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Sunday 25 November 2012

Coronation Street weekly awards, November 19 - 23

I'm back off my holidays and back in the saddle! Without further ado...

Stroppy Mare award: Gold Star: Leanne is not exactly showing signs of a happy bride-to-be

Trouble stirring award: Platinum star: Kirsty's campaign against Fiz caused injury and threats but at least Tyrone can't deny it anymore, he overheard the admission of guilt.
Gold Star: Eva is miserable and Kylie doesn't like Leanne so they're going to make sure Leanne and Nick split up too.
Silver star: Lewis is working on Gail. Getting her to do his laundry this week.

Directionally challenged award: Kirk ended up off the south coast of England at the Isle of Wight instead of half way to Scotland in Preston.

Pointless award: Steve and Michelle. What's the point? All he does these days is get at Rob. I think Michelle and Rob make a better couple, frankly.

Backpedalling award: Leanne has to make up for knocking Nick back because she can't exist without a man to take care of her, after all.

Bad Timing award: David, if you're going to ask Kylie to have another baby, asking her in the middle of a busy restaurant is definitely not the place to do it.

Foreshadowing award: Mandy is convinced Kevin won't get anywhere with Jenna because Jenna's a dedicated career girl. Not that she'll actually end up with Kevin, no, because why would a lovely 28 year old fancy him? But because maybe she doesn't fancy men at all! Just guessing.

Fashion Ick of the week: Eva's red sheer dress looked fab until she turned around and the whole back was out, and her black bra was completely in evidence.

Fashion shout out: I love Mandy's clothes and matching hair bands. Loved Beth's red t-shirt with KISS ME on it in glitter.

Lines of the week:
Lewis to Gail: "You're the Koh-i-Noor of Coronation Street"
Lewis: "It's been a blast but I have a sink to plunge"
Rob on the phone to Kirk: "You were meant to go to Preston. What're you doing on the Isle of Wight?" (300 miles in different directions, too)
Beth: "I was like a Barbie, me, and what I had was 100% natural" (Steve always said she was a model when he first dated her so it must be true!)
Ryan: "Mumble mumble mumble.. I'll see you around"
Lloyd :"Is Kevin Webster chatting up my daughter?" (Yes)
Sally: "I don't know why everyone always thinks I'm trying to be Teacher's Pet" (while Kevin motions to Beth to stay schtum!)

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Dumbest timing award: Nick was pretty insensitive and actually pretty thick dragging Leanne out after a tiring day to propose to her before the ink had even dried on her divorce papers just because Kylie and Eva were egging him on. Then crying in the Street like a 5 year old because she said no was pretty pathetic.

What exactly is the point award: What is Lewis trying to achieve “getting even” with Gail? And why bother, she didn’t do anything too bad anyhow and you can’t blame her for being suspicious with his track record. All getting rather silly I fear.

Tough Guy Not Award: Tyrone cowering in the back while Kirsty attacked Fizz. You would think he would at least have tried to stop her. What a yellow belly.

Another 21 year old wannabe Daddy award: David felt it so important that he suddenly wants a family that he burst into the restaurant at the busiest time to discuss it.

Another Miraculous recovery award: Only weeks ago Sophie was told she probably wouldn’t walk again, now in true Corrie style she is getting around on those crutches and doing stairs on her own. I find this relationship with the much older Jenna getting a bit creepy.

Anonymous said...

What is the point of this character? Rob..delivers each and every line with the same monotone voice then pausees..and delivers the last 3 sylables on an up note. Another actor who thinks shifting his eyes from right to left will leave us thinking that he's super intense or summat.
Jenna..not going to connect the dots from her to Sophie either. Stupid done and done again plot. Why didn't Tyrone call the cops to report the assault on Fiz by Kirstie? Oh, I forgot, nobody does this on Coronation matter what..being bullied, robbed, extorted..nothing will make the residents call the police.
Oh well...

Humpty Dumpty said...

Corrie's obsessed with babies. None of the mature women have storylines independent of their families so they have to play 'grannies'. Seems to me Kylie is being very sensible and Gail (like Anna) is getting broody herself.

Anonymous said...

2010 - Peter plans to propose to Leanne, but she gets the wrong end of the stick and causes a scene, then realises she was wrong and, to make up for it, proposes to him in the Rovers.

2012 - Nick plans to propose to Leanne, but she reacts badly and creates a public scene, then feels bad about it so proposes to him in turn, in the Rovers. about history repeating itself...

Nathan Johnson said...

Why do people try and make out Leanne just said no? She completely went over the top and exploded, it wasn't just a simple case of saying no. No wonder Nick got angry at the scene that she caused. Maybe it was too soon to propose but she didn't have to fly off the handle like that, but I forgot Leanne has to be over the top about everything.

Anonymous said...

Leanne's OTT response to Nick's proposal should have been a clear sign to him that she's just using him as a port in the storm. Hope he doesn't walk down the aisle with Leanne at all!

Anonymous said...

Eva's dress? Who would wear that outside of a strip club, never mind to work, at a factory, where she's sat behind a sewing machine all day, sewing knickers? What the hell was that supposed to be - further degrading herself in from of Rob? Stupid.

Tvor said...

To be fair, they never said Sophie would never walk again. They did the operation and hoped for the best though it was a possibility. Within hours of the operation she could feel sensation in her legs so it was a matter of letting the swelling go down and a month or two or three of hard work in therapy.

ChiaGwen said...

So agree Anon! - I don't think that dress is meant to have a bra under it LOL!...and to wear it to work sewing knickers? Surely one of the other girls would have said something to her about the bra...?

Dilly Daydream said...

But wasn't the point of Eva wearing "that dress" to work to show Rob what he was missing?


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