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Monday 12 November 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 12 Nov

Coronation Street, Monday 12th November 2012 at 7.30pm 

MARIA BREAKS UP WITH JASON. Maria prepares herself to split up with Jason who’s back from working away, as Sean visits Marcus. Upbeat he says he knows Marcus still loves him and they were always destined to be together. But Marcus is adamant he’s got it wrong leaving Sean upset and confused. Sean leaves humiliated, while at the flat Maria tells a bewildered Jason, as kindly as possible, that it’s over. Jason angrily starts to move out as Maria denies anyone else is involved. Jason pours his heart out to Eileen claiming he doesn’t believe Maria’s simply gone off him, there has to be someone else. Meanwhile Sean, convinced there’s something Marcus isn’t telling him, sets off to find him. But as he enters the flat will he stumble upon the truth?
THE FIVE-A-SIDE MATCH KICKS OFF. Steve can’t get hold of Michelle and his mood gets no better when Rob gloats that he’s spoken to her to say she’s coming home on Thursday. Later when Gary cries off from the match, all eyes turn to Steve who plays hard to get. If he wasn’t good enough to be chosen at first why should he help them out now?
GARY AND IZZY AWAIT TINA’S PREGNANCY TEST. Gary and Izzy are on tenterhooks as they gather the family for Tina’s pregnancy test. Tina thinks it’s all a bit weird but with Tommy by her side she’s willing to do things their way. Is Tina pregnant?
Elsewhere Fiz is relieved to finally see Tyrone out and about but when Dev invites him and he makes excuses Fiz secretly suspects Kirsty won’t let him out. Will Kirsty act true to form?

Coronation Street, Monday 12th November 2012 at 8.30pm

MARCUS AND MARIA ARE OUTED! Sean is speechless with shock at the sight of Marcus and Maria kissing passionately. He flees the flat with Marcus in pursuit. Marcus struggles to explain s Sean looks at him with hatred. In the pub Sean finds a depressed Jason drinking alone. As Marcus and Maria arrive they assume Sean has already spilt the beans and start trying to defend their situation. Realising what’s going on a raging Jason flies at Marcus. The fight spills onto the street as the residents look on in shock and Sean insists Marcus doesn’t love Maria but just wants a ready made family. Horrified Marcus and Maria are forced to face the havoc they have wreaked!
WILL STEVE HELP LEAD THE ROVERS TO VICTORY? The five-a-side match is in full flow and Carole (Weatherfield Arms) and Stella are on the touch line trying to out do each other with their support for their teams. On the pitch Steve struggles to keep up the pace and the Rovers side lose. As Rob blames Steve for being so unfit, Steve is sick of Rob’s jibes and vows to get even.
TINA’S TEST RESULT IS NEGATIVE. Tina tells the waiting Windass clan that the result is negative. Gary and Izzy are crestfallen but as Anna remarks there’s still plenty of opportunity. The doctors have advised that Tina should test every day. Later Tina tells Tommy she feels like she’s let everyone down. Tommy reassures her, but is he secretly pleased with the result?
Elsewhere Tyrone enjoys his evening with Dev but will Kirsty put a dampener on his spirits when he gets home?

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Frosty the Snowman said...

The five aside footie match could be quite funny if it werent for bland Stella, she drags down every scene she is in for me with her eye rolling and expressionless face. Debbie Arnold though seems very promising as the Weathy Arms landlady although it was stretching it that out of all the beautiful pubs in Lanchester two old boozers within spitting distance came first and second in Pub of the Year contest!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the burgandy coat Maria was wearing in tonights episode (12th Nov), pls let me know where i can find it to purchase.


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