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Sunday 24 March 2013

Coronation Street weekly update - Hot Stuff, Rovers Burns

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Greetings and welcome to the Coronation Street Weekly Update.
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Glenda was on holiday, this week's update written by K. Richard Whitbread.

Well events are building towards the well flagged fire and the oft reported departures from the cast - but is it going to be as we expect? Jason is trying to repair a leak but hands over to Tim who is not perhaps as good as Jason might think and it ends up with water everywhere. Karl goes to look at the water spraying everywhere and diverts the water into the fuse box and so the pub is closed down.

With the power off the pub is closed and cold. Stella and Eva head to Leanne's for a shower. Jason promises he will get it fixed but it needs to dry out first. After a day or so the water is back on but the electrics still need fixing. Jason is in despair at being so useless - and he has no van. Gloria talks Stella into opening for one night as they now have water. Stella sits Jason down and they have a serious talk - he will give up on building work and join the Rovers team and Karl is less than amused by evidence that he is being completely displaced from Stella's life.

The candle lit evening in the Rovers gives us one of those episodes which has to be watched - Rita, Dennis, Sylvia and Emily reminisce, there is singing in the bar and the world seems a different place.

Also building are the Full Monty team. The original team of firemen went to a party and are down with food poisoning so an ad hoc team are pulled together - Paul, Karl, Matt Carter (the Doctor), Jason, Rob and Tommy - who will be performing for charity in the Bistro. Their presence there is ideal cover for Karl to slip away to start a small fire in the Rovers. The performances from the Monty team are nothing to write home about.

However we must first go back to Katy, recent recipient of the Personality Fairy Transplant award as she has turned from wanting a life with Chesney to fun and excitement with Ryan. Now Chesney is planning
his own piece of excitement - offering her a life of wedded bliss. Katy has gone off to spend time with Ryan in the back of a van, which breaks down and they are rescued by Gary Windass who wonders what is going on - whilst Chesney is asking Owen if he can propose. And surprise, surprise he does propose, in front of everyone at Faye's birthday party in Anna's house and surprise, surprise Katie accepts. Gary wants to know what is going on - but Katy is giving nothing away.

Sophie is getting more and more upset with Gail being around the house. She also wants Dev and Sunita to get back together and starts to hatch a little plan. She eventually gets them to separate meetings with her in the Bistro and she then tells them to grow up and talk to each other. She leaves and they start arguing, then think better of it and actually start talking and end up making up. Dev tells her that there is not a day when he is not angry but he still loves her. Sunita also says she regrets Karl and Dev asks if they can try again. Initially Sunita does not think she can make it work. The following day Dev tries again
suggesting they sell up and move elsewhere. And they are back together, the kids are on sleepover and they go to the Rovers together. Karl tells Dev he will need a lot of luck. And a little later Stella also sticks her oar in and warns Dev off - does Sunita really love him? Once they get home Sunita wants to go to bed - but Dev reckons they are moving just a bit too fast, so they cuddle, but he is thinking deep thoughts.

Gary tells Izzy about finding Katie with Ryan, talk about putting cat amongst the pigeons. Izzy catches up with Katie and Izzy wants to know. She keeps questioning Katie who admits to a bit of fun - but nothing has happened apart from some snogging. Katie will give up on Ryan - no more fun and games. She goes to see Ryan to tell him it is over and as she does Gary comes along and Gary and Ryan start arguing and fighting - and this is observed by both Owen and Chesney who reckon it looks like something is going on between Katie and Ryan.

Katy tries to explain to Chesney - she wants to be like the rest of her age group. The explanation is nonsense and Chesney is completely distraught. He thought they would be together forever. And he cannot forgive her - it is all over. After much thought he tells her to pack a bag and get out. She leaves with a small red case watched by Chesney.

Karl sees Stella and Jason kissing. The next day Jason promises to get the electrics running whilst Karl makes sarky comments. In the Street Stella runs across Dev and she apologises for her comments - but he is clearly still thinking them over. Sunita is planning to tell the kids this evening. Sophie congratulates Dev when he returns to the shop - they need to talk properly. Dev asks Sunita if she really does love him. She cannot bring herself to answer the question. She wants to love him again - but that is not good enough. He lets slip it was Stella who prompted his rethink. He determines it is over. Dev will take them to the cinema.

And elsewhere on the Street Kirsty's baby, Ruby, is screaming all day long. And eventually Kirsty starts screaming at the baby - and then realises her mistake (ohh come on - what mother has not shouted at her child at times). Kirsty gets Julie to babysit whilst she tries to get her head together (or allegedly visits her mother). Later Kirsty lies and says she has to stay with her sick mother and can Ruby stay with them? Julie says yes. Brian is less sure.

And Jason gets the electrics back on - which further rubs Karl's nose in it as he been stirring it with Stella - Jason tells Karl to give it up.

Sunita gets drunk and pours a drink all over Stella who goes home for a nice hot bath. The audience makes all sorts of disparaging comments about the dancing, Sean is in the front row.

Karl is first on at the Bistro and then slips away whilst everyone else is distracted. He stole the spare keys earlier and he ducks down into the cellar and splashes some petrol around and then starts the fire, having had enough of everything going against him. Sunita sees him sneaking along the ginnel and into the Rovers and follows him down into the cellar and catches him. He explains that he wants Jason out and
Stella back and this is how it will happen, so explaining his motive. They struggle on the stairs and she tumbles to the bottom and passes out. Karl does not try to get her out and he leaves and returns to the
Bistro. Upstairs Stella can hear nothing as she is in the bath with the radio turned up, at least until the electrics go.

We see smoke coming out of the gratings and Karl returns to the bistro here the drinking and dancing are in full swing.

Sunita stirs and drags herself up the stairs into the bar which is now well ablaze. Stella sees smoke under the bathroom door and tries to leave the bathroom - but can see the flames outside the door. She starts shouting through the window. Sunita makes it through to the back room.

Back at the bistro Toni is promising the audience the full monty. This is before the watershed, so the chances of that are vanishingly small - like the goods on display. They dance to "Hot Stuff tonight". The dancing is far from co-ordinated. Trousers are eventually removed to display a set of black trunks.

Norris is annoyed by the noise from the Bistro but on turning around spots the smoke and the fire alarm. Emily calls the brigade. Norris rushes into the bistro to report that the Rovers is on fire. Emily is trying to raise Tracy - she goes back into get Eccles. Sunita is now collapsed on the back room floor. Leanne calls Stella's mobile. Paul tries to keep everyone back until the brigade arrives. Stella makes it
into the bedroom. Dev and the children return from the cinema. Emily takes the children home. Sunita does not move. Ken and Deirdre have not returned. Stella makes it to the window where the crowd can see her. She is not strong enough to break the window. Jason goes to the yard and gets ladders. Karl unlocks the back door and goes in and upstairs to rescue Stella. They cannot go back down the stairs.

And where is the fire brigade? Oh yes suffering from food poisoning.

Writers: Martin Allen, Peter Whalley, Julie Jones, Chris Fewtrell (2).
Directors: Duncan Foster, Tony Prescott

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