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Thursday 21 March 2013

A suggestion for a new Rovers layout

It's no secret that the current Rovers layout is a bit strange, with toilets that by all means should be in the Barlow's living room, a back room and kitchen that should be in the middle of Rosamund Street, and a stairway that leads to the back yard.

So here's my simple solution to all the Rovers TARDIS woes, a more compact back of the Rovers, with two doors behind the bar, one leading to the kitchen, and one to the private hallway.

A door to the kitchen would be a good addition due to food being more important these days, after all they have a designated cook now.

I also put two small toilets in the hallway that leads to the smoking shelter as well as a staircase that would lead to the cellar in the bar. The bar itself would end up being bigger too.

I hope Corrie do take this opportunity to sort out the layout of the Rovers, even the original Rovers was oversized with the snug and select breaking the boundaries of reality.

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Tvor said...

Some good ideas here!

abbyk said...

If you get rid of the back room altogether, there'd be no space for St. Ella's Blessing of the Punters. Win. The Prices have a flat upstairs that's perfectly adequate for family breakfast. A bigger kitchen with a table, chairs and place for staff coats et al makes sense, as does a direct door to the shelter. If you make Ladies/Gents too small, tho', there won't be room for dramatic face slapping confrontations.

Scott Willison said...

I doubt it will happen. I suspect the flat upstairs has been written out of history (which I am glad about, because it made the pub even more of a Tardis!) plus the back room of the Rovers has so much history. I believe the new Rovers set being built at Salford is a little bit larger - I think it has an extra window upstairs and a bit more width.

The trouble is, even though the pub has been gutted, we still want it to FEEL like the Rovers. If you muck about with the layout too much it won't be the same place.

Grant said...

I like the idea of this layout. Then the door at the side of the pub could realistically lead into the kitchen. Another suggestion would be for the bar to be divided into two rooms, one a dining area where food is served and Betty's photo can hang with pride over the fireplace, and the other a more informal 'lounge bar'. I do think that the back room should be scrapped though and all living quarters moved upstairs. By getting rid of the back room, the kitchen could be larger and there could be storage rooms for food etc and a coat cupboard. The hallway should remain however.

Tvor said...

I'd be surprised if Betty's photo survived the explosion out the front window. It's on the wall very near the door. All the collages would sadly have gone to ashes too.

Grant said...

I mean a new photo of Betty in a new frame. And the collages yes :/ I hope the booths are kept.

Unknown said...

I don't think the fire has and relation to the new out-door set or the poor layout of the back room. I think the fire is simply Phil Collinson's swansong, going out with a bang. Though I would like the interior layout to change (my idea is here:, I believe it will remain as it is. The new outdoor set will be built to full-scale, but this will not change the interiors of any of the sets as the interiors are already full-scale.Plus the fact that the outdoor set will not be used till the end of the year and the new Rovers interior should be with us in a matter of weeks. There were changes made to the pub after the 1985 fire, but they really had no choice - the huge Select so obviously didn't fit into the pub when looking at the iconic frontage, it had to go as TV audience had become more sophisticated. The back room was less of a problem as we rarely see the geography of the back yard to put it all in perspective. I fear for us die-hard fans, we will simply have to realise that the back room of the Rover's is simply a little quirk that will remain with us.

Loon Baloon said...

Two rooms including a dining room would not be realistic. Characters need to be cheek by jowl to be able to hear the BIG secrets discussed within earshot!

bbhilda said...

I don't care what they do with the layout, I can suspend belief where necessary as to location of rooms. However, when they replace Betty's picture, I hope they put the truth under it, because try as I might, I cannot suspend belief about her ever being a landlady, I also hope they replace the booths with the same leaded glass dividers, for reasons I have mentioned many times before.

Anonymous said...

But I have always loved the magical buildings of Weatherfield.


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