Friday, 30 November 2012

Alan Halsall wins Favourite Soap Star in TV Times Awards

Alan Halsall, who plays Coronation Street's Tyrone Dobbs has won Favourite Soap Star in the TV Times Awards 2012. 

It's a very well deserved award. Alan's been nothing but excellent on Corrie since his arrival as Tyrone back in 1998.   His recent portrayal of suffering domestic abuse at the hands of crazy Kirsty has been superb and raises awareness for those going through it in real life too.

For a full list of winners, have a look at TV Times on Facebook.

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Anonymous said...

Alan is one of a dying breed on Coronation Street who quietly turns in consistantly good performances without finding it necessary to be in the tabloids every five minutes or to grab the spotlight in the Jungle etc. These people are the backbone of the Street and often are overlooked in favour of noiser, more pushy (and usually much less talented)performers, so I am glad he has got this recognition. If Coronation Street lasts another 20 years, Tyrone will be the new Jack Duckworth.

Carry On Blogging! said...

I'm pleased he has been recognised as I agree he has been brilliant for many years now.

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