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Saturday 23 March 2013

Which Rover would you like to see Return? The results!

The moment has come. You have been voting all week in my poll to find which Corrie character from the past you would most like to see make a come back. 

First of all, a massive big thank you to everyone who voted and commented on this poll.  We had a huge 625 votes!

I know some people were disappointed their particular favourite did not appear in the poll, but as usual with these things the choices made were entirely personal and selected to generate discussion.

And the ultimate winner was...Karen McDonald with 31.68% and 198 votes!  I admit I am quite pleased by this, as Karen has always been one of my favourite characters. I hope one day we see the brilliant Suranne Jones pay Weatherfield a return visit. 

Curly Watts came second in the poll with 20.16% (126 votes). I was quite surprised Curly didn't take top spot, particularly given the recent publicity about a possible return.

So, to a quick run down of the other results:

Jamie Baldwin– 18.24% (114 votes)

Mavis Wilton – 11.84% (74 votes)

Jim McDonald – 8% (50 votes)

Linda Cheveski – 4.16% (26 votes)

Fiona Middleton – 1.76% (11 votes)

Billy Walker – 1.6% (10 votes)

Tricia Hopkins – 1.44% (9 votes)

Personally I'm rather surprised that the wonderful Tanya Pooley came last with only 1.12% and 7 votes. In my view she is definitely an iconic character who left a lasting impression. My second disappointment is that Jamie Baldwin didn't fare better - always one of my favourite Corrie men.

I hope you all enjoyed the poll - and I'm sure the results will get you all talking! So are you happy with the outcome?

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Llifon said...

I did a similar poll last year and Karen came on top in that one too.

Carry On Blogging! said...

wow, she's doubly popular then!

Glenda Young said...

Thanks for doing these polls, they are great. No vote would have gone to Spider, of course ;-)

Beth said...

I think that Tracy is so unpopular that most people voted to get Karen back just to spite Tracy :). She was a terrific character and Suranne Jones a wonderful actress.

I agree regarding Tanya Pooley. She was excellent in her day. The rivalry between her and Raquel was so good. Brilliant scenes with her and Bet too. I wouldn't mind seeing her back but don't know where she'd fit in nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Tanya probably scored low because all the characters she interacted with are no longer on the Street. If she returned there would be very little history to surface between her and the current residents other than "Oh, she didn't get on with a barmaid at the Rovers twenty years ago."

I am surprised Natalie Barnes wasn't included. There's a character whose return would put the cat amongst the pigeons, especially as Kevin and Sally have been growing closer. Also, the rumoured departure of Kevin may provide a reason to get her back to Weatherfield and I know Denise Welch would be up for reprising her.

IdaReigns said...

Jamie Baldwin was definitely never has interesting as his father. I'd have liked to have seen his name on the list, as he'd have gotten my vote for sure. In absence of some characters, it was a no-brainer to choose Karen McDonald.

Anonymous said...

I think Tracey and Steve need a bolt from the past have that feeling of somethink in the corner of their eye think theyve seen someone and not sure just missing them - being Karen McDonald just passing through and checking out her old haunts like a visit to the Rovers but only meeting Stella and crew -


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