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Sunday 31 March 2013

Corrie weekly awards: March 25 - 29

Spaced award: Sylvia was getting all giddy over dish soap bubbles. Thanks to the "herbal" brownies much to Dennis' delight.

Let Down award: Jason was so worried about Stella. Her first words? "Karl" Ouch.

Ironic award: Everyone's fawning over Karl for being a hero. Too bad he's a selfish murdering bum.

Spot On award: Jason suggested that Karl burned down the Rovers.

Self Serving award: Karl made sure to let Dev know that Jason is suspected of starting the fire.

Game Over award: Kirsty smacked Julie hard and then, with Julie just next door on the other side of the thin walls, screamed at the baby, and you know they heard it!

War Zone award: Stan the Lollipop man uses his imagination and pretends his lollipop is an AK47! Brilliant!

Oh Grow Up award: Getting drunk and ugly isn't helping, Chesney.

Rolling over in her grave award: Blanche must be haunting the One O'Clock club now that they're a hive of drug activity!

Gallows humour: Mary really doesn't have a stop button on her gob does she?

Lines of the week:
Sylvia "Why don't you dig a hole and bury me now!"
Gloria to Karl "What you did was brave and very special" (especially that bit where he lit the fire)
Sylvia "She's used to standing by her man in the dock. When she's not in the dock herself, that is" (Got filled in on all Fiz's history, I see)
Jason "I wouldn't be surprised if he burned down the Rovers"
Gloria to Jason "It's not all about you" (Well, yes it is, if you're accusing him of causing the fire)
Sylvia "I don't like to relax. I don't see the point of it"
Karl "How did things get out of control?" (you might well ask)
Kirsty "I feel like i'm losing control"  (Finally!)
Stella "I started a fire. Ran a bath, and then got in it. Must be a life insurance scam"
Julie "I am a brilliant lie detector. My instincts are never wrong" (How about your Irony Detector?)
Sylvia to Stan: "I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't got a hoodie on under that coat!"
Julie "I was cheerleader for Team Kirsty"
Beth "I've painted me toenails so many times me shoes are starting to pinch!"
Chesney to Eva "Buy you a drink?" Eva laughs "What we having darlin, a milkshake?  For me to even have a coffee with you, y
You'd have to be a little bit older, a little bit smarter, a little bit taller, and a lot less drunk"

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Patronising pair award: Hard faced sanctimonious double act, Tina and Fiz had not one jot of sympathy or gratitude towards Julie who made a mistake but was trying to put things right at the Court and clearly had been assaulted

Monster award: Scraggy old Gloria really loves to get the knife in, who the hell does she think she is the way she is speaking to people, nasty to Jason now starting on Sunita while she lies in a coma in intensive care?. She hasn’t been in the Street 5 minutes and is totally pig ignorant. Detest her.

Pathetic little bore award: So fed up with mardy little Chesney and his wallowing in self pity. Thought he had no money, how can he afford to go out on the lash with Kirkay 3 nights on the trot? Just because he is feeling sorry for himself – boo hoo – pass Frosty the Kleenex. I wish he would do one permanently and take his awful sister with him.

Give it a rest mate: We all know Paul has lost a work mate but doesn’t he go on and on about it. He seems more upset than when his wife of 25 years died on Eileen’s kitchen floor This character bores me to death, cant wait for him to leave.

Lollypop man pensioner drug pusher award: Just silly. Obviously hastily written as a filler as Kevin has gone AWOL.

“On the House” award. Always said in soaps and never in real life. Roy does it and Nick said it again in the Bistro the other day and St Ella often said it. Surprised anyone actually makes any money out of a business in these cash strapped times. How many times have you been in a caf√© or a bar and told it was on the house? What never? I thought not.

Anonymous said...

So thats pretty much every scene and character shown this week Frosty didnt like? I look forward to your comments Frosty, but don't know why you continue to watch the show :)- Micky

Jane said...

I know everyone is entitled to their opinions and the more diverse the better, but Frosty ... why so negative all the time?

Nathan Johnson said...

Its like a conspiracy now, which scenes are a filler for Kevin's absence. I don't think they are, Kevin can't of appeared that many times! Those so called filers have existed prior to Kevin's absence, its nothing new and I don't think these small storylines are just there to fill in Kevin's cut out scenes.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I guess a lot of people agree with Frosty but can't be bothered to put it in black and white. And for the boringly continuing question: 'Why do you keep watching it?',the answer is: Because it's my soap and I give praise and criticism where it's due.' At the moment, I'm sick to death of Gloria; she picks up the 'Not a Funny Bone in her Body' award. Imagine Blanche at Deirdre's bedside. There would have been some dark comedy amongst the tears. Gloria started off as a hoot but she's become very dull. I hope Paul leaves soon as he's another bore. Can we please have more Peter Barlow but in a totally different kind of story, perhaps something to do with the bookies. I fear Tracy's in the back seat waiting to pounce in a major story line. Kirsty was a simply superb character and she will be much missed.

Chatty Kathy said...

Other than Julie, I agree with Frosty. She was so hateful towards Tyrone and Fiz and she deserved the slap and Fiz's and Tina's disgust.

But Frosty is pretty much spot on the other comments.

Paul is now a total downer and brings down every scene he's in the past few weeks. Thank goodness we know he's leaving.

Chesney is acting like a mopy little jerk. His girlfriend (NOT WIFE) kissed another guy. She apologized, but Ches isn't having any. She's 18, for pity's sake. Ches should be kissing her hem in gratitude that a girl with her looks would even say hello to him. Katie didn't cover herself with Glory, but Chesney's reaction is much worse than the actual crime. They're clearly too young and immature to be in a serious relationship, as we knew from the get-go.

I can't add much about Gloria that Frosty hasn't already said. She's a monster, pig ignorant, and totally charmless. Her fawning over Karl is disgusting. We already have the boring Tracyluv. We don't need another predictable mess of a character.

Anonymous said...

Lawyers who don't know the law award: Tyrone's trial. For far too long, Corrie has been treating its viewers as idiots, seemingly thinking we will swallow any old nonsense like highly paid lawyers not knowing what to do about Kirsty's outburst and then usurping the police's job of taking a statement from her.

Less crdible than a Judge not knowing the law award: Everytime Brian mentions the word "headmaster", I cringe. Mostly because its implausibility is the equivalent of a spaceship landing in Rosamund Stret, but also because the correct title is the non sexist: HEADTEACHER.

Where's the humour gone award. Chesney's propositioning of Eva just reeked of someone saying "how can we inject more humour into this script"? It came out of nowhere, was very badly acted by Sam Aston and screamed of something tacked on at the last minute.

Thank God for the Croppers Award. Hayley really should be given better things to do than support "friends" in their big storylines. No wonder Julie Hes is leaving. Sylvia and the hash cakes is the best story for ages and is actually funny.

Anonymous said...

Frosty often makes interesting and perceptive points. I don't agree with a couple of things he said, but I haven't really thought about all the free drinks before. Yes, it is unrealistic, silly and adds nothing to the programme.

Also Paul does seem to be more upset by Toni's death than his wife's. His grief is totally unconvincing and his appearance has just become a fast forward cue. His departure will be the least lamented since Chris Gray.

ChiaGwen said...

LOL Frosty - you always manage to write what I'm thinking - well except for Fiz - I like her most of the time. Agree that Leslie who he was married to for years and is now just a distant memory, received considerably less sobbing and angst from Paul than is being displayed for Toni - who before the run up to the fire was never mentioned.

Tvor said...

I think Paul's reaction to Toni's death is very much tainted by guilt. With Lesley, she had more or less "gone" already and let's not forget that Paul did take Lesley's death badly, blame Eileen and walk away for awhile.

I like Fiz, always have. Chesney is definitely being an overreacting sanctimonious immature plonker.

I liked Gloria but it's starting to wear on me, all that negativity. Sue Johnston is worth so much more. Most of the cranky old women on the show always had an underlying layer of humour but Gloria is increasingly being portrayed as just a plain old cranky old woman. Full stop.

Chatty Kathy said...

Tvor, Gloria also differs greatly in another aspect from the other "cranky old women". The others always (or almost always) knew the score, and are shrewd. They were/are good judges of character, and seldom backed the wrong horse. Gloria ALWAYS gets it wrong, but that doesn't stop her from spreading her ignorance far and wide. It's as if the writers gave her the worst traits of Sally ( always 100% wrong), Tracy (boring, predictable, and hateful), and Mary (gossipy and judgmental), and didn't bother balancing her with any goodness or likeability.

Dubcek said...

Every scene with Gloria and Karl makes me cringe, I keep expecting her to rape Karl on the spot it's just disgusting.

Anonymous said...

There is an element of Paul's "grief" that is guilt and self pity, but it still seems like an overreaction.

Anonymous said...

I thought the scene with Chez coming on to Eva was moronic. He starts chatting her up..she stands up and pops her knockers out, almost blackening both his eyes.

Janice. said...

I enjoy your insights Frosty. It adds to my entertainment of this backstreet soap. I don't it take too seriously and neither do you. Please don't stop doing what ypu do.

IdaReigns said...

Chesney is truly cringe-worthy a la Les Battersby (a poor teacher on life, for sure).

What's even more tragic is the way Gloria and Stella are written. Truly, they will never have a real fan base with the horrific lines they are required to spout!

Roy's Baked Beans said...

Sorry to burst your bubble but it's more like a lot of people disagree with Frosty but can't be bothered putting it in writing. Agreed, once and a while he says something I agree with, and when he does I usually feel compelled to comment about it, like now......I couldn't agree with you more - drama queen, Chesney that is, horrible character.

While I normally like Julie, I feel she got the welcome she deserved from Fiz & Tina at the court house. After all she didn't just come out and say she thought Kirsty was right, she was her self confessed cheerleader. Knowing Fiz, she'll forgive her quick enough now Tyrone is actually free.

Karl to me is like that bit of something nasty you can't quite scrape off your shoe, and it somehow manages to trail around after you wherever you go. It's like he's on a bit of elastic and every time someone turn around he's there. Can't wait until he's finally caught out. For someone who's not the sharpest tool, Jason is pretty perceptive as far as Karl goes, he got it in one. I agree Gloria is just plain sad the way she's fawning around after him....yuk!!!

I'm quite liking Sylvia & the brownies thing at the moment, a bit of light hearted fun never did anyone any harm, suck it up & let it go...

And finally, having one on the house. I can understand how it might grate a bit watching the pub & the bistro giving away freebies left right & centre, however, I think it's totally in character for Roy to do it. He begrudgingly looks at Roy's Rolls as a business, but he also likes to think of it as more of a community service he's offering, and I think giving away the odd tea or coffee would be something he wouldn't think twice about.

Anonymous said...

Frosty, chill out. The constant bitching and negativity is such a bore. Maybe set yourself the challenge of listing a few positives in each post to counterbalance the sourness? If you can't then, really, why are you wasting two and a half hours each week watching something you hate? It can't be good for the soul.

Clinkers (David) said...

I enjoy reading comments on here, whether positive or negative. Remember - one man's meat is another man's poison!

Agree with the general comments about Chesney. His character was poorly acted this week and the 'come hither' Eva story was too stupid for words.

Gloria is fast becoming Boria. The woman is stupid and has no saving graces . . . at the moment.

Karl may as well have a sign reading 'my character is doomed' around his neck. Forget about him because he's now a short term proposition. Same with Paul.

The re-hash of the hash story has been quite funny and Stephanie Cole has been a joy to watch. Some of the younger actors should watch & learn!

As for Julie? I cheered when Kirsty slapped her! Another character who has been made annoying and ridiculous. Hope the character comes back refreshed after the actress has her baby.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Well thank you all for your comments, Frosty seems to have had as many comments about him as the last week's episodes. He will continue to comment as he sees fit and those that dont like it and constantly whine on about it, take your own advice - dont read it! Tatar.

Dolly Tubb said...

Clinkers - love the 'Boria' comment - so very true! I love Sue Johnson and she is a superb actress but Gloria is such a bitter and twisted character she is getting to be irredeemable. SJ deserves better.

And what's this with St Ella holding court in Wethy General in her NHS nightie and constant gang of hangers-on? Normally she would have been out after 5 minutes; must be the longest stay for a conscious patient ever!

Ginger Beer said...

Eva was fab.

That's all I've got to say as I thought this entire week's Corrie was absolutely cracking


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