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Sunday 24 March 2013

Your Corrie heroes and villains of the week

It's time to discuss our Corrie heroes and villains from the past week. This last week has been dominated by the Rovers Return going up in smoke (again). In the end my reaction to the fire episodes was a little luke warm (pun intended) although it wasn't all as bad as I expected. I still think the 1986 fire is by far superior, despite the special effects of today. 

For me there weren't any stand out performances this week, although both St Ella and Sunita were very good at playing unconscious. I always think big dramatic events or disasters tend to overpower acting performances.

So here goes. If you had to pick one Coronation Street character who you particularly love at the moment and one you particularly hate, who would they be? Only one each please, and remember I am asking for characters, not actors! 

My heroine this week is the gorgeous Eccles. A true heroine of the Rovers fire drama, she played her part superbly and definitely suffered for her art. On top of this, she also coped admirably acting opposite Tracy-luv Barlow all week. And on top of all that, Tracy even had a cold. Poor wee Eccles. In Tracy's defence, she showed a rare tender moment by going back into the Barlow residence to rescue the dog. So yes, more of Eccles in the future please, and less of Tracy.

My villain of the week was whoever came up with the idea of the strip show in the Bistro. What an unedifying spectacle, and oh boy did it drag on! If I lived in Weatherfield that would mark the last time I ate in the Bistro! I don't know who's idea it was to choreograph in all the bumping and grinding but all I can say is both Sean and Rita must be awfully easily pleased! And I agree with other posters here that the local GP would definitely not have become involved. I get that it was supposed to act as a lighthearted story to balance out the fire drama, but personally I could have done without it!

And if they were determined to go ahead with a strip show, why may I ask was the lovely Gary Windass not included?! Ahem...

So let's have your Corrie hero(ine) and villain(ess) from the past week in Weatherfield. Right,  I'm off to prepare myself for another hour of post-inferno Corrie drama tonight.

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Llifon said...

Hero: Norris, for being a good friend to Rita.

Villain: Karl, for deliberately causing the fire.

Glenda Young said...

Ooh, I did like the strip show, it was hilarious although did need Deirdre, Gail and Sally in the audience I felt.

Carry On Blogging! said...

Oh dear! I was clutching my pearls and sipping a sweet sherry throughout!

Anonymous said...

Oh I agree Flaming Nora, although I found the strip show itself was a bit cringeworthy, it provided good fodder for Rita & co with all the double entendre etc & yes it would have been even better with the missing trio. I particularly loved Eileen's reaction when Jason was up there, and then again when Paul was


cheekie said...

Hero: Gloria at Stella's bedside. I thought that was very touching, and we finally got to see some real heart from her. She's a great actress, and I'm glad they gave her some meat to chew on.

Villian: Peter, for not being in the strip show. Boooooo.

Tvor said...

I'm with the Yay side of the strip show. It was meant to be a bit cringey. These men are not professional dancers and are doing it for charity. I thought it was fun!

Carry On Blogging! said...

In that case it succeeded ten fold. Perhaps in the name of equality the ladies should have a go?!

Anonymous said...

If so, the dancers would be? I will go first.
Diedre, Rita, Tina, Eva, Hayley,and St. Ella.

Anonymous said...

Hero: Plonker Paul.

Villain: Karl the loon.

Chatty Kathy said...

Hero: Norris, for not being his usual mean-spirited self

Villain: the dark, dangerous, duplicitous, and deranged Karl

The female dancers:

- Tracy-luv would want to in order to impress her man of the hour (and I mean that literally)

- Michelle would somehow get roped into it

- Beth would definitely do it because she's up for anything

- Eva would think it's a way to meet a guy

- Gloria would want to because she's that vain

- Mary would. She probably has a story about being an exotic dancer in some foreign locale.

- St Ella wouldn't. A pity that we will never get to see her beige g-string.

vicky said...

I've not had a good word to say about Sunita for a long time, but that parting shot to Stella was a good one and it was long overdue having someone call out Stella on being such a nosey old trout.

It seems obvious to say that Karl is the villain of the week, but at least he's provoking a bit of nostalgia in me for Don Brennan's glory days. I'm going to go with Stella, because if she wasn't so dim where Karl is concerned and had reported him to the police on either of the occasions when he crossed the line, none of this would be happening and we wouldn't have had to suffer the introduction of Toni and the terrible strip show just so a second character could be killed off.

vicky said...

It's probably quite damning of this storyline that I'm typing this during Corrie rather than just watching it, isn't it?

abbyk said...

Villain: It has to be Karl. He committed arson, left Sunita to die, and planted the seeds to make everyone blame Jason. Watch out, Dev, don't leave Sunita alone with him.

Hero: Paul. He protected the crowd, saved Stella, lost his best workmate, even did his bit for charity. He's in a state of shock, and TH is doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

Hero: Whoever decided to include Paul and Karl. Nice to see the older ones included.

Villain: Whoever gave the strip show idea the green light. It's been done 1000 times before and I have seen more eroticism on a fishmonger's slab.

Dolly Tubb said...

Slightly off topic(ish) but why is Karl the hero of the Street exactly? Not sure how he 'saved Stella's life' because he didn't actually do anything apart from try and get to her through the flames. It was Paul that saved Stella and Karl who by being there caused Toni's death.

Anyway FWIW my hero this week is Toni (she would have made a superb addition to the street too)

And villain - Karl. Poor, evil, deranged, psycho Karl.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Villan: Stella for doing a complete and utter U turn about Karl and letting him constantly hang around like a bad smell and treating Jason the way she does. Paul for discussing confidential fire business and spreading rumours about Jason when nothing yet is proved.

Hero: Kylie for TRYING to build bridges with her utterly awful pain in the proverbial mother in law. The poor doctors in Weathy General who put up with such rudeness of the relatives.

Chatty Kathy said...

Frosty, I want to change my choices to yours. :)

Why a young and handsome man like Jason would put up with The Beige Lady's rude and cruel treatment of him is beyond me. She is heading for the U Turn Hall Of Fame.

ChiaGwen said...

Villan: Paul for taking SO long to get a ladder up to save Stella. If he had done it right away, Toni would still be around to arrange other Full Monty benefit shows.
Hero: Shobna for having to lie for so long in that bed with all that equipment pressing into her mouth and face and for having to listen to the sniff symphony from Dev...and not laughing.


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