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Wednesday 13 March 2013

David's epilepsy returns

If you thought the whole storyline with David's epilepsy has been swept under the rug, you wouldn't be thought badly for it. It has never been mentioned after the first week or two when David moaned about having to be on medication the rest of his life.

Now, however, it seems they're going to focus on it again. In a spoiler from today's Daily Mail, there are papparazzi pics from some filming done in a local park where David has been out with Max and collapses. There doesn't seem to be any other explanation so the Mail is, probably correctly, surmising that this is going to be revisited.

In the original storyline, it seemed the stress of being suspected of trying to murder his mate Graeme Proctor was the result of passing out from epilepsy behind the wheel of a car. In the years since, David has been under a lot of stress but never had any relapses. While it's possible that could happen, medication doesn't usually prevent seizures from ever happening again. This time around, he drops to the ground in front of Max who is scared but manages to use David's phone to call "Uncle" Nick who comes running to help.

If you're wondering who the buggy belongs to in some of the photos, Chesney and little Joseph were in the same scenes but Ches must have been off changing the nappy or something.

I'm glad they're bringing this up again as it's important to stay consistent with the characters and there's been precious little of that lately. If this is up to the new producer, well done, Mr. B.

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Joseph said...

GOOD! I'm hoping they'll do a better job of it this time.

Carry On Blogging! said...

You know, I'd completely forgotten David had epilepsy! Events move so quickly these days I guess it's easy to forget.

A worthwhile issue and definitely not something that should be forgotten about. Maybe this story will see Gail welcomed back into the family?

Anonymous said...

If it's true then it's a hopeful sign. Under Collinson, David's once in a blue moon car journey would have ended in him mowing down a mother and toddler group standing at a bus stop.

Anonymous said...

Well, this relapse of his epilepsy should certainly throw a wrench into his impending parenthood, no? Heaven knows he'll probably try to pawn the baby off on Nick, claiming that he feels he's not fit to be a father (and still unaware that he'd be returning the child to t's biological father anyway). Here we go.

Anonymous said...

Oboy..another character lying unconscious..then, it's off to the Corrie ward to be checked over while the family sits anxiously in the waiting room. I think this is the plot that brings Audrey out of her funk and she'll become the family matriarch that we all love, leaving that ridiculous Lewis business behind them.

Chewy said...

I think this must be the work of Stuart Blackburn, since Phil Collinson seemed to have totally forgotten about it, I hope he makes sure there a few references to it outside of David fainting too.


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