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Sunday 24 March 2013

Kym Lomas signs to Coronation Street for another year

Kym Lomas, who plays Coronation Street's Michelle Connor, has confirmed that she's signed up to life on the cobbles for another 12 months.

She's also being touted as the new landlady of the Rovers Return, in an interview with the Daily Star today.  And do you know what? I really wouldn't mind that at all. I think her and Steve behind the bar together could be comedy gold.

Forgetting Michelle's fake son storyline, how about she and Steve have a real baby together? This would cement Michelle a few notches above Tracy Barlow in Steve's life. The only thing that Tracy has that none of the other women in Steve's life has ever had - is a child with Mr McDonald. Barren Karen couldn't have a child and Becky couldn't either. I'd like to see Michelle and Steve become parents, it'd put Tracy's nose right out of joint.

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Gina said...

I would love this, too! :)

Humpty Dumpty said...

So the previous leak about Michelle becoming landlady was true, after all? Seems to me that leaks aren't pure tabloid speculation. Someone lets the cat out of the bag before they should and then has to backtrack. Michelle Collins has said she needs to be with her family then quickly withdrew her comment. One can now only hope that MC will leave at the end of her latest contract and Stella will be off our screens from summer 2014. And, wishful thinking here, if Michelle and Steve have a baby (OK, another one!), Tracy might leave, as well.

Rachel said...

I'd like to see Steve back behind the scenes in the Rovers! Obviously given his record, it has to be done in conjunction with someone, so perhaps Michelle is the right person for the job at the moment.

Carry On Blogging! said...

Not surprised - she knows which side her bread is buttered on and fair play to her for that really! I'd still much rather see Steve back with Karen!

Dubcek said...

I think they have too many babies as it is and there's another two on the way without having one for Steve and Michelle.
I thought they said that the Michelle Connor landlady story was a misunderstanding between the names Michelle Conner the character and Michelle Collins the actress and that Michelle Collins would stay as the landlady.
The contract story is interesting because of this story from May 2012 - Kym Marsh signs three year Corrie contract.
That should have taken her to 2015 or is my math that far out, so does this new contract take her to 2016 or did they forget that she had a three year contract and this new contract only takes her to 2014.
I know you don't need to tell me I need to get a life :)

Anonymous said...

I would also love to see Michelle and Steve run the Rovers together again.

ChiaGwen said...

Oh God not more of the shiney hair and that voice - RYE-AAAN! Have to disagree - Steve I would like to see behind the bar but definitely NOT Michelle.

abbyk said...

Sorry, y'all, but I think Steve and Michelle are a completely uninteresting couple. It's all forced emotion and backfiring plans, I don't want to see that every night. Besides, when Becky left, Steve was broke. He may be saving a bit now, but there are support payments to Tracy (unless she goes back to prison where she belongs). Michelle is an PA; she's not earning that much, either. Plus Ryan would be in our faces more often. Nightmare! And enough with the babies already. What mother of a 23 year old would want to go through that again?

Sally and Lloyd have cash now. Even Tina will, as soon as the baby arrives, with no reason to hand it to Tommy any more. I'd rather see a new family than Steve & Michelle.

Like I said, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Yes Dubcek. I recall a relatively recent story about Kym Marsh/Ryder/Lomas signing a lengthy contract because she was going to be at the centre of the show. There often seems to be stories about how vital she is to the show. I wonder where they come from?

Dolly Tubb said...

I'd be sorry to see Michelle at the Rovers. She and Carla a are a far better and believable pairing than Michelle and Steve. I do like Steve behind the bar though, he belongs there. I reckon that Steve and Lloyd should go into partnership at the Rovers - that would be awesome! My two fave Corrie men (apart from Roy, that is, but that would never work!) would be great comedy.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Hm I thught we heard not long ago that Kym had signed a THREE year contract which caused much speculation. If she has just signed one for a year that obviously was untrue. I dont particularly like Michelle and her shouty persona and I think she should have left with Kieran but I would rather see her behind the bar of the Rovers than botoxed Stella and her godawful mother.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Lloyd behind the bar (but not with Mandy) he is one of my favourite characters and would like to see more of him.


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