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Saturday 30 March 2013

State of the Street - March 2013

It's been a really full month filled with fire, brimstone and lies, damned lies!

There have been other storylines but the ones we'll remember are the burning of the Rovers Return and Tyrone's trial.  I thought both were very well done. Kirsty and Tyrone's story ended very fittingly with Kirsty finally reaching out for the help she needs and confessing her lies. Karl is hanging on to his freedom by a thread, feeling guilty but scrambling to cover his backside.

For these and more storylines, check out the State of the Street.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty would like to know how Sunita was supposed to get those big bunch of keys with lovely Rovers Return key fob into the hospital when she was carried in on a stretcher? She may have had a house key in her pocket but that would have been logged and kept in a safe place not in a bedside drawer in a ward where there seems to be never a soul around bar Dev. Come on Usless Soap Coppers, investigate!!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Patients' items and valuables in a hospital are logged in case of theft.

I loved the little scene between Chesney and Eva and how he prepared himself the chat-up line. Very funny.

Anonymous said...

Poor little Chesney - Eva would've eaten him up in one gulp - at least she let him down kindly. Totally agree Frosty about the keys lets hope the soap coppers will call in Barnaby from Midsomer Murders he'd have the puzzle solved and have Karl locked up from being a bad bad boy. Gloria was embarrassing - too forthright I only hope that she will be put back in her box

Janice. said...

Gloria, Mary and Norris are the triumvirate of sanctimonious gossip mongers. They do need to give Gloria some redeeming feature if she is going to be so prominent. I got my finger the fast forward from now on.

IdaReigns said...

Agreed Janice, the triumvirate went from kooky to just plain mean in the bat of an eye. Disappointing.

Chatty Kathy said...

Tvor, you said on State Of The Street that Gloria had "redeemed" herself with her bedside vigil speech to Beige Lady.
Sorry, but she certainly hasn't redeemed herself in my eyes. She's getting more judgmental and hateful by the moment.
We don't need a senior Tracy Barlow, and that's what she's fast becoming.

Actually, she's more a cross between Sally and Tracy. She's always vehemently and closed-mindedly backing the wrong horse, just like Sally, and she puts up everyone's back, √° la Tracy. She combines the worst 2 traits of both. And her fawning over that lazy, cheating, scumbag Karl is nauseating. Despite his "saving" St Ella, why would any mother in her right mind want her daughter to be with such a loser?

Gloria is just an unlikable train wreck of a character.

Anonymous said...

I was actually appalled at the scene between Gloria and Dev at Sunita's bedside. Why are the police in this show portrayed as such morons?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing about the keys being logged when she came in. They may just be logged as one set of keys though, which would explain why Karl the creep took her house keys and put them back in her house.

Kiwi Kim

ChiaGwen said...

Appalling that Gloria would spew such venom at Dev about Sunita as she lay dying. Can she sink any lower - most likely.

Mary Prankster said...

What bothered me about the key situation was that Sunita saw Karl go past her back door, where she was standing with a drink. She immediately followed him into the Rovers, from which she never left, until she was carried out by the firemen and put into the ambulance. So why was her purse in a drawer by her bed at the hospital? Who brought it, and why? She didn't have ANY keys on her, and her purse was still at home. What are we supposed to make of this?

Anonymous said...

Mary P...stop trying to put some logic into this twisted just won't do!!
Why Dev must have brought it..he thought she might need her makeup..haha.


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