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Friday 29 March 2013

Speculation gone wrong

I was wrong.

I really did think that Kirsty's mother was going to testify and turn her in. Then I was convinced that Julie's testimony was going to turn the tide in Tyrone's favour. I did think Kirsty might admit it all at some point but not in the dramatic way that she did.

For this spoiler-holic, and someone that is usually pretty good at guessing outcomes of storylines, I didn't see it coming and I did enjoy the surprise!

Speculating on the storylines is fun for me but I don't always get it right. My next speculation is on how Karl will come to justice. You can read about that over here.

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Anonymous said...

Me too..I was really surprised to see Kirstie come barging into the courtroom with the babe but I am glad to see the end of this storyline. Absolute perfect ending when Fiz say's...C'mon, let's go home.

Anonymous said...

What an outstanding performance by Natalie Gumede!

abbyk said...

Why oh why oh why didn't NG get nominated for best actress? So happy a little door has been left open for her; I'll bet she'd be able to pull off an interesting rehabilitated Kirsty one day.

Don't berate yourself for missing that ending, Tvor, it was great drama, but it would never happen in the real world. Julie not being allowed to testify to 'establish the character of the defendant' I'll give up to my American-based tv courtroom bias, but I can't imagine anyone in the UK could just run into the court carrying an infant and recant her testimony like that. This was the same courtroom that made Julie wait an eternity with obvious injuries.

Did you catch the confidence with which Fiz was walking at the end? Who else was thinking 'Strong Northern Woman'?

Karl better get his. Amazing how people are jumping to the same erroneous conclusions about Sunita who they've known for years.

Frosty the Snowman said...

It was a pleasant change not to actually know what was going to happen weeks in advance. The Courtroom scenes were spoilt by Fiz's spoilt mardy little face and no way would Kirsty be led into a van handcuffed conveniently right in front of them. More beybey stories to look forward to now I suppose but I expecct Roobah will go the way of young Jack, conveniently disappeared.

Glenda Young said...

I love it when Corrie throws us a curve ball like that - and keeps it so well hidden that we didn't see it coming .Brilliant stuff.

Humpty Dumpty said...

It was good to be surprised for once however unlikely the scenario was! One thing I wasn't sure about was the verdict of 'Not Guilty'. I thought as Kirsty made a full confession that no crime had been committed, it would have been 'No Case to Answer' and Tyrone would have been acquitted accordingly.

Ginger Beer said...

It was a cracking double episode. I've been a big fan of Kirsty's since she started in the show and NG is a fantastic actress who should do well in her future. I'd love to see her come back to the Street at some point in the future - presumably, she'll be tried for perjury and wasting police time, neither of which carry particularly long sentences, so she should be out soon. And she's not likely just to walk away from Roobeh, is she?

Whole thing was spoiled by the awful Fiz, of course, and her soppy smiling and squelchy kissing - please split these two up again soon.

Shan said...

I loved last night's episode. It was so nice at the end to see Kirsty be the one to put an end to it and have a tender moment where she admits that she can't do it anymore and puts Ruby first.

I would also love to see her return one day in the future, I'm glad it's left open for that.

Anonymous said...

The episodes would have been much better if the writers could be bothered to do some research. Kirsty had a perfect right to enter the courtroom, so why was the Judge telling her to leave, as soon as she walked in? It would have made absolutely no difference had the Judge known the law and ignored Kirsty until she began disrupting the trial.

When Kirsty confessed, the Judge should have ordered the court security to arrest her. The Judge should then have discharged the jury. Kirsty should have been interviewed by the police not a barrister and we could then have seen the Prosecution declare that they would not be seeking a retrial.

None of this would have affected anything, except to lose the ridiculous scene where Tyrone's barrister claimed that no-one knew what to do. In fact Kirsty being arrested might heve been more dramatic.

For me this detracts from the writing and acting, however good they might be otherwise. Surely Coronation Street can afford a couple of hundred quid for some legal advice?


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