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Wednesday 28 November 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's hour-long Corrie, Weds 28 Nov

Coronation Street, Wednesday 28th November 2012
Hour-Long Episode at 7.30pm

WILL TYRONE ACCEPT FIZ’S LIFELINE? Tyrone takes painkillers while Kirsty makes him swear not to see Fiz anymore. Alone a tearful Tyrone contemplates his bottle of pills until Ruby’s crying brings him out of his trance. Tommy’s surprised when Tyrone calls him and asks his help. Explaining that he’s reached the end of his tether, Tyrone begs Tommy to drive him to the coach station so that he and Ruby can flee before Kirsty returns from work. Tommy tries to dissuade Tyrone from leaving, but Tyrone insists it’s the only way he can keep Ruby. At the station Tommy bids Tyrone an emotional farewell. But when Fiz hears of Tyrone’s plan she insists Tommy drive her to the station as after visiting Citizens Advice she’s found a solution. As an oblivious Kirsty heads to the Rovers for an after work drink, Fiz and Tommy dash to the station. Stopping the coach they persuade Tyrone to get off as Fiz explains that the best way to keep Ruby is to marry Kirsty as he will get parental responsibility of Ruby, giving him a father’s rights. He can then fight Kirsty for custody. She warns him that absconding will get him into big trouble and hers is a better long-term solution. Will Tyrone agree to return home or is Kirsty about to arrive back at No.9 to discover Tyrone has done a runner with Ruby?
GAIL TAKES IN AN UNEXPECTED HOUSE GUEST. Tired of David’s constant talk of children, Kylie volunteers them to mind Hope and Joseph. David’s surprised, unaware of her ulterior motive. As David struggles to cope with Max, Joseph and Hope, Kylie suddenly announces she should be at work and leaves frazzled David to babysit alone. Meanwhile at the Bistro cunning Lewis stages a fall, pretending to injure his back on Gail’s recently mopped floor. Blaming herself for Lewis’ injury, Gail insists he should stay at No.8 while he recovers so she can look after him. Lewis accepts, delighted his plan is coming together. David’s furious that Gail’s invited Lewis to stay in Max’s room. Gail tells him it’s her house and she will decide what guests she has to stay. But what would she think if she knew what Lewis was up to!
OWEN TAKES REVENGE ON JASON. Owen’s furious to discover that Jason has resigned and taken on Stella’s bathroom repairs as his first solo project. When Jason then calls at the yard for his tools he can’t find them. Owen acts dumb but Jason accuses him of stealing them in revenge for poaching the Rovers job. Stella’s outraged to hear Owen’s confiscated Jason’s tools and warns Owen that if he doesn’t return them she’ll report him to Trading Standards for his extortionate quote. Will Owen concede defeat?
ELSEWHERE Dennis exercises his debit card in the Rovers by buying drinks for Beth, Kirsty and Tracy. Rita’s annoyed to find him getting tipsy and marches him off home.

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Anonymous said...

So I suppose the 'nice' Owen is only around for Anna's sake. He's such a creep.
I guess this is where Jason makes his move on Stella so I'll be needing my dramamine.

ChaGwen said...

LOL!Anonymous - I'm thinking a lot of people will be needing the dramamine when that happens. Agree Owen is still a creep at heart, no matter how much he pretends otherwise.

Janice said...

I think it is a good idea for Tyrone to escape with Ruby. It will leave Kirsty with some explaining to do. The whole happy families facade she was careful to construct will be gone. She will unhinge, likely taking it out on Fiz. Cops will take Kirsty away and Tyrone and Ruby can return. Tyrone marrying her only prolongs the plot. I am guessing Kirsty will be one of the people killed in the Rovers fire that Collinson has promised for Christmas.

Billy Niblick said...

The Tyrone/Kirsty plotline is absurd. There should be no question of Tyrone considering marriage to such an abusive and dangerous woman.

The legal advice of obtaining a prohibited steps order is clearly the way forward. Combined with a paternity test to confirm Tyrone is the baby's Dad - Tyrone must be all but covered in samples of Ruby's DNA - Tyrone has an unassailable case against any attempt by Kirsty to claim sole custody.

As I say, absurd and unrealistic to the nth degree. I can't be the only one that finds the writers' tendency to ignore basic, practical reality deeply annoying sometimes.


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