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Monday 26 November 2012

Coronation Street episode review, Monday 26 November 2012

Monday evening is just not the same without a second episode to look forward to, but as Eva said, when complimented by her mother for wishing Leanne well on her engagement to Nick, 'You just have to accept things and move on, don't you?' So that is what we must do.

A cracking episode though despite the somewhat contrived scene featuring  Rita and Dennis, where Dennis is enlightened in the art of using chip and pin. The scene was awkward and unconvincing but we mustn't let that brief scene cast gloom on an otherwise excellent episode.

So there is Eva dealing with her hair, calling it stupid, though despite the hairband, it looked pretty good to me. Not for long though as the leak in the bathroom flooded the living room, brought on by Stella's prodding at the ceiling. I'm not certain whether this was a coincidental or a planned link, but when Gail is informed of the baby making plans of David and Kylie, she asks if they have thought it through, resulting in David's comment about her throwing cold water on the idea, thereby reminding us of the water in The Rovers.

Interesting focus on Jason tonight, who isn't getting much sympathy from mum Eileen. If she had been all 'Oh poor Jason' she would have been criticised for mollycoddling a man who is nearly 30 years old. As it happened, she was tough. She begins by using sarcasm suggesting Jason start up a hedge fund or the new facebook. She adds that he is lucky to have a job in this climate and that if he's dissatisfied he should do something about it. It seems that this tough love works as when he hears about Owen's rather large margins to fix Stella's problems he goes in to undercut Owen's price, no doubt spurred on by Owen's refusal to accept Jason as a business partner. Owen is famed for his temper, so we can guarantee sparks in the near future. I hope there are some good storylines to come for Jason. His character could have hidden depths which would be interesting for the writers to reveal.

The main thrust tonight must be Tyrone and Kirsty. The unease set in early at breakfast time. Tyrone appeared on edge in his own home with his own wife and baby. Even Kirsty's praise of the scrambled eggs had a hint of the sinister. Taking his keys and locking him in is surely indicative of a woman who needs serious help. It was played so well by two superb actors; totally convincing.

The writers are most definitely keeping us on tenterhooks as we see Lewis flattering Gail by way of preparation for the launch into his revenge on her. Looking forward to the start which will, I feel, be brutal.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Hats off to Alan Halsall and Natalie Gumede. She really lifts the quality of his acting and together they are excellent. Very clever touch about Tyrone not needing a mobile anymore. It was almost too much to watch. There's no way Kirsty can be redeemed now and her departure looks inevitable. It would be interesting to see them married and then she's sectioned.

Janice said...

Eva in that backless dress like a hooker, today a wet tee-shirt contest. I see a pattern here.

Anonymous said...

I am actually really looking forward to Lewis' revenge on Gail, merely because of the build up. I hope I am not disappointed, as Gail seems to always be a prime target for vengeful men and Lewis is quality enough to keep it above board.

Anonymous said...

The thought of David breeding with anyon makes me feel ill. Let us pray this ends quickly.

Kiwifruit & Cheese said...

I'm sorry but I didn't see the scene with Rita, Dennis and the money card as contrived, awkward and unconvincing at all.

I had an older Aunt who would take money out at the bank money machine and pay cash at the stores because she didn't know how to use the card at the checkout. I showed her how and she was away laughing.

Never ceases to amaze me on here how often things are said to be unrealistic or it would never happen just because whoever is commenting hasn't come across it themselves!

I thought it was extremely accurate.

Frosty the Snowman said...

So what was the point of the scene with Rita and Dennis and the chip & pin? Does it mean he will be spending her money left right and centre, and is he a kept man? Why is David making such a big thing of Gail being out of her house so they can make babies dont they have a normal married relationship? David stuffing his face with a sandwich is not good forplay either!

John McE said...

How often in the past have we been told about an upcoming cat-fight, which turns out to be a damp squib? That certainly wasn't the case this time with the fight between Kirsty and Tyronne wonderfully staged. I wonder if Alan Halsall ended with any real bruises.

Dolly Tubb said...

For the first time in ages I was able to sit down with a cup of tea and a Gypsy Creme to watch Corrie at the proper time, and boy was it a goodie! Tyrone and Kirsty are breaking my heart, and I really hope they get some sort of Best Actor/Actress/Storyline for this as it would be so well deserved.

But there I was with my 2nd cup of tea and another sneaky Gypsy Creme It had been a hard day)at 8.30 and no Corrie!!! Just when we are getting some decent storylines worth watching TPTB start faffing around with the scheduling. There's no justice in the world!

Anonymous said...

I thought Tyrone and PsychoKirsty weren't married...? have I been in a coma?

Good on Fiz to hide Ty in the kitchen a couple of episodes back when PsychoKirsty threatened her, it made Ty realise Fiz had been right all along and that PsychoKirsty was indeed deep in the middle of a never-ending psychotic episode. I can relate everything going on... a hint of post-natal depression on top of PTSD(?!) making her more edgey than ever before. Her apparent calmness outside the home about it can only last so long before the cracks show - and there are those cracks showing. Having been on the recieving end of someone like her, it's all too easy to assume that there's no escape - it's because they've mentally and physically made sure that you're well and truly cornered at every angle. It's not fun to live with and Corrie only can portray some of what goes on behind real closed doors. Acknowledging that you're being hurt by someone you love isn't easy, but telling anyone who can listen how you really feel can work wonders and yes, there's a gallon of tears that need to be freed to help you through that.
You don't think you ever can face or admit that you're suffering, but once you tell someone, why hold it all back?
You don't have to be a prisoner in someone elses mental health issues.
You *can* escape and be free. It takes time, but it's worth the mileage if it means at the end of the day that fears are faced and weaknesses explored and understood.
You don't have to live with the violence.
When I saw Ty being kicked while on the floor, I had a lot of flashbacks to when that situation was me on the floor being kicked over and over again. I'm free of that now. I can hold my head up when I go outside.
Tyrone will be able to do that too one day.
At least he's got Fiz to fall back on and she knows the truth. That's all it takes - one person to listen to it all and unload stuff onto.
PsychoKirsty is getting worse by the episode - there's only so much the character can give. The mental breakdown is on fast approach and she's going to derail like that tram did!
All Ty needs to know right now is that Fiz is on his side and that will help him when he can't help himself.

Tvor said...

Kim, my mom was the same, she could take money out of the bank machine but didn't realize she could pay with it as well. Now she almost never carries cash!

ChiaGwen said...

Does this mean the second episode normally aired on Monday will be seen Wed or Thurs this week..??

Ruth owen said...

Kim, thanks for your comment. I have come across this myself several times as I have several relatives in their late 80s and 90s. It wasn't the fact of the matter that some people struggle with changes in how we manage our money that I was complaining about- people do have difficulty in adjusting and I have every sympathy for them, especially as it will be my generation one day. I just thought the acting was poor and unconvincing. Sorry for not making that a clear as I should have.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous: Glad you were able to get out of your situation and I pray you never have another relationship with anyone else like that again. Love can be a wonderful thing but when it becomes controlling, abusive, hurtful,everything negative it's not love. This is what Tyrone has to learn about Kirsty and realize she needs help and for his safety and Ruby's he must run as fast as he can.


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