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Wednesday 20 March 2013

Coronation Street A-Z: A is for Accessories

In the first of many, I'll be making blog posts on a Coronation Street Alphabet, if you like. These won't be regular posts, I'll be posting them every now and then. But check into the blog just in case I'll be posting them. It's been a huge task but worthwhile and I hope you'll enjoy reading them as much as I have been researching for and writing them up. Enjoy!
We all have our accessories. A prop that makes us unique. Even the Queen is known for her selection of handbags and hats! And the residents of Coronation Street are no different. Over the years, many characters have had their accessories and have become iconic for it.
There’s Hilda Ogden with her curlers, headscarf and pinny. An image linked with the women of wartime but Mrs O managed to cling on to it and made it her own. Her trademark has made her one of the most recognisable women on British television.
Then there was Ena Sharples who was famous for her hairnet and in recent years has sold at various auctions for £50 and £60 and like Hilda, Ena is recognisable for her hairnet and is nicknamed ‘the hag in the hairnet’. Her fellow cronies Minnie and Martha had their own accessories – Minnie with her hat and Martha with her beret and glasses.
Alf Roberts was famous for his trilby hat as were Albert Tatlock and Percy Sugden for their flat caps and were part of their image.
Deirdre Barlow, Reg Holdsworth, Jack Duckworth, Renee Roberts, Curly Watts and Blanche Hunt are known for their choice of unique glasses. Roy Cropper has his bag and wife Hayley has her red anorak. 
And then there are the various earrings of Bet Lynch, Vera Duckworth, Rita Sullivan, Becky McDonald and Liz McDonald to match their unique fashion choices.
Do you remember any other well-known accessories that Corrie characters have had over the years?

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Anonymous said...

One of the newcomers - Eva. The way she carries her purse on her wrist! It looks a bit weird but it's unique to her. :-)

~JB in Canada

Janice. said...

Richard Hillman and his briefcase. Raquel and her scrunches. Tina and her spray tan.

Mrs Barton said...

I think a character needs an accessory to become iconic. In some of the galleries in the Northern Quarter in Manchester there are many pieces of artwork of famous Corrie characters in many different disciplines (mosaic, collage, comic style, paint, pencil...). What they all have is they are all paintings of characters with iconic accessories. It's the accessory that makes the image!
Elsie's cigarette, Carla's hoop earrings, Kylie's quiff...

Anonymous said...

I should be more descriptive about Eva's purse - but I'll bet you all know what I mean. :-) Purse is in the crook of her arm, wrist/forearm is straight up near her chest.

~JB in Canada

Defrost Indoors said...

Tina's giant hoop earrings. Fiz's watering can handbag (which we haven't seen in a while). Mandy's headscarves. Leanne's silver circle necklace. Deirdre's chain belts.

pitpony said...

Liz's zigzag necklace, so neatly parodied by Graeme on the night of the Rovers' "Vicars and Liz" party!

Shan said...

Deirdre's chain belts all the way.

Unknown said...

Ken's Kimono

Mavis Pendlebury said...

Chalky Whitely's dog-in-a-bag.
Alma's big shirt collars.
Minnie Caldwell's pussy.
Ashley's butcher's hat.
Percy Sugden's cap.
Mike Baldwin's cigars.
Big red wig, curly blonde drip-dry perm wig - you know who.

Anonymous said...

How did we all miss this one?

Royster, and his BAGS.

JanCan said...

Eva often wears headbands often with huge bows or some other such things.

Mavis Pendlebury said...

Did I say Chalky Whiteley? I think I meant Sam Tindall. Can someone please confirm?

Stephen said...

Ah, Percy Sugden. Now there was a Great Man.

Anonymous said...

Molly's backpacks.

Janice. said...

Eddie Yates/Stan Ogden's undershirts.

Anonymous said...

Leanne's red coat


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