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Monday 10 December 2012

Coronation Street teasers for Corrie Christmas week

Here we go with some teasers for Coronation Street's Christmas week episodes. Full episode preview will be available here on the Blog and on very soon indeed. We'll also be bringing you the full Christmas episode schedules and details of all Corrie specials that will be on TV over the festive season. And so, let's have a look at Corrie's Christmas week.

In a Christmas cracker of a week hidden emotions come bubbling to the surface as relationships come under fire, marriages implode and passion takes over.

As Leanne looks forward to her Christmas Day wedding to Nick, Peter is breathing down their necks. Tormenting Nick as he attempts to play happy families with Leanne and Simon, is it Peter’s aim to win back Leanne’s love. Leanne can feel the heat too but as she attempts to keep a lid on old emotions will a jealous Eva, still obsessed with Nick, see an opportunity to pull on her heartstrings? Leanne’s in turmoil, could their white wedding turn into a bleak midwinter?
After walking out on Kylie and Max, David thinks he’s got the upper hand, believing Kylie will soon back down and agree to his demands for a baby. But when he pushes his wife too far has he scored an own-goal and sent Kylie running into the arms of another man? Her marriage on the rocks, Kylie reverts to type, throwing herself at a lonely Tommy. Believing David’s feelings for Tina have been rekindled it’s too much and Kylie commits the ultimate betrayal!

Tyrone is living a nightmare but with Fiz by his side he’s come up with the plan of marrying Kirsty to ensure his rights to their daughter Ruby. But as the wedding approaches and his relationship with Fiz blossoms into a full-blown affair, Tyrone starts to risk everything for love. Living on a knife-edge at home Tyrone’s desperate to escape to spend Christmas with Fiz. Will their clandestine meetings stay secret, and with Kirsty’s abuse now plumbing new depths, will she extend any festive goodwill to Tyrone?
Sophie’s had her fair share of heartbreak but as she recovers from spinal injuries, with the help of physio Jenna, she’s blinded by love again. Sophie’s clearly smitten but she’s unsure if Jenna feels the same. Will she open old wounds and lay her heart on the line or is the fear of rejection too much for Sophie? Her dilemma isn’t helped by dad Kevin who’s also grown fond of Jenna and decides to make his feelings known. Could a kiss change everything for them all and even threaten Sophie’s recovery?

Meanwhile Maria and Marcus are looking forward to their first Christmas together. It should be the happiest of times but as they adjust to their unusual circumstances it seems others are still struggling with this. Marcus’ parents have decided to visit, the first time they’ve come to meet a partner of his, but this riles Marcus and raises yet more questions over his sexuality. As Marcus battles to adjust to his own feelings Sean sees the opportunity to stick the knife in. Dylan’s come to stay but Sean makes it clear Marcus is no longer anything to do with Dylan and refuses to let him see him. Will Marcus and Maria’s relationship falter over the festive season?

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Anonymous said...

Sean's being a selfish jackass, nothing surprising there. Never mind how Dylan feels, use the child as a weapon against Marcus.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Mr and Little Miss Shouter both lusting over the creepy Jenna - Bleuch.

Anonymous said...

What's with all the stupid posed photos on a snowscape?

Glenda Young said...

Sorry ChiaGwen, i had to delete your comment although I agreed with it, we can't he having, ahem, language like that... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well if I were Maria, I'd return fire with something like, "That's fine Sean, I'll just take Marcus home and comfort him... all night long, in my bed. Then Liam can cheer him up by being the little boy in his life, full time."

Unknown said...

i want David and Tina to get together not many people would agree with me tho am still David and Tina believer

Anonymous said...

im hooked on the tyrone and kirsty storyline...want her to be found out and tyrone get with fizz :)

Anonymous said...

kirsty deserves to be left alone and Ruby needs to go with Tyrone and Fizz


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