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Monday, 10 December 2012

Coronation Street teasers for Corrie's New Year week

Here we go with some teasers for Coronation Street's New Year's week episodes. Full episode preview will be available here on the Blog and on very soon indeed. We'll also be bringing you the full New Year episode schedules. And so, let's have a look at Corrie's New Year week.
When Fiz is found unconscious and rushed to hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning Tyrone is beside himself, wanting more than anything to be by his girlfriend’s side but knowing he can’t as he must go through with his plan to marry abusive partner Kirsty in order to gain parental rights over their daughter Ruby. But Tyrone’s heartache doubles when it becomes clear that a dodgy boiler was to blame for Fiz’s condition, a boiler which he fixed! As the family look for someone to blame will Tyrone step forward and accept responsibility or will he be forced to lie. A lie which could lead Kirsty to the truth about Fiz and Tyrone’s illicit relationship.

With Lewis still blaming Gail for his painful break up from Audrey it becomes clear this week that revenge is what he has in mind. When he spots Audrey on a date he decides to play her at her own game and turns on the charm for Gail. She’s soon falling head over heels for Lewis but is it her heart he’s after?

After the dramatic events of their wedding day Leanne is determined to show Nick he’s the man she loves, not Peter. In turmoil Nick tries to keep Leanne at arms length but as she fights for her man will he succumb or will his jealousy tip him over the edge?

It looks like Carla’s onto Rob when she discovers that someone cooked the books at Underworld, resulting in the factory’s low valuation. Michelle’s starting to panic but Rob insists they can ride this one out. However when Carla confronts the pair will they be forced to come clean? With relations strained who will resume control of the business?

Elsewhere Kylie tries to put her one-night stand behind her and move forward with her life but does her future still lie in Weatherfield? And with both Kevin and Sophie still plagued by their feelings for Jenna, will she open her heart to either?

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Anonymous said...

Kylie's going to end up getting knocked up alright, but not by David. Yawn. And then she'll try to pass it off as his, of course.

If this happens, I can only wonder if they're going to reuse the same storyline as Kevin/Molly and have Kylie and Tommy madly in love while David and Tina are oblivious. I sure hope not.

I hate the whole "David's gone nuts and wants a baby" storyline. It came out of NOWHERE just for the sole purpose of ultimately ending David and Kylie, because in soapland their relationship has run its course. David's going to end up losing everything.

And I think there's still the possibility that "Gary and Izzy's baby" is actually Tommy's as well. If so, Tommy will from no kids to two with different women within a year.

Until proven otherwise, I still say Kirsty's behind the gas leak and that's nuts enough to let Tyrone take the fall if he "confesses".

Anonymous said...

Agreed. I feel we will suffer through "who's the baby daddy?" for Kylie and Tina next year. Let's pray Tommy is the father of both and takes the children to sell them, having learned this from his own father.

Anonymous said...

It comes over that the corrie writers have a little black book that has certain story lines that come back over and over. Please be Izzy's and Gary's child tina is carrying I think Tina although being 21st century is doing a great job for them carrying a much wanted baby. Tommy comes over a spoilt brat everything has to revolve around him. Doesnt he realise that he is or was dating living with a new age woman. The rules have changed. Even heard of a guy dumping a girlfriend on his mobile phone whilst working the other night, sign of the times. David is still alittle boy in the head - I feel kylie will make sure she isn't pregnant as at the moment career and learning to be grown up is more important now. She love David and her son but she wants to prove herself to everyone first. Don't things will end well with the Kirsty Tyrone fizz triangle I just hope Tyrone and fizz end up happy ever after - one can dream.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Since when was Fiz Tyrone's "girlfriend"??? I thought they were just mates or so they keep saying.

Glenda Young said...

Hey, don't shoot the messenger, this is ITV's press release.

Dolly Tubb said...

'After the dramatic events of their wedding day....' says it all really. They are destroying the character of Leanne.


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