Corrie, maybe the pace is too much for her? And Michelle Collins, whilst seems like a very nice person in real life is just so so so so wishy washy and boring in Corrie, and that BLOODY ACCENT IS AWFUL ! It makes my ears bleed everytime she opens her mouth. Makes every scene she's in a comedy scene.

She actually makes me fast forward Corrie and I never do that.

Anonymous said...

With regard to Leanne and Simon I still haven't been able to work out how Leanne got custody of Simon.
She is not his biological mother and as far as I can see she doesn't have parental rights over Simon as she never adopted him while she was married to Peter and now they are divorced she should not have custody especially since Peter lives across the road and I don't think he gave up any of his parental rights to Simon.
I know that he agreed that Leanne would have custody of Simon while he was away but surely that agreement would have been terminated on his return.
So how come she has Simon and Peter doesn't?

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous above - I'm confused about this too but apparently Leanne won a residency order last year. When Peter petitioned for a divorce, any custody issues would have had to have been finalised then but it was only when Leanne received her decree absolute, we discovered that Peter had filed for a divorce.

Simon is hardly ever seen now that he's supposed to be in a happy family unit with Leanne and Nick so I wonder if the writers are planning to get him back with his dad and Carla at some point.

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of these comments. Cannot stand St Stella , whose idea was it to renew her contract?? I have warmed to Eva, jury is out on Gloria, I do love Sue Johnson as an actress,the writers could do so much more with such a capable actress. Leanne needs to go now ,she used to have some warmth and humility from her past mistakes but now she just comes across as sanctomonious and bitter.

Anonymous said...

Can't stand Leeanne what is her problem? She looks miserable all the time she's got Nick and the Bistro. Is she still lusting after Peter? I would not be sad to see the back of her. In my humble opinion she adds nothing to the show.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, are the writers going to pair Eva with Jason next? Reading the comments, it occurred to me that's the forumula. After all, Eva already lost Nick to her sister. By some unnamed law (last seen flying over the Corrie Triangle), her mom's spoils should fall to her--

Frosty the Snoman said...

In a word NO, its all wrong I am afraid. It still doesnt gel to hear Leanne who has turned into a granite faced harridan - call St Ella (that was a great reference by Sunita) "mum". Gloria is just dreadful and anyone that thinks she has "improved" since her rather unbelievable return must be watching another show. Eva is the best out of the three and has some redeeming qualities but they need to concentrate on those instead of showing her as a clingy spiteful bunny boiler every time a new man is on the scene.

ChiaGwen said...

What kind of family are they? The granddaughter is going to go on a cruise with her grandmother's boyfriend, St. Ella kind of responded to Rob's lusting after her while dating her daughter, now Eva is going to have a fling with Jason.....ooooh, all so tasteless and cringeworthy.


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