Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Coronation Street I Spy!

I sat down for half an hour this afternoon and treated myself to a classic episode of Coronation Street. I must be particularly eagle-eyed today as I spotted a couple of very familiar faces in the episode, originally broadcast back on 20 September 1972.

Both actresses appearing here as extras went on to star in Corrie before the decade was out.  First up is this rather glamorous blonde in a crowd scene involving Stan Ogden, Ray Langton and a donkey. It's probably best you don't ask to be honest:

There's no prizes for guessing correctly that this is none other than the fab Liz Dawn, two years before her first appearance as Street regular Vera Duckworth. Now it may just be because I know it's her, but don't you think she stands out from the crowd?

Next up, and from the very same episode is another lovely lady who went on to appear in the Street during the 1970s:

Any guesses who that young lady is over Elsie Tanner's rather glamorous shoulder? Here's another shot of her picking up her groceries from Maggie Clegg's assistant, Norma Ford:

Yes, that's right, it's Kathy Jones in the days before she played Gail Potter's best mate, Tricia Hopkins. Incidentally, Kathy's on Twitter these days and is well worth a follow if you're that way inclined. She's a lovely lady! 

And a wee mention for another Corrie extra, this time from the present day - Jonny Grimshaw. Yes, it's a very Corrie-friendly name isn't it?  He was interviewed recently and it appeared on this very blog! I often spot him loitering about in the Rovers Return - well someone's got to do it! Jonny is also a lovely bloke and tweets too. You can find him here.

I'd love to hear from you if you've spotted any other famous faces in "extra" roles in Coronation Street. We all know Bill Tarmey cropped up for years playing darts in the Rovers before eventually being cast as the much-missed Jack Duckworth. If you've seen anyone else, let me know!

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Flaming Nora said...

Great stuff Graeme.
Tvor - this is a test, did you get the comment ok?

Tvor said...

I did!

Corriepedia said...

Both Fred Feast and Diana Davies appeared as extras in Corrie before taking on the roles of Fred Gee and Norma Ford.

Graeme N said...

Oh really? I must watch out for them! I liked Norma but was never particularly keen on Fred!

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