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Wednesday 21 November 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's hour-long Corrie, Weds 21 Nov

Coronation Street, Wednesday 21st November 2012 at 7.30pm

KIRSTY EXACTS REVENGE ON FIZ. Tyrone defies Kirsty and heads to the kids party with Ruby. At the factory Fiz has a go at Kirsty for brow beating Tyrone. Kirsty gives her short shrift and storms home for lunch. She’s alarmed when Tyrone isn’t there and when he doesn’t answer his phone she’s certain he’s gone to the baby group after all. She finds him at the class and demands that he comes home with her now. Back on the Street Kirsty rails at Tyrone for disobeying her wishes, and for talking to Fiz when she warned him not to. Leaving Tyrone shaken she heads back to Underworld where she’s faced by Rob wanting to know why she’s late. Later Fiz has problems with material jamming in her machine. As she tries to fix it she asks Julie to switch it off at the mains so she can untangle the cotton. Whilst nobody is looking Kirsty switches it back on. Fiz’s machine sparks back to life and her hand goes under the needle. Kirsty takes control pointing out Julie must have mistakenly switched off the wrong machine. She offers to take Fiz to hospital, but once at A & E drops the caring faƧade, making it clear she’s responsible for her injuries and if she doesn’t back off Tyrone next time it will be far worse. Fiz is shaken. Back on the street
Fiz tells Tryone what really happened, begging him to leave Kirsty for Ruby’s sake as well as his own. Despite everything he knows about Kirsty’s anger issues, will he believe she’s capable of such psychotic behaviour?
EVA’S SCHEME BLOWS UP IN HER FACE. Nick is gutted after Leanne’s stunned silence following his proposal made it clear his concerns about her feelings for him were true. Kylie feels guilty for what she’s done as Gail curses Leanne. At the Bistro Eva is only too happy to provide Nick with a shoulder to cry on. He accepts as Eva preens, delighted her plan is working. But after heart to hearts with Ken and Simon, Leanne summons Nick to the Rovers where she tells him how much she loves him and asks him to marry her. Will it be enough to rid Nick of his doubts and how will a gutted Eva respond?
SOPHIE LEAVES HOSPITAL. As Jenna makes Sophie practice walking on crutches she’s pushing her hard but it’s clear they enjoy other’s company. When Sally and Kevin turn up Sophie has brilliant news. She can finally go home. Back on the Street Sophie makes a point of reassuring Ryan that everything is fine, he’s relieved to see her back.
Elsewhere Beth is unimpressed by the factory girls’ efforts on her birthday. David’s finished mulling over what Kylie said about his parenting skills and he’s got a suggestion that’s going to knock her sideways.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Eva's scheme "blows up in her face" yet again?? You would think even someone none too bright as Ms Price would have learned her lesson by now - doh!

Janice said...

Agree Frosty. If she's not bright enough to buy a dress that fastens across the back, then scheming may be out of her league.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Whoever dreamt up the storyline about Sophie's miraculous recovery needs a serious talking-to. She is such a tedious character and Brooke's acting skills wouldn't get her a part in the local amdram society. Please leave the Street, Sophie, and take your dad with you.

ChiaGwen said...

LOL Janice! Is that really what they wear now - dresses with no backs and your bra totally visible....tacky to say the least. Sophie wonder-woman - falls off a church roof miraculous recovery, run down by a car - another miraculous speedy recovery - time she left for the Convent. Agree Humpty - terrible acting but at least you can't understand a word she says :)

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice lots of characters are wearing red in tonight's (Wed 21st episode? Anyone know why?

Anonymous said...

Looking for answer to same question!! What's with the red???!!!!

Anonymous said...

Amazed with the dress Eva was trying to wear pretty but not work worthy. The black bra straps and bacvk part showing at the back very tacky my 20yr old stated she should have worn silicon cups or at least fresh or red coloured. Or wven the see through plastic type. Come on writers I'm sure you could write better lines for Eva she comes over all confused not knowing why she is there - I'm sure there is a deeper side to her.

Anonymous said...

The red theme in last night's episode struck me too! Some kind of subliminal message perhaps?-NN

Simonejenifer said...

I agree with Anonymous, and hope that there's more to Eva Price than just breasts and bad decisions.

My fondest wish is that the writers give her more time to develop as a character. For some reason I like her--perhaps because I learned to loathe Leann when she strung Peter along for months, catting around with Nick. Very tacky.


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