Thursday, 14 March 2013

Out with the old Rovers

In the next few days we will be saying farewell to the current Rovers Return, though it has had a few minor changes over the years, it has stayed mostly the same.

There was those few months in 2008 when the Rovers Return did look quite different to its current look, though later that year the decor returned to a similar style to that of the 1985 Rovers.

When the Rovers reopens later this year, I'm thinking it will probably be a similar style to the current Rovers, but there is a few things that will be long gone. For me, the biggest difference in the Rovers will end up being the separating glass between the booths.

 For years they have been the backdrop to many whisperings and secrets, some of my earliest memories of the show are of characters talking between them. There is one thing that I do hope remains the same though, I hope they place another portrait of Betty in the new Rovers, as they did in the old, perhaps a bigger one, and one that doesn't say "landlady" would be preferable.

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bbhilda said...

I am with you on Betty's picture, definitely without the Landlady bit!

I also hope they replace the stained glass dividers, as they are my website logo, and after a few years, people will wonder why I have a picture of a dog balancing a ball on its nose as my logo! LOL!!

Carry On Blogging! said...

I will be very upset indeed if Betty's picture doesn't reappear! It would also be lovely if they had some pictures of previous landladies. That's probably asking too much though as it would totally overshadow St Ella!

Llifon said...

They'll have to redo the collage they did in 2000.

It'll be interesting to see them creating a new one, and one that'll be clearly visible instead of being by the door.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I really like the stained glass dividers at the some old world charm I suppose.

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