Monday, 25 March 2013

Sneak preview of tonight’s double Corrie - Monday 25 March

Coronation Street at 7.30pm

KIRSTY GIVES THE PERFORMANCE OF HER LIFE. As Tyrone’s trial begins the prosecution paint Tyrone to be an evil, calculating wife-batterer. Kirsty takes the witness box and lies through her teeth, telling the jury how she suffered months of violent abuse. Outside court, Alison and Fiz beg Kirsty to tell the truth and not send an innocent man to prison. At breaking point will Kirsty crumble?
THE FINGER OF SUSPICION SHIFTS TO SUNITA. When the police call at the hospital and tell Stella that further evidence suggests the fire was started deliberately, Stella’s pleased that Jason’s off the hook. But if it wasn’t the electrics who started the fire? Gloria wonders about Sunita as she had a grudge against Stella and it would explain why she was in the pub. As the police return to the hospital to talk to Dev are they thinking the same?
CHESNEY GOES OFF THE RAILS. When Katy bumps into Chesney she tries to make conversation but Chesney remains cold and points out she’s no longer part of his family.

Coronation Street at 8.30pm

KIRSTY SHOWS JULIE HER TRUE COLOURS. As Tyrone’s trial continues Kirsty’s relieved when Alison offers to leave her dad and move in with her to help with Ruby. But when she adds the proviso that in exchange Kirsty must admit her lies, will Kirsty agree? Meanwhile Kirsty’s angry when she arrives home and finds Sally babysitting Ruby (Julie got called away). When Julie calls to apologise will Kirsty see red?
KARL DRIVES A WEDGE BETWEEN STELLA AND JASON. Dev confronts Stella, Karl, Gloria and Jason, furious with them for pointing the finger at Sunita and suggesting Stella started the fire herself. Meanwhile Jason’s unimpressed when Stella agrees Karl can move into No.13 with them till he sorts himself out. Seething Jason tells the police he suspects Karl started the fire.
CHESNEY MAKES A DRUNKEN CLAIM ON JOSEPH. Having spent the afternoon drowning his sorrows, Chesney hammers on the door of No.6 demanding to see Joseph. Realising he’s drunk will Katy agree?
Elsewhere Sylvia brings her new friends from the One o’clock Club back to the cafĂ©.

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Anonymous said...

It's time for Jason/Stella to call it quits. It's not believable at all..not to me anyway.

What I'd like to see is Dr. Carter finally getting together with Eva. He's such a stick in the mud and she's a hoot!

lizzieizzard said...

I agree with you poor Jason leave Stella as she is starting to sound like her old twisted mother - live life and enjoy life. Eva would be well suited with the doc she could break down some of his cold shoulder defence and they could kick up their heels and have fun

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